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Mortgage Loan Servicing

Outsource Mortgage Loan Servicing

Access unified mortgage loan servicing solutions that optimize your loan lifecycle and reduce the time and resources required for handling underperforming loans

Are you looking to streamline the servicing of non-performing mortgage loans or evolve your mortgage loan lifecycle?

The servicing of mortgage loans requires time and specialized expertise. Additionally, it tends to get extremely resource-intensive. If you have been looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage with better margins, you can benefit by partnering with us – a premier mortgage loan servicer.

We have worked in the mortgage industry for 25 years and are a leading provider of mortgage loan servicing for lenders. As a mortgage loan servicing company, we have the expertise to offer comprehensive loan servicing solutions. We leverage tools, technology, and the knowledge of expert mortgage specialists to ensure seamless services for our clients. Our streamlined processes allow us to manage your collections for performing and non-performing mortgage loans.

Mortgage Servicing Solutions We Offer

Our unified solutions can streamline the mortgage loan servicing process for you. We offer specialized solutions for residential mortgage loan servicing that include -

  • Mortgage Default Servicing

    Mortgage Default Servicing

    We offer comprehensive back-office support for mortgage default servicing, to ensure minimal losses in the case of delinquent homebuyers or imminent defaulting.

  • Loss Mitigation Services

    Loss Mitigation Services

    We offer all-inclusive mortgage loss mitigation services that take over administrative tasks including documentation monitoring, borrower monitoring, plan origination, and loan re-servicing.

  • Home Retention Servicing

    Home Retention Servicing

    Our home retention servicing can help you with solutions that aim at foreclosure prevention and homeownership preservation, and cover support services for loan deferrals and loan modifications.

  • Home Non-Retention Servicing

    Home Non-Retention Servicing

    If you have determined that a borrower can no longer retain their property because of delinquency, we can help you proceed with loss mitigation options such as mortgage release or short sale.

  • Property Preservation (REO)

    Property Preservation (REO)

    With our REO property preservation services, you can ensure that the foreclosed property retains its value through maintenance, degradation prevention, and property violation prevention.

  • Performing Loan Servicing

    Performing Loan Servicing

    We can help you with supporting services to move loans from the delinquent loan servicing program to the performing loan servicing program when the borrower starts making payments again.

  • General Services

    General Services

    Our general services include sending statements of monthly payments, collections, maintaining balance sheets, collecting taxes, paying insurance, and managing escrow funds.

Why Choose Us As Your Mortgage Loan Servicing Company

As a premier mortgage loan servicer, we have worked with clients from all over the globe. We cater to different loan servicing needs and requirements and ensure that our clients receive the highest quality deliverables. Some of the reasons for you to choose our services include -

  • Streamlined Loan Servicing

    Our home loan servicing solutions and other loan services follow optimized processes. This lets us provide high-quality services with fast turnaround times.

  • Experienced Team of Professionals

    Our highly experienced team of financial and mortgage experts is well-versed in all matters of loan servicing. They can cater to all of your requirements with ease.

  • Scalability

    Our extensive resources and streamlined processes allow us to easily scale up or scale down our operations, in accordance with the client's requirements.

  • Data Security

    As an ISO-certified organization, we understand the importance of data confidentiality in the mortgage loan servicing process.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    We have multiple delivery centers spread across the globe - and this lets us provide reliable services within a short turnaround time.

  • Best Infrastructure

    Our team of professionals works out of state-of-the-art infrastructures with the latest technologies in place. This empowers us to provide top-notch services to our global clients.

  • Reasonable Prices

    We provide our services at reasonable prices, which allow our clients to generate better revenue. Our pricing structure is transparent and flexible to meet your unique needs.

Additional Mortgage Services We Offer

Mortgage Underwriting Support Services

With our team of skilled and certified underwriters, we can provide you with accurate solutions that will reduce margin compression.

Mortgage Closing Support Services

We streamline your mortgage closing process by offering back-office support and handling critical documents.

Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services

We ensure seamless mortgage closing and post-closing processes for lenders with our review and audit support.

Mortgage Title Support Services

We help with title transfer from the seller to the buyer and provide support with title ordering, financial analysis, and property insurance.

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services

We help you determine the market value for your mortgage client's collateral with comprehensive reports and creditworthiness analysis.

Reverse Mortgage Support Services

Our team of leading mortgage experts and technology executives can efficiently handle reverse mortgage support requirements including loan application review, verification, and closing.

Mortgage Software Support Solutions

Our AI-based mortgage software solutions support highly specialized mortgage functions and offer seamless integration with your existing systems.

Digital Marketing Services for Mortgage

We offer digital marketing strategies and content for improved engagement and better conversion, that are tailor-made for mortgage brokers, lenders, banks, and credit unions.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on Fast and Error-free Underwriting to Mortgage Lender

We Provided Compelling Solution for Faster and Error-free Underwriting

Our team assisted the client to clear off loan underwriting backlog, handle the increase in loan volume, lowered operational expenses, and enhanced client confidence through vigorous and accurate underwriting service.

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Case Study on Pre-purchase Review for a Correspondent Lender

We Expedited Pre-purchase Review Process for a Correspondent Lender

The mounting backlogs and reluctance to hire a full-time pre-purchase reviewer were a challenge to the client. This was overcome with ease by opting for our pre-purchase review services. We delivered assured results in less than two months.

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We just wrapped up our monthly score card call with our biggest client. We continue to be their top-performing AMC by volume and their top-rated AMC. So, THANK YOU all for all the hard work on this, and all of our lenders.

Appraisal Management Company, CA
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Our consolidated mortgage servicing solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and advanced measures for loss mitigation. Our expertise in the mortgage industry regulations makes us the mortgage loan servicing center of choice and allows us to partner with clients all over the globe. Outsource mortgage servicing requirements to us and benefit from -

  • Streamlined servicing process
  • Reliable risk evaluation
  • Better loss mitigation

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