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Outsource Trend Analysis

Get significant insights into customers and markets to guide your company's marketing, investment, and administration objectives. Gain the competitive advantage with Outsource2india's Trend Analysis methods.

"With the past, we can see trajectories into the future - both catastrophic and creative projections." - John Ralston Saul.

Importance of Trend Analysis

Data analysis including Trend Analysis is essential for a firm's competitive intelligence program. The ability to accurately gauge customers' response to changes in business and other environmental parameters is a powerful competitive advantage. Trend Analysis Methods allow business users to make analytical decisions about those business processes that maximize revenue from core customers.

With the information explosion, an incredible amount of information is available to organizations; which being raw data does not provide useful information. It is the conversion of this raw data into significant facts, relationships, trends, and patterns that could otherwise go unobserved.

This makes Trend Analysis Methods integral to running an organization's value chain and acquiring and consolidating corporate success. It allows business owners to take analytical decisions about the direction in which their business should head, how to use their resources optimally, and how to focus on business processes to maximize revenue from core customers. Outsource your Trend Analytical Services to O2I now.

What Does Trend Analysis Include?

Outsource2india's Trend Analysis helps business decision makers focus on the trends that can have an impact on their organization, and facilitate continued success of their enterprise. Trend Analysis allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. This is especially valuable, if you are conducting a long running survey and would like to measure differences in perception and responses over time. Thus Trend Analysis provides an insight into the following -

  • Changes and trends in customer needs and behavior, and shifts in the customers' perception of values
  • Trend in price change and cost drivers for the industry and/or specific segments
  • Change and evolution of the industry in terms of new entrants, and competition, threat of substitutes and relationship with buyers and suppliers
  • Upcoming business models and changing industry best practices and related emerging sectors
  • In depth analysis of long-term industry, domestic and global economic cycles and trends

Our Trend Analysis solutions include the following -

  1. Market Basket Analysis - It is a data mining technique that provides insight into the services and product purchasing trends and patterns
  2. Market Segmentation - It aims at analyzing common characteristics of a consumer base
  3. Customer Churn - Identifying consumers, who are most likely to discontinue your service or product, or switch to another company
  4. Fraud Detection - Predetermining those transactions that are most likely to be fraudulent, taking into account previous trend analysis
  5. Direct and Interactive (web-based) Marketing - predicting in advance the products or services a person is most likely to use based on past and present trends

What are the Benefits of Trend Analysis?

The ability to accurately gauge customers' responses, to changes in business and other environmental parameters is a powerful competitive advantage. Furthermore, O2I's Trend Analysis includes the process of studying data to gain insights into long-term trends such as failure patterns that can be applied to incident and problem management, as well as capacity management.

Internal and external users can also apply Trend Analysis to determine weaknesses and strengths. While internal users can use Trend Analysis to enhance administration efficiency of the company, external users can form valuation models of the company based on how well the company is managed.

Let's have a look at other Trend Analysis advantages -

  1. Detailed Trend Analysis helps in predicting the threat from new entrants, and allows management in developing competitive strategies to upheld their industry position and leadership
  2. It provides security of strategic investments and protection of assets
  3. It facilitates crucial decisions on mergers and acquisitions, and in developing alliances and partner relationships
  4. Trend Analysis data can be further used for various cost/benefit analyses. Also, it can be extremely valuable as an early warning indicator of probable issues with the product line and service level changes
  5. Trend Analysis allows businesses to safeguard against costly errors in relationship management and strategic positioning, by viewing strategies from a long-term perspective with respect to effective asset and investment deployment

O2I can facilitate your Trend Analysis Needs

O2I has the required bandwidth and state-of-the-art facilities to allow creation of scalable databases, enabling Trend Analysis and Pattern Detection while staying within the ambit of security and web-enabled framework security requirements.

We have recruited software engineers, technical analysts, data entry operators and statisticians with doctoral degrees and extensive industry experience, who contribute to our accurate data analytical services. The overall cohesiveness and high talent level of our team makes them work as a dedicated unit thus allowing effective communication within our organization.

Feel free to contact Outsource2india for any of your research and analysis outsourcing requirements.

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