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Odoo Development Services

Outsource Odoo Development Services

Get the most out of your Odoo software implementation and improve efficiency and productivity across your organization at prices starting at $20/hour

Odoo is the acronym for an intuitive dashboard called “on-demand open object.” The dashboard stores a range of business applications and modules, for sales management, HRMS, CRM, e-commerce, accounting, and warehouse management. While implementing Odoo can be a big advantage for any organization, it at the same time can be a very daunting proposition for a business because it entails multiple considerations and checklists. However, partnering with the right Odoo partner can make the going a lot easy.

We at Outsource2india have over 2 decades of experience in software implementation and management. We have a team of Odoo consultants to help you get the most out of the software to improve efficiency across your company. As a premier Odoo development company, we have helped our clients from a range of industries identify proper requirements in a new Odoo ERP system, restructure key business processes to align it with Odoo requirements, migrate data from old to new systems, provide functional training to users, and identify the right costs for ERP implementation.

Our Comprehensive Odoo Development Services

As a reputed Odoo Development Services Providing Company our Odoo development services are comprehensive and includes the following -

  1. Odoo Website Development

    Odoo Website Development

    We have developed Odoo websites for different business verticals with great success. We make use of professional Odoo website templates to design websites that are highly customizable and have rich graphics and smart features. Our multi-language Odoo websites have assisted our clients to attract new visitors efficiently and edit online with ease.

  2. Odoo Store Development

    Odoo Store Development

    We have wide experience in developing Odoo e-commerce stores for different e-commerce ventures. We take care to align your Odoo ERP with the e-commerce store for a fully optimized solution. We have developed Odoo sites with attractive interfaces to meet the business-specific objective of increased user engagement.

  3. Odoo App Development

    Odoo App Development

    To enhance the utility of your Odoo store, we have developed highly usable Odoo apps with additional and specific features to meet your exact business requirements. We have developed apps for e-commerce integration, payment gateway integration, and shipping and delivery management besides specific apps for inventory, manufacturing, accounting, HR, and more.

  4. Odoo Theme Development

    Odoo Theme Development

    Another aspect of our Odoo specialization is Odoo theme development. As a trusted Odoo development company, we have developed some bestselling themes. A specialty of our theme building service is to match your business personality. We have delivered our theme development services for diverse industries such as fashion, e-commerce, and even service-based organizations.

  5. Odoo Implementation

    Odoo Implementation

    Our Odoo Implementation service is designed to assist you to overcome the hurdles of implementing Odoo successfully. We have a process-driven approach that takes important aspects such as project analysis, project planning and deployment, and end-user training into consideration. Our Odoo implementation services have helped our clients transform business operations and redefine scalability and flexibility.

  6. Odoo Module Development

    Odoo Module Development

    We develop new business modules to add features to extend the store functionality of fast-growing businesses. We specialize in creating and installing new add-on modules, organizing the add-on module file structure, and adding models. Our module development methodology strictly follows the Odoo conventions on the module structure.

  7. Odoo Customization

    Odoo Customization

    Our customization services are designed to get the best out of your Odoo website. We provide a personalized experience that focuses on your requirements and ideas. Irrespective of the fully functional package of Odoo, there will always be some "extra" requirements by clients. We carry out a thorough analysis of your requirement on the additional needs and customize Odoo functionality and themes for fulfilling your needs.

  8. Odoo Integration

    Odoo Integration

    Our experts integrate Odoo with accounting CRM and other software. We ensure this is accomplished in a seamless manner keeping your data secure and working without any glitches. We also specialize in real-time business process integration with full workflow-based process orchestration and pre-packed template support. All this is done with a great amount of time savings.

  9. Odoo Migration

    Odoo Migration

    The Odoo platform keeps evolving, optimizing itself in terms of inventory and stock management. This makes migration from one version of Odoo to another necessary. Our migration services include upgrading to new versions of Odoo, moving from a different platform to Odoo, server migration without changing the version, etc. We specialize both in the static and dynamic migration of Odoo. We guarantee a seamless migration because we migrate only after considering different parameters for migrating.

  10. Odoo Support

    Odoo Support

    Odoo maintenance and support is an integral part of our services. Our support team consists of both a technical support force and functional consultants to cater to all problems you wish to be addressed. Besides, we also assist you to identify different kinds of technical issues that you face with Odoo and guide you with proper solutions. Our experienced team will assist you via customizing, bug fixing, guiding documenting, and other associated supports. We offer our clients a dedicated support team who stay up to date with your development progress at all times.

  11. Odoo Consultation

    Odoo Consultation

    Our Odoo consulting services are designed to support clients during all stages of the migration, implementation, and running of the Odoo application. Our services can be leveraged to define the exact needs concerning Odoo, configure and integrate existing applications with Odoo, migrate to Odoo, user training consultation, and consulting services for support and maintenance. All our consultants are experienced in Odoo solutions and have assisted clients from all domains to improve productivity.

  12. Odoo Training

    Odoo Training

    We provide Odoo training to client teams and ensure that in the end, the team has the best understanding of Odoo frameworks and modules both technically and functionally. Our team of Odoo experts and professional Odoo developers will train you about the nuts and bolts of the software, as per your flexibility. We provide a wide range of training programs as per your need including end-to-end practical training on live projects.

Our Odoo Development Process

As a reputed Odoo development service provider, we follow a step by step process to address your Odoo development needs. The steps include -


01. Requirement Analysis and Planning

We strive to help you make the most out of your software. To do that, we need to know more about your organizational needs. Therefore, Our Odoo consulting services begin with sitting with your team to learn more about your business methodologies, process, and needs. This information helps us in figuring out how Odoo can be customized exactly to your business needs and assist you to attain your goals


02. Odoo Development Strategy

Once we acquire a complete idea of how your organization works and your business objectives, our Odoo consultants tailor a customized strategy for your business. Our knowledge of all the available Odoo modules helps us get an instinctive understanding of which Odoo module will work best for your business. We pick the modules based on their functionality and limitations and ensure it aligns with your business objectives. It is at this stage that we also determine a plan to migrate and integrate data from existing systems to Odoo


03. Odoo Customization

After identifying the best modules for your business and migrating your existing data to Odoo, our Odoo consultants begin the process of customizing your Odoo dashboard. This step covers module development along with required customization, such as identity adaptation, process extension, interface design, additional feature inclusion, etc. to meet your business's needs


04. Odoo Implementation

Irrespective of the size of your organization and it's specific needs, rolling out and integrating a new software like Odoo takes considerable planning and effort. At this stage, our Odoo consultants use established methodologies to implement your Odoo ERP system seamlessly across departments. We take care of all the technical aspects of implementing and integrating Odoo


05. Odoo Training and Support

This is the final step of our Odoo implementation process. Our Odoo consultants train your team on how to handle Odoo and continue to provide support as long as you need it. We make ourselves available 24/7 to ensure you do not have to wait for your needs to be addressed

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Odoo Development Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing Odoo development services provide our clients with a range of benefits. These include -

  • Qualified Odoo Developers and Consultants

    We offer our clients consultants with great technical, functional, and communication skills. They come with knowledge of fields like sales, accounting, inventory, CRM, purchase, e-commerce, HR, etc. which is why they can help you define your business needs exactly and improve your overall business process.

  • Boost Sales

    We have vast experience in assisting our clients to boost sales through Odoo POS, Odoo CRM, and Odoo sales implementation. We assist you to improve the hierarchical management of your sales orders by auto-generating quotations, invoices, and sales reports with the Odoo sales module.

  • Flexible Solution

    We help you leverage Odoo to deliver a robust and versatile solution for your business. We ensure this with flexible and extensible customization and implementation services. Our managerial solutions with Odoo has helped our clients manage and scale their business processes efficiently.

  • Ensure Faster Performance

    Using Odoo for several years can lead to the creation of a very large database. This can slow down data performance. We specialize in optimizing the business process inside Odoo by using various techniques and tools such as performance testing with Jmeter with selenium or checking execution of time with Odoo's Profiler python package.

  • Clean Code

    To ensure the smooth functioning of Odoo in the future, we create clean code. This ensures that there are no performance issues when your business grows, and even if they crop up you know how to solve them. We train your users on how to profile your code, detect issues, read the results, and even automate tests.

  • Best ROI

    For us, ROI is the key proposition to create solutions for your businesses. We integrate Odoo ERP after customizing it for specific processes. In the process, we assist organizations to get long-term results by adapting to changes that would help them sustain themselves in a dynamic and competitive business circle.

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I am happy to say that O2I has worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on target and budget. I highly recommend their service!

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Outsource Odoo Development Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has expertise in Odoo custom module development since its release in 2005 and has been assisting companies with their ERP and CRM projects with great success. We have experience in developing Odoo solutions for diverse companies cutting across industry verticals including sales, warehousing, accounting, human resources, e-commerce, HR, and more. At a time when business owners find it challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving platform, we configure Odoo based on company needs and make additional enhancements to meet the changes. We also train users and follow-up with our clients with strong and responsive customer support. Our qualified Odoo consultants understand what it takes to improve the productivity of businesses and can give you a perfect solution for your evolving needs.

If you are looking for professional and reliable Odoo development services in India get in touch with our experts now!

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