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Cut Overheads by 40% with Optimized Mortgage Processing Services

Cut Overheads by 40% with Optimized Mortgage Processing Services

Reduce cost/closed loan by 40% with our streamlined approach to the loan process cycle. We complete borrower documentation, review third-party documents, and prepare final submission packages while acting as a single point-of-contact for all stakeholders involved in these processes.

O2I specializes in providing comprehensive mortgage loan processing services to retail, wholesale, and correspondent lenders. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of high-volume, time-consuming tasks such as loan processing, appraisal, accounting, underwriting, post-closing, title ordering, and examination. We helped a leading Florida-based mortgage company grappling with manual onboarding processes and massive fluctuations in inbound package volumes. To enhance efficiency and scalability, the client sought a transformative solution. We employed MSuite to automate indexing and data extraction. The client achieved a 70% reduction in average loan onboarding duration, an accuracy improvement from 96% to 99%, and a significant cost saving of 50%. This case testifies that our mortgage processing support enhances process and cost efficiencies, bolsters operational bandwidth, improves scalability, and lowers TAT.

We have the capabilities, expertise, and a robust delivery model that enables 40% faster loan processing and yields a remarkable net financial benefit of 55%. Owing to lower full-time employee rates and reduced effort per loan, you can reduce the cost/closed loan by over 40%. These data demonstrate that collaboration with us will reduce your time-to-market, cut overheads, increase scalability, and enhance operational efficiency.

Maximize your mortgage processing potential with O2I’s expert solutions and the assurance of 100% cycle time SLA targets. Partner with us for your end-to-end loan processing needs; save time, costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

Mortgage Processing Services We Offer

As a mortgage loan processing company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to streamline your loan processing journey. Our expert team and cutting-edge technology ensure a seamless and efficient experience from application to post-closing. Here is an overview of the services we provide -

  • Loan application processing

    Loan application processing

    When borrowers seek our assistance, we meticulously handle their applications and the necessary documentation. Our proficient team diligently reviews the information, conducts comprehensive credit checks, and assesses eligibility. Throughout the process, we maintain transparent communication, ensuring a seamless and efficient application stage that forms the foundation for a successful mortgage transaction.

  • Document collection and verification

    Document collection and verification

    We prioritize standardized document indexing to ensure seamless organization and maintenance. Our universal naming standards for documents enable quick identification of customer data, allowing efficient classification and categorization. We meticulously collect borrower documents, including income statements, employment verification, asset statements, and identification documents. These documents form the basis for assessing borrower's eligibility for the loan. We also handle third-party document ordering, such as 4506T and data verify services, to support the application process. Our validates the accuracy of these documents, complying with industry regulations.

  • Credit checks and analysis

    Credit checks and analysis

    We gather essential borrower information, obtain credit reports, and conduct meticulous applicant history verification. Our team verifies social security status and FHA authorizations to ensure compliance. We conduct a thorough credit analysis to assess factors like credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and payment history. We also review existing loans, payment defaults, tax returns, and transcripts. Within three days of receiving an application, we provide borrowers with accurate estimates, facilitating prompt disbursals and closures.

  • Appraisal coordination

    Appraisal coordination

    We coordinate property inspections, gather necessary documentation, and ensure compliance with appraisal guidelines. Our proficient team maintains transparent communication with appraisers, borrowers, and stakeholders, guaranteeing timely completion of appraisals. Equipped with a deep understanding of property valuation and appraisal best practices, we deliver accurate and reliable property valuations for facilitating accurate loan approval decisions. We provide lenders with in-depth market value analysis, facilitating informed decisions for FHA, VA, USDA.

  • Income and employment verification

    Income and employment verification

    We review pay stubs, W-2 forms, tax returns, and other income-related documents to assess the borrower's financial capability and stability. Leveraging our access to reliable data sources, we ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided. Our understanding of industry best practices and compliance standards helps us to conduct accurate and reliable verification.

  • Title search and insurance

    Title search and insurance

    Leveraging advanced technologies and a skilled team, we ensure clear property titles free from liens or legal issues. Our title search process involves thorough examination of public records and reliable data sources. We also facilitate title insurance to safeguard both lenders and borrowers during the transaction. We provide a secure and seamless closing process and handle title search and insurance with precision.

  • Compliance review

    Compliance review

    We examine the documents for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with underwriting guidelines. Leveraging our experience and advanced technologies, we ensure a seamless and swift review process. Once the condition documents meet the necessary requirements, we promptly submit them for underwriting review.

  • Underwriting support

    Underwriting support

    Our underwriters review and verify crucial documents, including credit, income, appraisal, and asset-related records. Leveraging advanced tools like Fraud Guard and Mavent, we meticulously check for potential red flags, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. We also add conditions to the loan file, clearing conditions received from the onshore underwriting team and issuing clear to close notifications.

  • Closing


    Our expert team prepares and delivers closing documents, including initial closing disclosures, well in advance of the loan signing date and in adherence to state and federal regulations. We compile all necessary financial and legal documentation, conduct a thorough property title assessment, and craft concise closing instructions. Collaborating with settlement companies, we assess taxes and fees, ensuring efficient mortgage fund disbursement. Our dedication to compliance guarantees timely and accurate document validation, facilitating seamless final closing disclosure delivery.

  • Post-closing


    Our team retrieves trailing documents, follows up with third parties, and gathers all necessary loan documents. We collaborate with title companies and brokers to assemble the final post-closing package, ensuring its accuracy and completeness. Based on thorough reviews, we confirm compliance with requirements for insurance, sale, and protection against fraud. Our seamless processes include preparing shipping packages, extracting loan packages, and uploading signed documents. We conduct government-insuring reviews and address any discrepancies, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

What Makes Us the Preferred Mortgage Process Outsourcing Partner

As a leading mortgage processing services company, we offer distinct advantages that set us apart in the industry -

  • Skilled team

    Our team boasts extensive experience in providing loan processing support to diverse clients across industries, including high-net-worth individuals and real estate agents.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We empower our clients to enhance their loan processing services with cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise in robust technologies. Our redundant infrastructure, dedicated IT and support teams, captive power, and web-based project management software ensure seamless operations.

  • Information Security

    We prioritize your privacy and security. All communication is handled with utmost care and encrypted, safeguarding your private information. Our use of Cisco PIX firewall, no local storage, and secure VPN ensures maximum protection.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    Our unique and robust delivery model utilizes centers in India and other developing countries like the Philippines, Ukraine, Argentina, and Kenya. This model ensures that we deliver swift, continuous, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient services.

  • Specialized Experts

    Our 4500+ mortgage experts stay up to date with the latest industry regulations, offering in-depth expertise tailored to your specific mortgage needs.

  • Superior Quality Services

    We pride ourselves on providing high-quality mortgage loan processing support services, ensuring you receive the maximum return on investment. Our rigorous quality assurance checks further enhance the overall service experience.

Additional Mortgage Services We Offer

Mortgage Underwriting Support Services

Our skilled team of mortgage experts provides comprehensive underwriting support, meticulously reviewing credit, income, appraisal, and asset documents, ensuring adherence to agency guidelines and running fraud checks for potential red flags.

Mortgage Loan Servicing

We excel in managing all aspects of mortgage loan servicing, including payment processing, escrow administration, borrower communication, and investor reporting, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both lenders and borrowers.

Mortgage Closing Support Services

With a focus on precision and efficiency, we prepare closing packages, deliver closing disclosures three business days prior to signing loan documents, conduct property title assessments, and coordinate with settlement companies for a smooth closing process.

Mortgage Title Support Services

Our title support services guarantee clear property titles, free from liens or legal issues, while also facilitating title insurance to protect both lenders and borrowers throughout the transaction, ensuring a secure and transparent title search process.

Customer Success Stories

O2I's MSuite Enhanced the Indexing Process for a US-based Lender

Enabled a home loan provider to streamline document indexing

O2I helped a leading provider of home loan products in Cheery Hill, New Jersey, streamline document indexing tasks and improve overall process review TAT. The client encountered delays in reviewing and indexing documents owing to their complexity and fluctuating loan packages. We used the MSuite tool to automate the indexing process, which expedited indexing and completed reviews within hours. The client realized a decline in the average TAT and improvement in the indexation precision by 99%. This automation solution allowed the client to cut down on operational costs, increase loan processing capacity, and reduce staffing needs.

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Case Study on Streamlining the Underwriting Processes of a Leading US Residential Lender

Increased Underwriting Productivity of a Top US Residential Lender

A top US residential lender in Texas was struggling with missing information, the absence of benchmarking marking, and low underwriting productivity. O2I provided the following solution -

  • automating the loan file indexing process
  • extracting and validating data
  • redefining the lending decision analysis process
  • basing credit capacity on existing income
  • supporting property values with accurate comparables
  • preparing questionnaires for data validation
  • red flagging issues
  • reviewing every loan file

This solution reduced the review information sent to underwriters, a 2X improvement in underwriting productivity within 3 months, a 40% reduction each in overheads and underwriting TAT, and an expansion of home loan portfolio.

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Outsource Mortgage Processing to Us


O2I delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing and lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

President of a leading mortgage lending company in US More Testimonials »

Leveraging our of extensive experience in the mortgage industry, we have honed our expertise and insights, earning the trust of over 70 mortgage lenders and banks across the US. Successfully enabling over 400,000 mortgages per year, we have demonstrated our ability to handle diverse challenges and deliver exceptional results.

As a mortgage processing company, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits that make us stand out in the industry. First, we have the capabilities to adapt to your specific needs, whether you require support for a few loan applications or handling high-volume demands. This flexibility optimizes your resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Second, we are committed to delivering significant cost savings, reducing overhead expenses by up to 40% when you choose to outsource your loan processing tasks to us. Our services deliver a substantial net financial benefit of 55%, optimizing your operations and driving better financial performance and growth opportunities. These efficiencies lead to better fund allocation across your organization.

Third, speed and efficiency are at the core of our services. Our streamlined processes and an experienced team ensure a remarkable 40% faster loan processing. This leads to quicker approvals and disbursements, and thereby enhances customer satisfaction. We adhere to 100% cycle time SLA targets, guaranteeing efficient and timely processing of loan applications.

Fourth, we recruit certified contract mortgage loan processors to our team. Hence, you can delegate high-cost and time-consuming tasks with peace of mind. We handle proper loan disclosures, order essential verifications and documents, and expertly coordinate the closing process, ensuring smooth and successful transactions.

Let us be the driving force behind your success in the dynamic and competitive mortgage market, empowering your business to thrive with our expertise and reliable support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a mortgage processor do?

A mortgage processor gathers and reviews all required documentation from borrowers and stakeholders, ensuring compliance with regulations and guidelines. They facilitate a smooth loan processing workflow and collaborate with various parties to expedite loan approvals and closings.

How to choose the right mortgage processing company?

To choose the right mortgage processing company, consider factors such as experience, technology, compliance, scalability, and client reviews.

How much does mortgage processing services cost?

The cost of mortgage processing services varies based on loan complexity, volume, and services offered. Obtain quotes from different companies to find the most cost-effective option.

How can a mortgage processing company help me?

A mortgage processing company streamlines operations, offloading paperwork, and administrative burdens. This leads to faster loan approvals, improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency.

What are the benefits of outsourcing mortgage back-office tasks to you?

Outsourcing to us brings efficiency, cost savings, compliance, scalability, expertise, and the ability to focus on core competencies. Our specialized team ensures faster loan processing and adherence to industry standards.