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Enterprise Software Solutions

Outsource Enterprise Software Solution

Large-scale enterprise solutions are a complex amalgamation of business expectations and department needs. Contact us to harmonize the intricacies of disparate business units into a coherent technical symphony!

Running a grand-scale business requires skillful orchestration between departments, resource processes, workflows, analytics, and AI/ML automation. Off-the-shelf solutions do not commit to a well-structured software experience, leading to limitations in customization and adaptability. As your business crescendos, the boxed solutions you rely on struggle to keep up with the tempo. You end up shelling on features, functionalities, and add-ons with limited returns. With time you may also face additional discords like limited competitive edge, security concerns, and performance bottlenecks associated with business expansion.

Do not settle for an uninspired business outcome; take control with custom enterprise software solutions comprising RPA, AR, hybrid cloud strategies, AI-powered predictive analysis, IoT integrated asset tracking, and more. As maestros in this segment, we engineer avant-garde solutions for swift deployment, seamless data migration, and fortified security. We diligently adhere to data protection laws (GDPR, CCPA), industry-specific regulations (HIPAA, SOX), and cybersecurity standards (ISO 27001). Witness up to 60% reduction in overheads with our industry-specific solutions. Take a virtuoso's approach to business transformation; talk to our business heads today for a robust enterprise software solution that can elevate your operational efficiency!

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Our Custom Enterprise Software Solutions

Leverage our software solutions to enhance global accessibility, data security, and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. Reduce upfront infrastructure costs, get access to advanced technologies, and scale up or down based on business needs -

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

    Our highly customizable ERP systems come with easy app integrations, multi-device capabilities, cloud-based hosting options, simplified user governance, and enterprise-grade security. Leverage our services to elevate efficiency, empower decision-making, and enhance collaboration. Benefit from streamlined processes, data-driven insights, and improved resource allocation.

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

    Customer Relationship Management Systems

    Sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently with our CRM systems. Empower your customers to find their own answers with efficient self-service, transform your contact center into an omnichannel engagement center, boost front-line workforce productivity, and improve customer satisfaction with chatbots and service automation!

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Create a data-driven business culture with our BI & Analytics solutions for large corporates. Generate datasets from any data source, turn raw data into engaging visuals with industry-leading tools, and convert actionable insights into strategic business decisions with our certified experts!

  • Project Management Software

    Project Management Software

    Visualize project timelines and dependencies to plan and manage tasks effectively with our solutions; monitor project progress, identify bottlenecks, and adjust in real time. Our offerings seamlessly integrate with other tools such as calendars, email, and communication apps. With us, you also benefit from features like task managers, easy file shares, data charts, document sharing, time tracking, and more.

  • Cybersecurity Solutions

    Cybersecurity Solutions

    Come, explore a comprehensive range of security solutions, combined with AI and automation features, designed to empower quicker responses in an increasingly fast-paced threat landscape. Use features like the attacker's POV to know your attack surface and prioritize risk exposure; accelerate your response and protect data across the hybrid cloud.

  • Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    We provide grand-scale enterprises with the agility to adapt to changing market dynamics, optimize operations, and accelerate innovation. Our offerings include IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services, hybrid cloud solutions, multi-cloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in, data storage and management, and IoT integrations.

  • AI & ML Software Solutions

    AI & ML Software Solutions

    We help our healthcare clients with diagnosis and treatment, drug discovery, and predictive analytics. Our clients in the finance sector partner with us to augment risk assessments and algorithmic trading. And our manufacturing and retail clients rely on us for predictive maintenance, supply chain optimizations, inventory management, and price optimization.

Our Enterprise Software Development Process Flow

Our streamlined processes ensure refined solutions, achieved through tech-savvy development and rigorous testing, followed by seamless deployments. From conceptualization to implementation, our process flow comprises the 8 key steps -


01. Discovery & Documentation

We document key business processes and evaluate the risk factors due to the introduction of the new system. We offer enterprise consulting solutions as and when required


02. Software Planning & Design

Our experts draw up technical and functional software requirements; they develop the architectural style and dig deep into the design details


03. UX/UI Incorporation

We collaborate with business analysts on UX research to understand the TG. We identify digital touchpoints, create design wireframes and graphic interface mockups and conduct prototype testing


04. Back-end & Front-end Development

We review features, functionalities, performance, security measures, and integration requirements. We conduct parallel testing to identify and resolve glitches


05. Data Conversion & Uploading

Our team inspects the legacy data to be migrated. We extract, transform, and load the legacy data and conduct ETL testing to ensure data stays complete


06. Deployment & Integration

We carry out trial implementations and offer comprehensive technical support to ensure smooth adaptability. Based on our success, we conduct full-scale deployments


07. Regulatory Compliance Assessment

We verify and validate that our software development life cycle meets all essential requirements of a standard or a regulation


08. Maintenance & Support

We offer ongoing maintenance support to install updates, fix periodic glitches, and minimize downtimes

Tech Stack We Leverage


AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Digital Ocean Rackspace


Microsoft .NET Java Python NodeJS PHP Go HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Angular ReactJS Meteor VueJS Ember NextJS


iOS Android Studio Xamarin Cordova PWA React Native Flutter Ionic


C++ QT C# Microsoft WPF Objective-C Python Swift


Microsoft Power Flatform Salesforce Magento Sharepoint ServiceNow SAP


Docker Kubernetes Openshift Apache Mesos Puppet Chef Saltstack Terraform Packer AWS Developer Tools Azure Devops Google Developer Tools gitlab-ci-cd Jenkins Teamcity Zabbix Nagios Elastic Search Prometheus Grafana Datadog

Databases/Data Storages

Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Azure SQL Database Oracle PostgreSQL Cassandra Hive Apache HBase Apache Nifi MongoDB

Cloud databases /Data Storages

Amazon RDS Amazon Redshift Amazon S3 Amazon DocumentDB Amazon DynamoDB AWS Elasticache Azure SQL Database Azure Blob Storage Azure Cosmos DB Google Cloud SQL Google CLoud Datastore

Emerging Technologies for Enterprises

  • Big Data

    We enable the smooth operation of data-rich systems and efficient big data processing with our scalable solutions.

  • AI

    Harness the power of AI-powered software solutions to automate processes, gain data-driven insights, and make informed decisions.

  • Data Science

    Identify new growth opportunities with business software powered by advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

  • IoT

    Leverage our IoT solutions to connect and control devices, collect valuable data, and drive automation.

  • Computer Vision

    Explore the potential of computer vision applications in healthcare, retail, security, and more with our tech-savvy solutions that recognize patterns and classify objects.

  • Augmented Reality

    Our AR solutions create immersive customer experiences by bridging the gap between the physical and the virtual realms with cutting-edge technology.

  • Virtual Reality

    Efficiently create virtual environments for simulation, optimize employee training, and showcase virtual products with our solutions.

  • Blockchain

    Create decentralized software with full traceability and data security for efficient data storage, transactions, and smart contracts.

Enterprise Solutions for Industries

  1. Healthcare

    Enhance patient care through AI-powered diagnostics, treatment planning, and remote monitoring with enterprise application services.

  2. Manufacturing

    IT solutions that can optimize production efficiency with predictive maintenance, supply chain analytics, and quality assurance.

  3. Banking

    Custom enterprise software to empower seamless financial transactions and risk management with advanced AI algorithms and secure technologies.

  4. Lending

    At scale automation solutions to streamline lending processes, credit assessments, digital documentation, and real-time customer support.

  5. Wealth Management

    Deep learning powered solutions to provide comprehensive financial insights and investment strategies customized to individual goals and risk profiles.

  6. Insurance

    Transform insurance operations with cognitive automation solutions for claims processing, fraud detection, and customer engagement.

  7. Retail & Ecommerce

    Dynamic CRM software with advanced analytics to deliver next-gen customer experiences with personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and demand forecasting.

  8. Transportation & Logistics

    Enterprise-grade solutions layered with predictive analytics to efficiently manage supply chains and logistics networks with real-time tracking and route optimization.

  9. Oil & Gas

    Enhance operational efficiency and safety through IoT-enabled asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven insights.

  10. Telecommunication

    Deliver enhanced connectivity and customer experiences with 5G networks, AI-driven customer support, and data analytics.

  11. Education

    Our enterprise application solutions with advanced AI and ML technologies facilitate personalized learning paths, student engagement, administrative efficiency, and more.

Additional Services We Offer

Application Development Services

Customized software solutions developed through agile methodologies, ensuring operational efficiency, user-centric experiences, scalability, and innovation.

Mobile Application Development Services

User-friendly, cross-platform mobile apps with intuitive designs, expanding reach, and enhanced engagement.

Cloud Consulting Services

Guided cloud adoption and optimization with certified experts, cost-effective solutions, quick scalability, and enhanced data security.

Empower Your Business with Our Customized Enterprise Solutions

Choose us as your partner in transformation and experience the difference that our tailored, robust, and forward-looking solutions can make for your grand-scale business processes.

  • Simplified User Experience

    We recognize that enterprise software can be intricate. Our solutions are designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even the most sophisticated features are easily comprehensible and manageable. We prioritize an intuitive interface to minimize the need for extensive training.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating diverse software systems with our enterprise solutions. We tackle interoperability challenges head-on, ensuring that your existing systems work harmoniously with our solutions, fostering efficiency across your operations.

  • Customized Solutions

    We know that no two businesses are alike. Our solutions boast extensive capabilities while offering customization to resolve specific business issues. This flexibility ensures that your enterprise software aligns with your unique requirements.

  • Transparent Pricing Modules

    Recognizing the financial considerations, our solutions are crafted to ensure transparency and offer a clear and compelling return on investment.

  • On-time Updates and Support

    We ensure seamless technical updates to increase enterprise product robustness and security. Our support encompasses bug fixes and patches, security enhancements, compatibility updates, new feature addition, and more.

  • Fortified Data Security

    Security is paramount in today's landscape. We implement robust security features to safeguard your sensitive data, mitigating the risks associated with data breaches and ensuring your peace of mind.

  • User-Centric Transition

    We understand the challenges of user resistance to change. Our solutions are designed with a user-centric approach, minimizing disruption and accelerating software adoption among your employees.

  • Unwavering Customer Support

    Your success is our priority. We offer comprehensive customer support, ensuring you receive the assistance you need to troubleshoot issues and fully understand the system's functionalities.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Develops a Video Editing App for Android & iPhone for Editing and Merging Videos

We were contacted to develop a custom video editing app for Android and iPhone. They requested the app to be equipped with a range of editing tools for adding effects, filters, adjusting the volume, etc.

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O2I Developed JukeBaux Music App to Download Songs from Popular Music Cloud Services Like Apple Music & Spotify

O2I Develops Music App Called JukeBaux to Download Songs from Music Cloud Services Such as Apple Music & Spotify

Outsource2india delivered high-performing music app development services to create a music streaming app.

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We've been trying to put together a functional website since I began my practice in April of 2012. I am happy to say we finally hired the team at Outsource2india, and they've worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I highly recommend their service!

CMO, Leading Medical Care Company in Seattle, WA More Testimonials »

Outsource Enterprise Software Solutions to Us

We offer future-proof enterprise solutions to clients across industries and time zones. In the retail sector, our solutions encompass ERP for inventory, supply chain, and product management; CRM for customer data and loyalty programs; AI/ML for customer behavior analysis and BI for sales performance and marketing effectiveness.

For our clients in manufacturing, we offer proactive software solutions for equipment and compliance tracking, customer engagement, predictive maintenance, and production efficiency. In healthcare, our offerings encompass business goals like streamlined patient records, efficient appointment scheduling, AI-powered diagnosis support, and business intelligence reports for enhanced operational efficiency. Similarly, we tailor solutions for education, BFSI, real estate, logistics, and hospitality, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences across each industry.

Contact us now for custom enterprise software solutions that prioritize scalability and evolve alongside your business needs!

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