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SWOT Analysis Services

Outsource SWOT Analysis Services

Avail our expert SWOT analysis services and take your business to greater heights at prices starting from only $14/hour

Are you looking for expert guidance with respect to evaluating your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)? Are you looking for effective SWOT analysis services to help decision-makers in your organization analyze the external and internal business environment effectively? Are you looking for an accurate "outside-in" view to properly evaluate your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? If so, you are in the right place.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading SWOT analysis service provider and has helped businesses of all sizes with SWOT analysis services. Our unbiased and efficient team of research analysts effectively evaluate your company's SWOT and provide an unbiased view of your company's standing. Our SWOT analysis of a company is comprehensive and provides you with all the input you need to make better-informed decisions.

Our SWOT Analysis Services

  • What do people in your market see as your strengths?
  • What advantages does your company have?
  • What do you do better than your competitors?
  • What unique or lowest-cost resources do you have access to?
  • What should you avoid?
  • What could you improve?
  • What are people in your market likely to see as weaknesses?
  • You might need to get into your customers' or competitors' shoes to check if there are weaknesses that they perceive but you overlooked. It is more an internal versus an external view.
  • Where are the good opportunities your company could leverage?
  • What are the interesting and promising trends you are aware of?
  • Opportunities could come your way through -

  • Changes in the technology you use
  • Changes in the market
  • Changes in government policies that are relevant to your business
  • Changes in your target audience such as lifestyle
  • Events in your industry
  • What obstacles do you face?
  • What is your competition doing?
  • Is changing technology threatening your position?
  • Do you have bad debt or cash-flow problems?
  • Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your business?
  • Are the required specifications for your job, products or services changing?

We are a leading SWOT analysis service providing company and provide a complete range of services to help you identify and capitalize on SWOT analysis opportunities. Our services covering SWOT analysis of business include -

  1. Industry SWOT Analysis Services

    Industry SWOT Analysis Services

    We perform industry SWOT analysis where we evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing one or more industries. We perform industry-specific analysis of trends, growth regulations, competitive tension, entry barriers, and market saturation.

  2. Company SWOT Analysis Services

    Company SWOT Analysis Services

    Our comprehensive SWOT analysis services for business can be applied to an entire company or organization, or to individual projects being handled by a single department. We can provide customized SWOT analysis services to cater to your specific needs. We also perform a high-quality SWOT analysis for outsourcing companies.

  3. HR SWOT Analysis Services

    HR SWOT Analysis Services

    Our expert SWOT analysis services can be used to evaluate how human resource factors are affecting your productivity and efficiency. Based on your requirements, we can evaluate factors such as staff knowledge, employee turnover, employee training, and executive leadership. We also examine external factors like competitor attractiveness and HR regulations, among others.

  4. PESTEL Analysis Services

    PESTEL Analysis Services

    We perform expert PESTEL analysis, which is a tool or framework for marketers to monitor and analyze factors in the external marketing environment that have an effect on the business. The results from our PESTEL analysis can then be used in a more comprehensive SWOT analysis of your company.

  5. Technology SWOT Analysis Services

    Technology SWOT Analysis Services

    We provide expert technology SWOT analysis services. We ensure that your organization obtains an unbiased and balanced view of the various internal and external technological factors that are having an impact on your business. Our analysis covers external factors like technological innovations, trends, and changing customer behavior and internal factors like the effect of available technology and IT infrastructure.

  6. Primary and Secondary Research Services

    Primary and Secondary Research Services

    We provide expert market research SWOT analysis using both primary and secondary research methods. Our research encompasses gathering information from interviews, questionnaires, and studies on contractors, customers, suppliers, and employees.

  7. Marketing SWOT Analysis Services

    Marketing SWOT Analysis Services

    We help you evaluate the external and internal impact that your marketing strategies are having on your business. We analyze internal factors like branch locations, marketing budgets, and specialists as well as internal factors related to competition, economic conditions, brand value, and changes in demand and supply.

  8. Financial SWOT Analysis Services

    Financial SWOT Analysis Services

    We analyze both the internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats with respect to financial factors affecting your business. We carefully examine internal factors like supplier payment terms and liquidity bottlenecks and external factors like interest rate fluctuations and market volatility, among others.

  9. Customer SWOT Analysis Services

    Customer SWOT Analysis Services

    Our customer SWOT analysis services are comprehensive and in-depth and allow you to examine what is currently strong or weak in your service levels. We help you build on your strengths and overcome any weaknesses by revealing potential opportunities that may be open to you. Offshore SWOT analysis services to us to increase your productivity and growth.

  10. SWOT Matrix Services

    SWOT Matrix Services

    We provide expert SWOT matrix services that are decision-oriented and based on SWOT analysis findings. Using this matrix, you can strategically plan your future strategy by identifying strategic alternatives that allow you to overcome internal weaknesses, avoid external threats, and leverage internal strengths.

  11. Quantitative Analysis Services

    Quantitative Analysis Services

    We use a robust set of quantitative analysis methods when performing our SWOT analysis. Our quantitative analysis methods include probability analysis, statistical analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis methods, which provide us with quantitative perspectives on our PESTEL, TOWS, and SWOT analysis.

  12. Presentations and Reports Services

    Presentations and Reports Services

    We provide expert presentation and report generation services that make use of information from our SWOT analysis. Our reports and presentations enable you to make better-informed decisions based on real-world data and analysis. In our reports and presentations, we include visually-appealing images and content as well as tables, charts, and other data visualizations.

SWOT Analysis Process We Follow

We are a leading provider of SWOT analysis services, including SWOT analysis of market research companies. We also follow a well-organized process for the delivery of our services. Key steps in our process are -


01. Requirement Gathering

In this step, we coordinate with you to understand your requirements in detail.


02. Data Collection

In this step, data is collected from multiple sources and sorted and organized.


03. Data Analysis

In this step, the data collected is analyzed according to the SWOT matrix.


04. SWOT Report Generation

After SWOT analysis, a report is generated and sent to you with key findings and guidance for future courses of action.

Why Outsource SWOT Analysis to Outsource2india?

We are a leading provider of SWOT analysis services to companies of all sizes. There are several reasons for the outsourcing SWOT analysis to India and to us. Few of them are -

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    Our prices are highly cost-effective and provide you with exceptional value for money. We ensure that while we charge less, we also provide the highest-quality to enable us to succeed in our line of business.

  • 100% Project Security

    We provide complete project security. We have also received the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, which further demonstrates that your sensitive data will always be handled safely by us.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team is highly-qualified and experienced and has successfully handled many different types of SWOT analysis projects in the past.

  • Latest Software Used

    We use only the latest and best software tools and technologies to conduct our SWOT analysis.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    All our research analysts and SWOT analysts work out of world-class office spaces and have access to the latest and best infrastructure facilities like uninterrupted power backup and uninterrupted network connectivity.

  • High-quality Guaranteed

    When you work with us, you will always get the highest quality services at affordable prices. We leverage a high-quality labor force that demands less by way of compensation and we pass on this cost savings to our clients.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    You will always receive our SWOT analysis services within the quickest time possible and this is what separates us from our competition. We also make use of time-zone advantages to provide our services quickly.

  • Scalability

    Our services are scalable meaning that we have the in-house resource capacity to increase the headcount working on your project, if, for instance, you need to obtain your SWOT analysis quicker than usual.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Company Profiling Services to TPA Firm

Outsource2india Provides Company Profiling Services for a Large Australian TPA Provider

A TPA company based out of Australia needed company profiling services. They wanted to conduct business profiling of their customers and create a detailed report that was free from errors. We took a week to complete the project and reports were furnished after SWOT analysis in the format required.

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Case Study on Market Research Survey for Government Organization

O2I Provides Market Research Survey for Top Government Organization

A UK-based governmental organization approached O2I to conduct market research surveys on financial technology firms in the UK and the US. They wanted to perform a health check on the trade and investment between the two countries. The survey was conducted in a short time and the reports were provided in the format requested by the client.

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Outsource SWOT Analysis Services to Outsource2india


The services that Outsource2india provided helped us achieve substantial cost and time savings on several difficult projects. Their prompt attention to our requests and attention to detail are excellent.

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Outsource2india provides expert, comprehensive and in-depth SWOT analysis services to companies of all sizes and belonging to every industry. We have a talented and highly-qualified workforce that is committed to delivering exceptional value to you. We have the necessary technology, advanced data analytical capability, domain expertise, and business intelligence to create high levels of measurable business value to our customers.

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