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Financial Research and Analysis for a US-Based Private Equity Firm

Case Study on Financial Research & Analysis Services

The Customer

A leading private equity firm in the U.S. operating in the area of financial analysis, embarked on a project to research the pension funds of different states in the U.S. and their investments in various financial instruments. The firm approached Outsource2india (O2I) to execute their project. They had availed of O2I’s other services in the past and were aware of our credentials and capabilities to execute such a project.

The Requirement

The mandate was to research pension funds offered by twenty different states in the U.S. and gather all the necessary details. The corpus of each pension fund is normally invested in various financial instruments or avenues with the aim of generating profit and growth, ultimately benefiting the fund’s investors.

The customer also wanted us to carry out an in-depth analysis of the investments and present a detailed report indicating the allocation patterns and trends.

Further, the customer wanted us to research and detail names and contact information of key persons associated with each fund as well as the dignitaries of each state.

The Solution

We formed a core team of three qualified professionals, all CFAs – Chartered Financial Analysts. They were highly knowledgeable and well-experienced in the area of Finance and Equity. This team operated from our offshore delivery center; from where the services were ultimately delivered to our customer.

After analyzing the customer’s requirement specifications, the team drew a plan of action detailing the approach, resources and infrastructure available, as well as the deliverable details such as the formats of the reports and presentations. The plan detailed the project timeline incorporating milestones for submitting the deliverables.

The team leveraged various sources of financial information to gather the desired data. This data was then subjected to rigorous and logical analytical processes to identify investment allocation patterns and trends by our team of CFAs. They created structured reports and well-articulated presentations highlighting the crucial analytical information that our customer desired.

The best part of the whole exercise was that it was executed in a record time of just four months. Our customer appreciated the high quality of the financial analysis presented to them and the accuracy and finesse of project execution.

We managed to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our past experience in providing similar services helped us accomplish this mission in record time.

Customer Benefits

The customer was very happy with the time and cost savings offered by this project and has now become a regular customer. The key benefits that the customer derived from this project were -

  • Major cost savings as we offered highly competitive rates
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • World class services
  • Results exceeding expectations

The customer was satisfied and recommended our services to other companies.

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