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Outsource Engineering Project Management Software

Increase your staff’s productivity by having them spend less time on project management-related issues. Outsource2india’s project management software is the answer you need. Our project management software is a must-have, not just to help improve your team’s productivity but also for better organization of all project-related information (past, present and future). The Project Management Software can be customized to meet your needs.

Why employ an Engineering Project Management Software?

According to a recent investigative survey on time management, most project managers, (across a range of sectors) who dealt with multiple projects, felt time constrained, because apart from their core job requirements of managing the project scope, scheduling, budgeting and finding ways of adding value, they also had to perform administrative tasks, such as, securing data, tracking data usage and managing the communication, among team members. These non-value administrative tasks were considered as a hindrance by most project managers.

Benefit from an increase in productivity

A project manager’s productivity can be greatly increased through the automation of administrative and communication tasks, such as, data access control, revision control, document approval, work flow management and the management of tasks and issues.

The O2I Advantage!

  • Reduced time on data administration.
  • Automation of typical administrative functions.
  • Improved security, usability, data integrity and traceability
  • Total control of multiple file formats, communications and schedules
  • Frees project managers from non-value tasks
  • Enables project managers to concentrate on their core activities
  • Enables project mangers to focus on solutions and on adding value
  • Cost-effective multiple project management software

Outsource2india's Engineering Project Management Software

Our cost-effective project management software is a “Multiple Project Data Management Solution”. The project management software can securely manage all types of data, including documents, drawings, schedules, and communications associated with a particular project. This in turn, will greatly enhance your project manager's and project team’s productivity.

Features of our Project Management Software

  • Document revision control, which operates with an approval system
  • Assigning tasks and issues to team members
  • Tracking the issues/tasks of team members
  • Possibility to customize the tool based on your needs

The project management software also performs the following tasks.

Data Management tasks

  • Stores, references and organizes project related data, for multiple concurrent projects
  • Includes various kinds of data, such as
    • Project documents
    • Drawings
    • Revisions history
    • Communications
    • Reference material

Project Overview Tasks

  • Monitors and controls the flow of data among team members
  • Reduces network traffic, by monitoring the flow of data
  • Monitors and controls document revisions
  • Manages internal e-mail on a project by project basis

Project administrative tasks

  • Automates information back up
  • User access control
  • Project schedules
  • Notice boards
  • Content management
  • Task management
  • E-mail

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