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Thematic Mapping Services

Outsource Thematic Mapping Services

Get access to an easier way to compare data by choosing our team's superior quality and error-free thematic mapping services at prices starting at just $14 an hour

When you're assessing a range of aspects related to a geographic area, working without any mapping elements can make the analysis very difficult. This is why thematic mapping is used to make the information that can be sought through maps easier to understand and analyze. This makes even more sense when you're presenting a map of a certain geographic area to the general public or intend to explain complex information to your audience. Thematic mapping is the process of emphasizing specific attributes of an area through maps. With the help of thematic mapping services, you can access specific information pertaining to different spaces, compare patterns on different maps, and understand particular locations.

Outsource2india has been a pioneer in offering accurate and unbeatable thematic mapping services for around 15 years. Our team of experts uses GIS technologies and performs spatial analysis to render perfect thematic mapping. We use automated systems, and when required, refine the outcomes with our expertise. Whether you need to perform an analytical assessment or document the reports using the map, we have you covered with our thematic mapping services.

Thematic Mapping Services We Offer

There is a range of themes that can be created based on what your requirements are. Following are the themes that you can choose from -

  • Ranges


    This theme splits the data based on the number of ranges that are there, and the color is assigned based on what you specify to us for each of the specific range units. Other specifications that you can choose are equal ranges, equal count, quantile, and bar graphs.

  • Pie Charts

    Pie Charts

    When you choose the pie chart theme from our thematic mapping services, we use the theme generator to create a pie chart that consists of all the fields that are specified. This is a useful theme if you plan to conduct a comparative analysis to see how much share each field has.

  • Graduated Theme

    Graduated Theme

    When you opt for the graduated theme, you can select a symbol. This symbol can be used in a variety of sizes for representing different values. The size of a symbol is often associated with magnitude. So, you can select this theme if you want the map to express different counts and amounts and make the difference in size evident and easy to notice.

  • Dot Density

    Dot Density

    Dot density, as the name suggests, is a theme that is suitable when you want the map to represent population density in a specific geographic area. A collection of dots is used in a certain area to depict the population of the value. The greater the number of dots in a certain area, the more the population density.

  • Colored Points

    Colored Points

    An individual theme with varying points is one in which every value is assigned a specific color. This is also a suitable theme when the data has to be represented in terms of magnitude or when the data follows a numerical progression.

  • Colored Lines

    Colored Lines

    Colored lines are a theme that is ideal when you're required to display travel routes such that each route seems distinct, eliminating any confusion. You must have noticed lines of different colors used for metro routes so that people who take these routes can easily identify and pick the right line of route. Colored lines are useful for any similar instance.

  • Colored Areas

    Colored Areas

    This is a theme that works well for identifying different chunks of the geographic area with different colors. This is useful when you're depicting the low and high values of the whole area. One of the instances, when a graduated color theme is used, is to represent the average rainfall in different cities of a state. You can select this theme when you think it fits your requirement based on what purpose it serves.

  • Lines of Different Thickness

    Lines of Different Thickness

    Lines of different thickness are also suitable when you intend to represent a range of values. While these are very similar to graduated symbols, they work better for representing certain values that are not very effectively represented through other types of symbols. When you opt for this theme, the map will have lines like those for representing routes, but they're of the same color and of different thickness to signify the difference in the value.

Thematic Mapping Process We Follow

Being a professional thematic mapping service providing company, we follow a systematic procedure to offer advanced thematic mapping services to our clients. We have the required experience and expertise, and having a proper process in place helps us keep a check on quality and accuracy. Here are the steps that we follow -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you contact us, we get in touch with you and communicate regarding your thematic mapping requirements. As we gain a complete understanding of what your requirements are, it helps us plan more efficiently as per your expectations. We then come up with the scope of the project, estimated timeframe, and costs involved in the project. Once you approve of the SOP, we go ahead with the project


02. Preparation for Mapping

We assign a team of professionals suited for your project and delegate the responsibilities to each expert. After planning our course of action pertaining to the mapping, we move on to the implementation stage


03. Thematic Mapping

During this stage, we work with all the technical factors and use the latest software and technologies that automate certain operations while increasing the accuracy and precision rate for the mapping outcomes. We examine the nuances of all the parameters, choose the suitable resolution and time range of the survey, and evaluate other important factors when working on a mapping theme


04. Quality Check

Once the mapping is complete, we run a quality check and make sure there are no inconsistencies


05. Delivery

As we pass the project through a stringent quality check and ensure complete accuracy, we deliver the results to you in the required format like vector and raster maps via a secure FTP channel

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Why Choose O2I for Thematic Mapping Services?

Outsource2india is one of the most reliable companies for thematic mapping services in India and overseas. We have been collaborating with clients from all over the world for advanced and CAD thematic mapping needs, delivering mapping outcomes that characterize perfection. Here are a few reasons as to why you should work with us -

  • Affordable Services

    Our thematic mapping services, including the other geospatial services, are accessible to clients with varying budgets. We offer the best quality services without your budget is a constraint.

  • Data Security

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization that ensures that all the data you share with us will be completely secure. The data is handled by only authorized personnel and not divulged to any third-party.

  • Well-Established Infrastructure

    What makes our services unbeatable is the perfect combination of diligent professionals with great experience and powerful software and technology that we leverage to offer you the best thematic mapping services. We also keep upgrading our infrastructure to ensure there's no compromise when it comes to quality.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We are equipped with everything that is needed to increase the pace of the thematic mapping process- be it technology, seasoned professionals, or experience. We promise quick turnaround times without challenging the quality of our services.

  • ISO-Certification

    We are an ISO:9001:2015 certified company and we strictly adhere to the international standards of quality in our methodologies and process. This adds more reliability to our services.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Reaching out to different experts can get confusing for you. We understand this, and to make the communication more effective, we assign a project manager to you so that you can reach the project manager for all the queries and updates.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    You can reach us via calls, emails, or any other channel of communication for queries regarding our services. We are available round-the-clock to help you find the information you look for.

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Outsource Thematic Mapping Services to Outsource2india

A thematic map, whether you call it a statistical map or a special-purpose map, helps understand the specific distribution or theme of that area. From analyzing population density to marking the average annual income, thematic mapping comes in handy, especially for the general population to understand these parameters through visual representations. When you work with a reliable and experienced thematic mapping service providing company, everything falls into place and you get the most accurate maps to work with. Outsource2india is committed to offering the best thematic mapping services and a series of other infrastructure engineering services at affordable rates so that our maps are capable of fulfilling the requirements of our clients.

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Thematic Mapping Services FAQs

  • What is a thematic map?

    A thematic map displays the spatial distribution of one or more data themes for specific geographic areas. The map may be qualitative or quantitative.

  • Is a road map a thematic map?

    A road map is a general purpose map.