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Outsource2india Created Patient Data Dashboard for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Case Study on Patient Dashboard Creation for a Pharmaceutical Firm

The Client

Based out of Hong Kong, with offices in Indiana, USA, the client is a global research-based pharmaceutical leader with a history of over 140 years of quality experience. The client strives to bring life-changing medicines to patients and to improve understanding of the diseases to manage epidemics better. With over one third of its employees actively involved in research and development, the client is known for creating high-quality medicines that work towards better health management. The client's research and development labs are located in 6 major countries and their products are sold across 120 countries with manufacturing firms located in 13 countries. The client's R&D team carries out research on patients from over 55 countries, and they were looking for support to develop a patient data dashboard to improve medicine compliance and management.

Requirement & Challenges

Considering the extensive research and development work carried out by the client, they needed an equally strong research partner to help them prepare an exhaustive dashboard for patient data analysis. This dashboard required refresh function so that any data populated on excel or Google spreadsheets would automatically reflect on the charts and graphs for better presentation as well as understanding. It also needed to cover patient compliance, demography, number of calls made by the nurse to the new patients every month to reflect in the dashboard to help healthcare scientists analyze better. The challenges included gathering information and ensuring all the compliances were met.

Our Solution

The research experts at Outsource2india initiated requirement gathering by putting forth the right questions to the client to ensure the sample met each one of those requirements without any hassle. As there were various factors to be considered like the minimum period of treatment, the response to calls, the number of hospitals, and locations that were preferred as well as the sector to which the patients belonged. The collected data was overwhelming for the client and our experts were able to filter and organize the data. To help the client, we created easy to comprehend charts and graphs using excel as per client instruction.

The final dashboard provided ample inputs for better health management and to bring in a change. Outsource2india with its decade-long experience in pharmaceutical research was able to satisfy the client.

Outsource2india's Advantage

Outsoruce2india has the capability to handle a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical research requirements to meet precise informational goals as well as provide support for numerous research activities on data analysis or management. With a right process, skilled resources and topnotch infrastructure in place, we handle data to help pharmaceutical companies improve and enhance operations and eventually earn higher profits.

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