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Outsource Buy Side Equity Research Services

Buy Side Equity Research Services

Buy side investment opportunities narrow down the decision-making window for effective time management with higher profitability. Buy side equity research services can help asset managers and investment bankers with market insights and help identify investment opportunities. It guides companies cost-effectively to manage equity buy side processes with appropriate pension, hedge or mutual funds. Carefully designed equity research services help buy side managers with ample and accurate research reports to aid quick decisions.

At Outsource2india, we work closely with mutual fund companies, financial advisory firms, and other firms such as trust, hedge funds, and proprietary traders, etc., to help derive statistics and strategies, backed with exhaustive research. Our financial research experts help you analyze current trends, track down valuable information, and build financial models.

Buy Side Equity Research Services We Offer

Helping buy side firms overcome dilemma about the accurate balance between technological advancement and the costs incurred, Outsource2india provides cost-effective research services to help these firms meet research objectives. We carefully analyze buy side conditions in the global equity market and review various forecasts, trends, and pick the best stocks and investment opportunities, purely based on our fundamental and technical research expertise. Some of the key services we offer include -

  • Competitor Analysis and Portfolio Management

    Outsource2india helps buy side asset managers and portfolio specialists with highly customized research services by assessing competitive forces which may affect a company's buy side decisions. As a part of company profile research, we study and review a company's revenue numbers, meeting notes, risk returns, and business strategies with a buy side perspective. Also, we conduct benchmarking studies and SWOT analysis while evaluating competitor portfolios and strategies by leveraging CAPM analysis, asset correlation patterns, variance, and analysis.

  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

    Outsource2india provides LBO and DCF modeling, sensitivity analysis, tax and financial valuations, financial forecasts, and WACC calculations, etc., and has the required expertise to develop financial models to support buy side analysis. We also consider sell-side information while performing the buy side equity research by reviewing the sell side documents carefully such as information memorandums and pitch books.

    Our team of research experts identifies and analyzes various risks associated with buy side investment operations and reviews the investment alternatives in the structured product category. This category mainly has products such as structured project finance issues, collateralized debt obligations, and mortgage-backed securities. Additionally, to analyze buy side opportunities in the worldwide fixed income markets, our research experts use existing credit ratings along with our financial model metrics to pick the best bonds with high-interest rates in different countries and currencies.

  • Testing Investment Hypothesis & M&A Support

    Outsource2india offers the best-in-class investment banking support that mainly includes trading support, transaction support, buy-side analysis, and valuation of assets. We also support and handle all kinds of mergers and acquisitions related functions such as data mining, merger models, data room organization, due diligence, and document creation. In addition, we follow idea back-testing and significance testing strategies to test the investment hypothesis before any of the buy side decisions are finalized.

  • Report Creation

    Outsource2india helps companies and their buy side teams in creating PowerPoint presentations that are supported by images, graphs, statistics, and concise summaries. Our researchers closely examine the macroeconomic factors which have an impact on the buy side investment decisions like interest rates, economies (developing and emerging), and economic growth and employment trends, to create macroeconomic reports.

    We also have a specialized Regulatory Reports creation team which is updated with the latest changes in the global buy side market and reviews, ad-hoc news, best practices, reporting standards, and accounting laws in each of the area's jurisdiction. Apart from these, our real estate and commodities reports help in evaluating any kind of buy side impact on the commodities and real estate market due to any significant crude oil, gold, and real estate developments.

Advantages of Outsource2india's Buy Side Equity Research Services

O2I is a leading provider of buy side equity research services in India. Having been in the financial services industry for almost two decades now, we have gained enough experience to cater to any of the clients' needs. Outsource2india offers unmatched benefits at cost-effective rates to clients across the globe. Outsourcing buy side equity research services to us can give you access to the following benefits -

  • Skilled Team

    We have a trained team to provide quick buy side decisions and fast estimates to help companies stay ahead of their competitors

  • Affordable Prices

    High-quality buy side equity research services at cost-effective rates to help clients generate better revenues

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have exclusive access to some of the best infrastructure and latest research tools and technologies to provide the best services

  • Latest Financial Models

    Use some of the latest financial models to provide highly accurate market data for quick buy side investment decisions

  • Detailed Analysis

    Information memorandums analysis and other sell side materials to give managers a complete idea of the investment scenario

  • Compliance with Regulations

    Guidance to avoid any kind of penalties which are caused by non-compliance with regulations by staying updated with the latest developments

  • Easily Scalable

    A complete team of buy side research analysts comprising investment experts to allow clients to scale up without having to add in-house staff

  • ISO Certified

    All our processes and services are ISO certified to ensure results are error-free at all times

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    Timely buy side regulatory compliance and delivery through our multiple delivery centers

  • Data Security

    We sign confidentiality agreements and have several data security policies in place to ensure data security

Outsource2india - Reliable Service Partner for All Your Financial Research Needs

Outsource2india provides high-quality reliable research services for buy side investment opportunities and a series of other financial research services to global clients. With almost two decades of research experience, we are a class apart in service provisioning. Walking the extra mile with you, our financial research experts help you make better-informed decisions with our research support services. We provide a detailed and in-depth analysis of various buy side financial instruments such as real estate, structured products, fixed income and equities, commodities, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate, efficient, and cost-effective buy side equity research service provider, then look no further. Get in touch with us today!

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