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Mixed Reality Engineering Services

Outsource Mixed Reality Engineering Services

Avail state-of-the-art mixed reality apps and engineering solutions for architecture, construction and manufacturing at industry-best rates

Go beyond just imagining. See it, feel it, and transform it with mixed reality engineering solutions.

The most futuristic and advanced intelligent technologies, mixed reality is taking over the world and reimagining possibilities in every way. Mixed reality technology gives people the power to experience their imagination by blending real-world environments and materials with the virtual one in real-time. With future-transforming holographic technology, mixed reality bridges the gap between the physical and digital world, bringing the model out of the screen and efficiently interpreting the information of both the worlds and helping people understand the spatial relations between them. The projected holograms in the real space appear life-like and can move, be transformed, and changed as per their interaction with the physical reality or the user.

At Outsource2india, we have gained prowess in creating mixed reality engineering solutions for architecture, engineers, and construction (AEC) industry. Using the ultimate holographic computing, Microsoft's HoloLens, and related technologies, we have been offering out-of-the-box MR engineering solutions to our global clientele that are all geared up to embrace mixed reality, the future of businesses.

What is HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens is a wearable headset and a completely self-contained holographic computer. It offers a see-through, holographic display with the in-built advanced sensors that map the physical environment to interact with 3D holograms appearing into the physical space. The wearer and the users can pin holograms to real objects and interact with them through data using gestures, gaze, and voice commands.

VR vs AR vs MR

VR vs AR vs MR

  • Virtual Reality is a fully immersive technology that enables the user to only visualize digital content and secludes it from the real space. Augmented Reality on the other hand fuses the physical and digital worlds by enabling the digital data to overlay into the user's physical spaces through a two-dimensional display.
  • On the other hand, Mixed Reality is an advanced version of AR as it establishes a connection with the physical surrounding and allows the digital information to interact with the real environment in three dimensions and that too in real-time.
  • Mixed reality (think Microsoft HoloLens) technology can be thought of as a more advanced augmented reality; it recognizes its surroundings and allows the digital content to interact with the real world in three dimensions.

Mixed Reality Engineering Solutions for The AEC Industry

O2I is a trusted mixed reality engineering service providing company that offers affordable solutions for mixed reality in civil engineering and mixed reality in architectural engineering. Our services include -

  1. Architectural and Engineering Design Services using MR

    Architectural and Engineering Design Services using MR

    Combining the technologies of augmented and mixed reality, our adroit designers create photo and/or video montages to depict how every object will look in a physical, existing environment. Our team develops highly interactive design models that can be overlaid on the real-life spaces. The HoloLens supports these applications and blends these holographic images with the environment that the user of the headset is in.

  2. Construction Support Using Mixed Reality

    Construction Support Using Mixed Reality

    Our team of highly experienced engineers can handle everything from the pre-construction phase that involves creating design iterations, identifying design and coordination clashes, and crafting virtual interior design mockups to using HoloLens for projecting the 4D models in real space. With site safety being the biggest concern, our team uses BIM and Trimble Connect along with the HoloLens to plan, analyze, modify, and verify the safety of the construction site. Another advanced feature of mixed reality that we can leverage is connecting the IoT devices in the building site and allowing current state and usage of the devices.

  3. Advanced MR Project Collaboration

    Advanced MR Project Collaboration

    Architecture and construction involve various teams and they can be often dispersed. Through advanced MR solutions, we facilitate the creation of highly innovative digital ways of project collaboration. For example, gathering a project team around a 3D model as avatars.

  4. Marketing and Sales Engineering Solutions using MR

    Marketing and Sales Engineering Solutions using MR

    Our team also enables you to engineer AEC solutions that you can use to pitch, market, and sell your projects faster. You can use MR technologies to allow visualization of prefabricated homes, commercial projects, interior design, etc. Using MR for marketing and sales can get you high up the ladder in today's competitive market.

  5. Virtual Staging Services

    Virtual Staging Services

    We have been championing many innovations in the use of MR for virtual staging where the real empty spaces are turned into fully furnished virtual spaces using technologies such as Matterport. Virtually staged properties allow the real estate brokers to sell them faster by enriching the experience of the prospective buyers who can see how the empty spaces will look after furnishings and fittings. Virtual staging is also being used by furniture and furnishing stores, interior designers, and more.

  6. Virtual Showcase of Properties

    Virtual Showcase of Properties

    Apart from walkthroughs and flythroughs, you can enable your customers to visit the sites through Matterport or similar headsets that give them a 3D tour of the spaces. Imagine the time and the cost that is saved when you opt for this innovative technology instead of the traditional physical site inspection. Additionally, it gives the agents leverage to showcase more properties quickly and drive faster sales.

  7. Virtual Commerce

    Virtual Commerce

    You cannot imagine eCommerce in real estate without the VR/MR capabilities. O2I is already at the forefront of developing virtual shoppable experiences that allow the users to interact with the real estate properties in a way that they can replace and modify the furniture, lighting, etc., and instantly buy them, too.

  8. Project Commissioning

    Project Commissioning

    While the general project handover process requires a lot of documents and information on the building system, with MR technologies, we are just reimagining it all. AR & MR apps bring out the specification, performance metrics, and the entire information right where they are needed along with an interactive manual and user's guide to adding value.

Mixed Reality Engineering Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The blend of VR and AR can be applied to the manufacturing industry too where it can aid not only in designing but prototyping, development, and improvement of the creative processes as well. Here are a few areas in manufacturing where MR is being increasingly used -


01. Logistics

Managing a complex supply chain and logistics has become a big challenge today. However, with intelligent MR technologies, the logistics systems can be streamlined and be integrated with other systems to offer smart tracking solutions.


02. Product Design and Development

MR technologies can enable you to develop, test, and simulate the production environment with lower costs, eliminating the need for huge investment in actually building a product and then making revisions.


03. Assembling and Maintenance

MR led assembling assures faster and more accurate assembly of even the most complex products and industrial appliances. MR also helps in identifying errors and faults, thereby enabling simplified and effective maintenance.


04. Training

Most amateur product developers would be spending huge amounts of time, efforts, and money if they would be developing and testing their products for real. But, with MR technologies they can easily get trained using virtual systems ensuring personnel safety and a substantial reduction in time and costs involved.

MR Applications

Mixed reality technologies can be applied in various sectors like mixed reality in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, etc., to bring about a 360-degree transformation with spatial computing technologies. Builders, contractors, architects, real estate agents, miners, etc., can all leverage the benefit of these leading-edge engineering solutions.

The various apps and integrations that can be used to power up the HoloLens are as follows. These can all be used in different scenarios, independently, or in collaboration to achieve various exceptional outcomes.

Trimble Connect SketchUp Viewer Trimble SiteVision Trimble PULSE The Remote Expert

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Reasons to Hire O2I As Your Mixed Reality Engineering Service Provider

We enlist for you multiple reasons for outsourcing mixed reality engineering solutions to us -

  • A world-class team

    Our team of designers, developers, MR engineers, software experts, and other specialists are handpicked and have an outstanding amount of passion and dedication for their work along with rich industry experience. Therefore, when you work with us, you know you have got the perfect team working for you.

  • Leading-edge technology and infrastructure facility

    Being in the industry for over 25 years, we are one of the most dynamic experts in the field. We have constantly lived up to the industry standards to match the latest innovations. We offer top-class facilities and facilitate the most advanced technological systems and support tools to our teams so that they serve you with the best of their caliber.

  • Dedicated project manager

    We completely believe in a single point of contact with the customer to eliminate any chances of ambiguity and employ a dedicated project manager that oversees all project processes and communicates with you for intimation, approvals, and feedback.

  • Affordable Services

    Our packages are supremely reasonable and flexible to allow a greater scope of customization to the clients.

  • Highest quality security systems

    We understand the criticality of data security and levy stringent protection systems at all levels to safeguard our client's confidentiality and information.


Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Outsource Mixed Reality Engineering Services to India

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