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Outsource Investment Research Services

Investment Research Services

Fast changing industry trends and volatile global financial market makes it even more pertinent to find an expert who can carry out investment research. We, at Outsource2india, help investors find smarter ways to stay ahead in business with our investment research services. Our customized financial research services are designed to meet your investment research requirements and our research support services are customized to ease complex decision-making process and bring in value creation for our clientele.

Investment Research Services We Offer

At Ousource2india, we focus on faster response to market changes and bring in niche investment research service capabilities at a reasonable cost. Our services contribute towards long term profitability and growth of our clients. Our team offer useful investment insights with our analyst-per-client-to-market coverage designed to provide highest quality assurance and high-end research services, which include -

  • Credit Research

    Our efficient cash flow modeling, covenant analysis, advanced financial modeling, and details credit reports allow us to help clients save time and money. Outsource2india is not just an investment research partner but also a trusted source of market analytics.

  • Fixed Income Research

    At Outsource2india, our expert analysts provide support for relative value analysis along with investment recommendations, macroeconomic research, structured financial analytics, distressed debt analytics across industry segments, product categories, rating indices, geographies, and much more.

  • Buy/Sell Side Research

    We bring in industry-leading investment research services for both the buy-side and sell-side firm. Outsource2india's approach is to help identify the best possible scenario to invest and get visible benefit. We help clients strengthen their potential with our economic and thematic research services.

  • Equity Research

    We help clients expand investment research coverage with our qualitative and quantitative assessments which provide a base for all research techniques. At Outsource2india, we ensure value add to existing research as well as track down new investment avenues across industry sectors and corporate bodies.

  • Asset Management

    At Outsource2india, we focus on end-to-end asset management support to meet complex demands not only from asset management companies but also from ranking agencies, third party information providers, fund research firms, and exchange trade funds. We help set up back-office systems to enable back-end accounting systems, fraud-detection services, performing credit risk analysis, evaluate cash flow, etc. to help manage regulatory compliance.

  • Distressed Debt Management

    We help clients establish enterprise values along with estimating recovery values for various debt brackets to assess stress and distress situations. Outsource2india utilizes niche research techniques to factualize effectiveness of different layers of debt and put light on recovery options to help clients make right decisions.

  • Financial Modeling

    Our financial models are designed to provide the quickest turnaround time and provide accurate analysis across industry sectors. Outsource2india create ad-hoc models to transform financial data collected from different sources to a standardized and well-defined format to help faster and stronger decision making.

  • Credit Modeling

    Reducing risk factor for investors, Outsource2india brings in efficient credit modeling services that help clients to visualize credit ventures and invest wisely. Our team of excellent analysts creates credit risk models and provides valid capital information on a regular basis.

Our Investment Research Process

We follow a streamlined process to carry out investment research to provide useful insights to all our global clients. The process we follow is divided into the following steps -

1. Scope Finalization

  • Discussion with client about sector, economy, and geography
  • Define scope, type, and style of research
  • Finalization of deliverables including financial model methodology
  • Finalization delivery schedule and milestones

2. Primary Research

  • Collecting and reviewing information
  • Comprehensive analysis of information
  • Information memorandums
  • Industry reports and competitor profiles

3. Financial Model Building

  • Interim deliverable preparation with revenue/cost drivers
  • Review process and detailed quality checks
  • Final financial model preparation after QC
  • Approval from analysts and experts to implement the model

4. Report Preparation

  • Analysis and drafting of report including sectoral, economic, technical, and geographical analysis
  • Identifying opportunities and devising investment strategies

5. Support and Analytics

  • Live support on pitches & deals
  • Decision Support Analytics and CXO Dashboards

Benefits of Outsourcing Investment Research to O2I

At Outsource2india, we give your business the visibility and ability to create and augment data points, without having to invest much in human resources or technology domains. Following are some of the major benefits of choosing us -

  • Affordable Pricing

    We provide customized services that precisely cater to your business needs, which help us to offer top-quality services at extremely affordable rates

  • World-class Infrastructure

    Having access to world-class infrastructure, our analysts access various crucial databases, e.g., Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, etc. that help them design and provide efficient research and modeling services

  • Certified Team of Financial Analysts

    We have a large team of analysts who come from different business research segments to meet any and every sort of requirement. We combine credit and equity research for all your analytical needs to be covered in one shot

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With over 25 years of experience, we have been able to precisely help numerous clients with their data analyses within a short time

  • Top-quality Services

    We follow stringent quality control processes to ensure that you get quick and accurate investment research services that add value

  • Uncompromised Project Security

    We have strict project security protocols in place and our professionals are also trained to prevent your confidential information from getting into wrong hands and avoid data breach

Get Quick & Efficient Investment Research Services at Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a global outsourcing company offering financial research services to clients across the world. We set realistic targets to help our clients save time and money, while ensuring high-quality research services. Outsource2india brings in unique and professional approach allowing client to make risk-free decisions. We also offer corporate finance support, asset management support, investment banking support, etc.

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Investment Research Services FAQs

  • What is investment research?

    Investment Research is the analysis of how various financial instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, debentures, etc., perform so that an investor can make the most informed decisions.

  • What does an investment research analyst do?

    An equity research analyst analyses data to generate new investment ideas, evaluate risks and opportunities, and make recommendations about investment actions and decisions.