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Outsource Investment Research Services

At Outsource2india, we offer a comprehensive suite of investment research services that enable you to - gain a better understanding of the market into which you want to invest, and achieve the potential results of the business decisions you make. Whether you require Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, WACC Analysis or Financial Statement Analysis, we can help you with any investment research service that you require.

Time is a limited commodity for any successful financial advisor. Outsource2india provides a practical way for outsourcing your investment research services to a renowned research expert. You are likely to look back at your decision to hire Outsource2india and think of it as one of the best decisions you have ever made. Contact us today to learn more about how our investment research services can help your firm.

Our Investment Research Services

We, at Outsource2india, offer investment research services for businesses in a wide range of fields, including investment banking and wealth management. Our services include:

Fundamental Analysis
Outsource2india provides a comprehensive analysis of different companies, industries and the economy according to your preferences. For example, we dig through accounting statements to uncover hidden investment gems for your clients
Technical Analysis
We help you to identify positive and negative investment trends by correlating price and volume activity of individual securities and key market indices
Combination Technique Analysis
Because it is no longer a "one size fits all" investment world, you will periodically need to blend different security analysis methodologies. Outsource2india can provide you with the optimum combination
Financial Statement Analysis
Outsource2india's accounting professionals facilitate an in-depth analysis of financial statements so that you will not miss special investment opportunities or problems lurking in the accounting firm's footnotes
Cash Flow Analysis
We will provide you with a meticulous assessment of any critical timing discrepancies between income and expenses so that you have an important preview of potential debt and leverage problems
NPA and EPS Analysis
Outsource2india covers all of the bases for you by providing a complete analysis of non-performing assets that is a mandatory component of accurate investment valuations
CAPM Development
We ensure that you do not lose sight of the delicate balance between risk and rate of return. This information is particularly invaluable when you need to price risky securities
SWOT and PESTEL Presentation
Even with limited time, you cannot afford to overlook the external market environment. Outsource2india gives you a comprehensive assessment that you must have constantly for improving investment management insights
WACC Analysis
As a key component in calculating beta and rates of return, Outsource2india can give you timely snapshots of weighted average cost of capital to incorporate in your investment decisions

Choose a Resource Engagement Strategy That Works Best for You

When you hire Outsource2india, you can choose from any of our following resource engagement models:

  • Fixed number of hours - ask about our risk-free prepaid contract
  • Project pricing
  • FTE Pricing for a full - time equivalent arrangement
  • Custom pricing based on a part - time FTE contract

We recommend that you start with our prepaid risk-free contract arrangement (fixed hours) while you get to know us better.

With any of the four resource engagement models, Outsource2india offers two special guarantees:

  1. You will always have a designated research assistant to serve as the only point of contact you will need when working with us
  2. You will always receive timely and thoughtful responses to your phone calls and emails

Are you ready to get started on a risk-free basis?

Benefits of Outsourcing Investment Research to O2I

When outsourced to a reliable service provider, you can avail abundant benefits from investment research.

  • To start with, you can gain an objective look at a complex field
  • By hiring an expert research service provider like Outsource2india you can get the same expertise and training that you expect from an experienced analyst without any bias or internal prejudices that come from a domestic analysis. This ensures that you have the resources that you need to make the right decisions every time
  • By outsourcing investment research services to O2I, you make a smart investment by saving significant operational costs
  • At Outsource2india, we have the technology, resources and staff to provide an in-depth analysis of any number of key data points for your business, right from the current cash flow to CAPM development and recent financial statements
  • We can give your business the ability to gather and act rapidly on a number of far reaching data points, without having to investment in technology or human resources

Save Time & Money While Improving Your Investment Research Goals

Let Outsource2india show you how realistic it is for you to reduce expenses, save time and improve the quality of your investment research. Our unique and professional approach to outsourcing allows us to offer our advanced investment research services to you on a risk-free basis.

Get in touch with us, and make a difference to your investment research activities.

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