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Outsource Industry Analysis

In-depth industry analysis can provide you the confidence to take information backed business decisions. However, do you realize that your self-analyzed industry information is not ample enough to assist you; be it for business expansion, competitor analysis, demand prediction, industry innovation or market research?

What you need is professional industry analysis report, which can look beyond the obvious, and provide penetrative, collective and broader sets of industry information.

Why Choose O2I for Professional Industry Analysis Services?

Outsource2india is one of the leading companies offering comprehensive research and analysis solutions to diverse businesses, and can help you with detailed analysis reports for any industry or business domain. It makes sense to hire a professional company for industry analysis, rather than conducting a self-analysis, because -

  • Self-analysis usually leads to extracting similar information over and over again, leaving you more confused than ever
  • Self-analysis often fails to discover new and drastic industry insights
  • Professional industry analysis may engage newer analysis methods and may give a different perspective to industry analysis
  • As a client, you are in a greater position to demand industry research and analysis on areas that remained unexplored by you if our outsource it to a vendor
  • Professional reporting can make deciphering information easy, fast and user based

O2I's Five-step Approach to Industry Analysis

At O2I, our team follows a unique methodology for industry analysis, and adheres to a 5-step approach to extract the right kind of information.

  1. Defining Objective and Scope of the Analysis

    We start by understanding your precise need to go for industry analysis. Is it for some specific reasons, or:

    • Business Expansion
    • Understanding Demand and Supply Trends
    • Competitor Performances
    • Strategizing Business Development
    • Understanding Available and Future Markets

    This is extremely important as the scope, processes, resources used, methods and technology involved will be customized based on the objectives

  2. Information Resource Gathering

    Once the process is finalized and synchronized with the objectives, the next step is to mark the resources from where information needs to be gathered. This involves:

    • KPO
    • Market Research
    • Customer Information
    • Internal Information
    • Competitor Information
    • History Analysis
    • Trend Prediction
  3. Data Cleansing

    Prerequisite to data cleansing is data collection, which is like a brainstorming session, where you gather everything available clean-up or append the areas the need further information. The key aspect of data pruning through data correction, fixing data lapses, removing unnecessary data, etc., will be done to filter the information for further analysis

  4. Analysis

    We engage specific and standard processes for data analysis, data co-relation, looking at the broader picture, checking for authenticity by checking history correctness, etc., on the filtered data. As a result our key analysis reports along with the requested information sets include:

    • Industry Rivalry and Competition Indexes
    • Industry Market Research
    • Global Industry Analysis
    • Threat of Substitutes
  5. Reporting

    Presentation is a key element as complex sets of even useful information may prove ineffective. Our data visualisation experts go back to your objectives and create the most impactful information visuals that not only make understanding of the information easier but also point at crucial leads and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Our KPO Expertise

Today KPO has grown beyond the IT vertical and is been effectively used by other industries to leverage intelligent, business-driving information. O2I is serving customers across industries and our KPO industry analysis service is offered in the following fields -

  • Training and Development
  • Industry Market Research
  • Clinical Research
  • R&D
  • Writing and Content Development
  • Technical Analysis
  • Medical Services
  • Learning Solutions
  • IP Research
  • Legal Research, and Many More

Outsource Industry Analysis to O2I

Our industry analysis experts bring the best processes, over a decade of experience, and expertise to provide diverse custom industry research reports to the table, helping your business achieve an intellectual edge over your competition. To succinctly put these are some of the reasons to choose O2I -

  • Over 18 years of experience in delivering KPO services including industry research and analysis
  • Experience in delivering industry analysis services to over 20 industry sectors
  • Leveraging the right tools, software, processes, and methods for respective industries
  • Delivering objective-specific and industry-specific impactful information
  • Extremely high success rate for businesses when using our analysed information
  • Business restructuring, industry predictions, process restructuring, identifying inefficiencies, etc., are made easy with our analysis services
  • Cost-effectiveness and faster turnaround time

Discuss your core industry analysis objectives with our specialized research team now and experience the O2I advantage. Contact us to know our services better.

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