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Research and Analysis Outsourcing Case Studies

Market Research for Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Provided Market Research Services to an Industry-leading American Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Here is how Outsource2india helped a leading American Sales & marketing consultancy provided a detailed and accurate report on the smartphone market. The research included market share analysis, market sizing and forecasting, etc.

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Assistance of Healthcare Compliance Giant

Assisted an American Healthcare Compliance Giant Add & Update Information on Their KOL List

Outsource2india's research team developed and used 120 search strings to carry out in-depth analysis and quickly collect and validate large volumes of relevant data to provide error-free reports within a short time. Such a quick approach also prevented delay in product lifecycle management, as the KOL list could be quickly updated with accurate information.

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Real Time News Monitoring for Japanese Food Brand

Provided Real-time News-monitoring Support to Regularly Track Negative Reports for a Japanese Food Brand

Outsource2india deployed dedicated research associates who performed news abstraction analysis to track negative news as quickly as possible. The team also custom-designed search criteria, questionnaire, and feedback forms to gather relevant information for the project.

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Healthcare Market Research Firm Case Study

Provided Fixed Income Research to Identify Investment Opportunities for a Top Asset Management Firm

Outsourced2india provided fixed income research services for a top asset management firm, which involved carrying out Earnings before Interest, Depreciation and Amortization (EBIDA) research, etc. This ultimately helped them identify viable investment opportunities in the international debt markets.

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Healthcare Market Research Firm Case Study

Online Healthcare Study for Market Research Firm

Outsource2india worked with a leading Swedish market research firm to generate a high-quality and extensive online healthcare report consisting of data from 17 different countries.

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Case Study on Financial Research & Analysis Services

Financial Research and Analysis for a US-Based Private Equity Firm

We helped a leading equity firm execute a research project on the pension funds of different states in the U.S. With the resources that we have, we managed to provide financial research services to the customer in a record time of just four months. Our customer appreciated the high quality of the financial analysis provided.

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Case Study on Online Research Services

Online Research Services Provided

We performed dealer mapping for a leading manufacturer of high-end precision instruments in Europe, as part of the online research services that we provide in the domain of market research. Our customer was trying to establish its presence in India and wanted a ready reckoner of dealers in India who deal in similar precision instruments. We provided the database the customer sought by mining the contact details of close to 5,000 dealers. The authentic information that we provided was much appreciated by the customer.

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Case Study on Information Extraction Services

Information Extraction Services

O2I’s information extraction services were utilized by a leading US based player in the global chemical industry space. O2I completed one million abstracts in 18 months from 7-8 decades of legacy data on chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, life sciences, biotech, pharmaceuticals etc. A highly satisfied client has decided to extend his requirements to other value added areas like patents, indexing and news abstracts in English and German.

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Case Study on Company Profiling Services

Company Profiling

For a leading Market Research company in the US, O2I profiled all the companies in the Airbag Industry - a total of 87 companies. This required detailed web research on the studies performed by various organizations. O2I’s work provided an insight into industry trends, existing competitors to look out for, market share and the details to consider before introducing a new product into the market. The research helped open up new avenues for the client’s customers to expand their businesses.

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Case Study on Financial Data Analysis Services

Financial Data Analysis Services

O2I’s end-to-end financial data analysis services for a leading US based hedge fund organization helped promote value-based and efficient investment decision-making while devising their trading and investment strategies. Data points offer concise and key data for specific periods and parameters. These serve as vital inputs for the preparation of equity research profiles.

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Case Study on Market Entry Strategy

Market Research and Analysis

A footcare major in the US implemented a successful market entry strategy for the South African market submitted by O2I. Within 15 working days, O2I’s team of data analysts and market research analysts presented a detailed market research report spanning 23 cities in various regions of S. Africa. The report detailed a channel development strategy and pricing strategy among other recommendations that were implemented by the client.

Read about our market research process.

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Case Study on Data Extraction of Web Documents

Web-based Financial Research Services

O2I provided Financial Research services that enriched the content and marketability of a web-based advisory service of a company providing finance and accounting services in the UK. Using automated software, O2I's team completed the extraction and conversion of 350 articles to web format within a span of 20 working days, exceeding the target of 250 articles within the same time-span.

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Case Study on Outsourcing Research Papers

Outsourcing Research Papers

Outsource2india has a team of business analysts and researchers who provide Research and Analysis outsourcing solutions to college faculty. Academic research reports, case studies, book summaries, and presentations are among the services offered. This case study shows how O2I successfully completed academic assignments for a professor from a reputed US business school. The professor successfully outsourced 10 research projects to O2I in 3 months.

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Case Study on Company Research

Outsourcing Recruitment Processes using Research and Analysis

O2I’s research and analysis added value to the executive search capabilities of a leading UK-based headhunting firm that supplies senior financial managers to reputed finance and accounting services companies in UK. O2I’s Research and Analysis team researched and conducted due diligence on candidates using a range of trade and industry sources ranging from the FSA Register to financial magazines and company websites, to present a comprehensive research report.

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Case Study on Primary & Secondary Market Research

Primary and Secondary Market Research

Our customer in the U.S wanted to conduct an in-depth survey to identify the relevance of changing strategic theories. When our customer outsourced this service to us, we conducted a global online survey of over 165 top management executives. After the information was collected, we prepared an inclusive report of the strategic models that were relevant.

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Case Study on News Briefs Analysis

Research and Preparation of News Reports

Our customer, a provider of select business information in the UK outsourced the research and preparation of brief reports to Outsource2india. The work involved, press reportage analysis, conducting research and abstracting daily business news reports / articles from up-coming markets. To meet this requirement, we conducted web research and abstracted them according to our customer’s guidelines. The project was successfully completed and we have moved towards phase 2 of the project.

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Case Study on Quick Query Services

Quick query Services

Our customer, a technology consulting company in the U.S required quick reports on market opportunities within the global smart card industry. When our customer outsourced this service to O2I, we conducted a detailed Porter Analysis of the Global Smart Card Industry. Our customer was extremely pleased with our high-quality services, our fast turnaround time and our low costs.

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