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Reverse Mortgage Support Services

Outsource Reverse Mortgage Support Services

Manage borrower communications, automate tedious tasks, improve collaboration, and identify risky applicants with our Reverse Mortgage Support Services

Are complex reverse mortgage processes holding you back from closing loans on time? Are you grappling with a resource crunch to keep up with the constantly changing mortgage landscape? An increasing number of senior citizens are considering reverse mortgages on their properties. Are you making the most of this opportunity?

Did you know, your business stands to gain exponentially by partnering with a reverse mortgage support company specializing in providing efficient reverse mortgage support services? We are an experienced service provider serving global clients for 25 years. Our team of skilled and qualified mortgage and technology executives designs reverse mortgage solutions that precisely cater to your subservicing requirements. We provide custom assistance with everything from loan application review to verification and closing. Gain increased market penetration, boost revenue, mitigate risks, and accelerate success with our services.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions We Offer

Over the past 25 years, we have effectively served reverse mortgage lenders, servicers, and other providers with tailored solutions. Outsource reverse mortgage assistance to leverage our custom services, which include -

  • Setting Up and Reviewing Loan Applications

    Setting Up and Reviewing Loan Applications

    Our team of mortgage experts performs loan-by-loan reviews while complying with your operational requirements for all duly signed loan application for reverse mortgage (Form 1009). Our back-office services include -

    • In-depth review of all the sections in the form
    • Verifying borrower information
    • Discernable reporting features and complete verification of all costs and options
    • Section VIII verification
    • Collecting documentation such as SSN, photo ID's, fund proofs(90 day history), trust and survey agreements, HOI binders, etc. on a case-by-case basis with 100% re-review of all input data
  • Generating Reverse Mortgage Disclosures

    Generating Reverse Mortgage Disclosures

    Our mortgage experts generate thorough and up-to-date disclosures which inform the customer about the costs involved and make an educated decision. We can create and deliver the BPO package after undergoing a thorough quality check for Calculation disclosures, Reverse mortgage advisor disclosures, Tax and insurance disclosures, Fair lending disclosures, LE disclosures, disclosures for RESPA Servicing Transfer and State disclosures, amongst others.

  • Processing Reverse Mortgage Loans

    Processing Reverse Mortgage Loans

    At O2I, we specialize in processing reverse mortgage loans with a strict emphasis on risk management and regulatory compliance. By leveraging modern technology, global delivery capabilities, and our ability to minimize costs for enhanced client satisfaction, we can easily process all your reverse mortgage loans. Steps involved in our loan processing procedure include -

    • Verifying CAIVRS Clearance
    • Ordering Titles, Payoff statements, flood certificates, appraisals, and other required documents
    • Verifying EPLS and LDP lists, as well as Pull credit on a per customer basis
    • Requesting for Spot reviews, repair figures, termite reports, etc.
    • Checking and verifying certificates for completeness and expiry (Divorce, Assumption, and Bankruptcy) and getting in touch with authorities in case of errors
  • Performing Reverse Mortgage Appraisals

    Performing Reverse Mortgage Appraisals

    Our appraisals for reverse mortgage are in the form of a comprehensive report which take various factors into consideration, such as market status, repairs done and required, cost approach, property's neighborhood, sales comparable, planned unit development (PUD), and site and subject appraisal.

    With our efficient handling, we can establish a property's current market value in as short a time as possible.

  • Ownership and Title Documentation

    Ownership and Title Documentation

    We offer a comprehensive approach towards creating Title commitments which enable you to verify a property's ownership history. We seamlessly integrate our customized solutions with your existing business processes, thereby helping you lower costs, reduce title errors and eliminate any problems which could affect Closing.

    Our services take care of the full Title commitment cycle, and ensure complete correctness of all liens and judgments, dates, legal description of the property, POA, title expiry dates, address of the property, outstanding mortgages on the property, tax search, vesting, etc.

  • Endorsement Verification

    Endorsement Verification

    We perform thorough endorsement verification as part of our reverse mortgage assistance services for the following -

    • Trust Mortgagor endorsement
    • Endorsements for Line of Credit and Survey Exceptions
    • 6.2 Negative Amortization endorsement verification
    • 8.1 Environmental Protection Lien endorsement verification
    • 4.1 CONDO, 5.1 PUD endorsement verification
  • Refinancing Properties for Reverse Mortgage

    Refinancing Properties for Reverse Mortgage

    Customers generally tend to refinance their existing reverse mortgages when there is an attached benefit to it, such as a drop-in interest rates. Refinancing is a time-consuming process, and our services ensure you never face problems during refinancing and can focus on your core business areas.

    We obtain all relevant information about the current HECM loan from the customer, as well as generate any additional documentation such as refinance analysis, anti-churn disclosures, and general authorization for special refinance. If required, we also collect previous HECM loan and case numbers from the borrower, while appending loan applications.

  • Reverse Mortgage Closing

    Reverse Mortgage Closing

    Our reverse mortgage closing support services help lenders reduce their overheads by efficiently scheduling all closings once receiving the go-to from the underwriter. Closing papers are immediately dispatched via email or other means as requested by you, and include the fee sheet (complete with the Title insurance and doc stamps) and exact closing papers with the final closing figures.

    Our professional mortgage experts ensure all reverse mortgage loans are closed efficiently, while ensuring zero-time delay.

Our Approach to Deliver Custom Reverse Mortgage Assistance

As a reputed reverse mortgage support company, we follow a multi-step approach to provide custom reverse mortgage assistance, which involves -


01. Collecting Order Documents

We gather order titles, flood certificates, payoff statements, and appraisal reports, among others, for review


02. CAIVRS Clearance

We verify CAIVRS clearance to ensure that none of the loan applicants are on the defaulters' lists


03. Document Verification

We verify certificates for completeness, check EPLS/LDP lists, and identify liabilities to prepare and update the reports


04. Verifying Spot Reviews

Our spot reviews analyze repair costs, estimate termite reports, and check other documents for completeness


05. Reverse Mortgage Closure

In this stage, we check all the documents before dispatching them to the borrower

Why Should You Choose Our Reverse Mortgage Support Company?

We have consistently met the growing requirements of mortgage clients in a dynamic environment. One of the reasons for our exceptional growth lies in our quality-driven processes, which ensure quick and accurate processing of reverse mortgage applications, line of credit requests, and more. When you outsource reverse mortgage support services to us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • High-quality Services

    We customize our services as per your requirements and follow ISO-certified processes to guarantee the quality of our deliverables.

  • Complete Data Security

    We adhere to SSAE16 compliance standards and have security protocols in place to protect all the sensitive information of your valued customers.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    All our workspaces are equipped with world-class infrastructure, including advanced tools, uninterrupted network connection, and more, to deliver exceptional services.

  • Regular Training Programs

    We have ongoing training programs and provide timely process updates to enhance the awareness of our reverse mortgage experts. This keeps them updated with the changing regulations.

  • On-time Delivery

    Our reverse mortgage support company operates from multiple global delivery centers to deliver quick, efficient, and timely support for our esteemed clientele, worldwide.

  • Remote Closing

    We offer efficient remote closing procedures to simplify reverse mortgage processes for senior citizens and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our reverse mortgage solutions are designed to accommodate your specific needs and come in different operational models to ease your budgetary constraints.

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I have worked with Rajeev and his team at Outsource2india for the last 3.5 years. I have been continually impressed by the level of professionalism and integrity delivered by the team. We are looking forward to many more years of partnership with this great company.

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Outsource Reverse Mortgage Support Services for Smooth and Efficient Processing

We are a mortgage support company with 25 years of experience in providing robust reverse mortgage support services to lenders and credit unions based in the US. Our team of skilled, qualified, and experienced professionals provides you with -

  • Customized reverse mortgage support services that meet your specific needs
  • The right automation solutions to minimize churn and eliminate operational overhead

Manage borrower communications effectively, prevent delays, and improve compliance with our quick, efficient, and reliable reverse mortgage support services.

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