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O2I Provided Compelling Solution for Faster and Error-free Underwriting

Case Study on Fast and Error-free Underwriting to Mortgage Lender

The Client

Our client is a well-known mortgage lender firmly rooted in the West Coast. They have a growing footprint spanned across 20 states in the USA. The client is specialized in retail and wholesale lending.

Client Requirement

The client faced a surge in work volume and had fewer resources to keep up with the increase in work rate and delivering services with accuracy. The client relationship began to suffer, eventually impacting employee morale. This prompted the client to consider our help for the following -

  • Tidying up the existing loan underwriting backlog
  • Handling the increase in loan volume
  • Restoring the accuracy in underwriting tasks
  • Lowering the operational expenses
  • Reinforcing the client confidence to ensure a lasting relationship

Project Challenges

The outsourced task needed expert-level evaluation to optimize the client's in-house team by determining gaps and realigning with their goals. We faced the following challenges -

  • We had to review the existing process to investigate the deviation
  • The time intervals between tasks had been shortened
  • A quality assurance team had to be appointed
  • To ensure consistent underwriting performance, skilled underwriters had to be hired
  • Client communication had to be reinforced

Our Solution

The client's existing workflow was studied, and the task was cut out accordingly. Based on the client's requirement we appointed skilled underwriters for the roles. Our team of two senior underwriters who were introduced to the client's process through webinars and phone calls. Gaps in the tasks were closed by customizing a functional plan. The task was split between initial and final underwriting phases. We stuck to a checklist-based approach to execute the project. Our process is as follows -

  • Adhere to Automatic Underwriting System (AUS) Checklist

    We will stick to instructions on the checklist and adhere to standard policies

  • Data Validation with Borrower

    The data will be extensively evaluated to ensure it is accurate and reliable

  • Rectifying Irregularities

    We will make a side-by-side comparison of your data with the borrowers to ensure matching values

  • Recording Data in AUS

    We will seek justification for values that do not match with the record

  • Evaluate the Data for Accuracy

    The complete data will be logged into the AUS

  • Computing Income

    The daily income calculation needs will be monitored and dedicatedly maintained

  • Justify the Value of Collateral

    We will justify the property value with comparable that you can count upon the fact-based data

  • Documentation of Files and Income

    If the mortgage files require income documentation, we will file every necessary document to ensure consistency

The Results

With the completion of the project, the client availed the following benefits -

  • The TAT for underwriting backlog was steeply reduced to 48 hours from a few weeks that was formerly achieved by the client
  • A few underwriting files were processed within 24 hours setting a new benchmark
  • We eliminated the need for hiring and training a full-time underwriting professional
  • We solidified the client's relationship with borrowers and brokers
  • The business volume was gradually increased

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