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SAP Testing Services

Outsource SAP Testing Services

Reduce the risk of performance issues and deployment errors and enhance the productivity of your SAP implementation at prices starting from only $20/hour

Organizations that implement SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) do so to manage complex business operations and to help them adapt to new market challenges. SAP ERP has been gaining huge importance in recent times as it helps organizations to improve business workflows. SAP is an ERP system that integrates all the different modules in an organization.

SAP testing is performed to test the functionality of these different modules and to ensure that their performance is according to expectations. SAP systems usually have to deal with many changes, including patch management and fixes and new module implementations. All these changes call for effective testing to ensure that all modules perform according to the configuration. Our SAP experts help organizations realize the full potential of their SAP investments and mitigate the risks by incorporating a trusted test approach.

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Testing Services
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Our Complete Range of SAP Testing Services

We are a leading SAP testing service providing company and provide a complete range of SAP testing service, including -

  1. End-to-end Testing Services

    End-to-end Testing Services

    Our end-to-end testing services combine both manual and automated testing, and significantly mitigate the risk of errors and defects in your SAP system, right through the planning and implementation stages through to the deployment stage. We devise detailed test cases and methodologies for every deployment, execution phase, and modules of SAP to ensure that the entire system delivers you the desired productivity goals.

  2. Functional Testing Services

    Functional Testing Services

    With frequent changes and updates, to various functional units of SAP, our quick functional and regression testing will ensure that all the functional units deliver the desired output. We also ensure that the whole process does not cause any stoppages or breaks in the application.

  3. Performance Testing Services

    Performance Testing Services

    Our performance testing will not only analyze the performance of your SAP deployment at peak loads but also help you with fine-tuning the SAP technology stacks including your host platform, network infrastructure, database, software components, module interactions, etc. so that peak performance of your SAP system escalates.

  4. Test Automation Services

    Test Automation Services

    With manual testing dominating the scene during the entire SAP deployment stage, it becomes more important to enable SAP automation testing wherever possible. With our expertise spanning the entire SAP setup phases, we clearly understand when to implement test automation and the right areas where both manual, as well as automation testing, can work in tandem to get the desired results. This drastically improves the performance and minimizes the implementation time.

  5. Test Frameworks Services

    Test Frameworks Services

    With our profound expertise in testing SAP deployments, we can give you a complete testing framework that is flexible and robust to accommodate any changes based on your specific needs. This framework does not stick to status quo manual testing procedures and gives you customized testing procedures, tools, schedules, analysis, reporting systems, etc.

  6. Test Optimization Services

    Test Optimization Services

    Most test systems and procedures are just designed to meet the basic testing needs, they ignore max performance and max risk mitigation capabilities of the procedure. This is where our test optimization services come into the picture, and fine-tunes your existing system through testing integration, combining procedures, increasing testing efficiency, prioritizing, etc., to ensure that your whole testing infrastructure runs optimally.

  7. Customized Testing Services

    Customized Testing Services

    If you just want to get some critical units like SAP FICO or even a sub-module comprehensively tested or if you are on a budget or are planning to achieve phase-wise testing comprehensiveness, then our customized testing can quickly deliver the desired results for you.

  8. Unit Testing Services

    Unit Testing Services

    We use unit testing to test the functionality of SAP systems and their various components. Domain and configuration experts who understand the functionality of each unit in the system are the ones who do this work.

  9. System Testing Services

    System Testing Services

    In this, we integrate elements of the SAP system to ensure that the related SAP functionality is linked in the development environment.

  10. Scenario-based Testing Services

    Scenario-based Testing Services

    We perform scenario testing as per specific business cases.

  11. Integration Testing Services

    Integration Testing Services

    Here, testing data comes from real data extraction sources. The data is known to business end-users. Integration testing is mainly used to show that the SAP business process runs using real-world data. In addition, the testing will show whether the interface triggers, reports, and workflows are working.

  12. SAP Interface Testing Services

    SAP Interface Testing Services

    Interface testing is performed to ensure that a process on a SAP system runs automatically, that the events are triggered, and that the results are transferred to the receiver system. With interface testing, execution on the sending system is followed by automatic creation of the interface output, following which the receiving system uses that file and demonstrates that a business process continues at the receiver.

    Ideally, interface testing should involve larger testing activities as the project develops. Interface testing demonstrates that triggering works, that the data selection is accurate and complete, that the data transfer is successful, and that the receiver can consume the sent data.

  13. SAP User Acceptance Testing Services

    SAP User Acceptance Testing Services

    SAP UAT or User Acceptance Testing is done to ensure that end-users can perform their assigned functions with the new system. Here, it is important to understand the business requirement and make sure that the expected features, capabilities, and functions are available.

  14. SAP System Performance Testing Services

    SAP System Performance Testing Services

    With performance testing, the following aspects are checked for whether -

    • The system response time is acceptable
    • The periodic processes are running within a permissible time
    • The anticipated user load can be supported

    With performance testing, blocks and coding inefficiencies can be identified in the SAP system. It is usually unlikely that the performance of the system is optimum.

  15. SAP Load Testing Services

    SAP Load Testing Services

    Here, the tester applies the maximum load on the system, either through online users or through periodic batch processing, and determines whether the system is capable of handling the load. If not, the steps needed to improve performance are determined.

  16. SAP Security and Authorizations Testing Services

    SAP Security and Authorizations Testing Services

    Here, we ensure that users are only able to accomplish transactions and access the appropriate data that is relevant to their project.

    Similar to the implementation of security standards, this testing is really important to determine if security and authorization are working in a system.

  17. SAP Cutover Testing Services

    SAP Cutover Testing Services

    Cutover testing is generally performed only once in a project lifecycle. Here a full-scale execution is performed of all the tasks involved in extracting data from legacy systems. Subsequently, to perform any type of data conversion, the results are loaded into the SAP system and the results are fully validated, including a user sign-off.

  18. SAP Regression Testing Services

    SAP Regression Testing Services

    This is used to find new functionalities and to test prior functionalities in a SAP system either when it is upgraded or when a new system is set up. The most important purpose of regression testing is to test and confirm the existing functionality as well as the newly updated codebase.

    When a SAP system is upgraded or a patch is applied, it shouldn’t affect the functionality expected to be accomplished by the users. Furthermore, it should not affect any of the new features introduced in a new release.

  19. SAP Consulting Services

    SAP Consulting Services

    We provided end-to-end SAP consulting services including -

    • Test Recommendations

      We can analyze your entire SAP requirements and give you a complete end-to-end test recommendation, which includes an exhaustive list of do's and don'ts to develop a testing ecosystem. We give you the complete plan, execution paths, tools required, nature of testing to be done, schedules, report generation, and analysis procedures, etc., as part of our SAP consulting service.

Testing Tools We Leverage

Our vast technical expertise in handling SAP testing and consulting on a large scale has enabled our team to fully utilize the capacity of every testing tool used for SAP and other ERP software. We leverage these tools based on the precise needs, to get optimum results. Some of the tools that we use are:

White Box Testing
Black-Box Testing
White Box Testing
  • Dev Partner Studio
  • Dev Partner for Java
  • JUnit, NUnit
Black-Box Testing
  • QTP - HPMI
  • Selenium - Open Source
  • JMeter - Apache Friends
  • RFT - IBM Rational
  • Rational Robot - IBM Rational
  • LoadRunner - HPMI
  • OpenSTA - Open Source
Test Management
Defect Tracking/Issue Management
Test Management
  • Test Director
  • Quality Centre
  • Digite' ALM
  • Mantis
Defect Tracking/Issue Managemen
  • Jira
  • Bugzilla - Open Source

Additional Testing Tools We Use

Ranorex Studio WORKSOFT RightData Testimony MICRO FOCUS eCATT SAP TAO TRICENTIS Tosca MICRO FOCUS Silk Test TestComplete

Need for SAP Testing

  • SAP applications are critical for many businesses globally. They have a high dependence on SAP applications and there is an increasingly larger number of business users.
  • With periodic enhancements and upgrades to the SAP system, testing is required to minimize the business risk. In addition, the introduction of new functionality in SAP applications requires thorough testing.
  • Business processes need to be integrated across as well as beyond organizational boundaries.
  • SAP applications need to be integrated with legacy or third-party systems.
  • There is a need for improved ROI on IT deliverables.
  • There is an increasingly greater need for traceability, compliance, and responsiveness.
  • Competitive pressures.
  • Customer dynamics.

Key Benefits of SAP Testing

There are many benefits to performing SAP testing. Some of the main benefits are -

  1. System Validation

    With SAP testing, you get end-to-end testing and validation of all the SAP modules in the ERP environment.

  2. Quality and Revenue

    The output-based SAP testing method is unlike conventional testing methods that are input-based. This helps with increasing revenue and decreasing the cost of the organization.

  3. Cost and Predictability

    With SAP testing, you can reduce the SAP development costs and improve predictability.

  4. Compliance

    SAP testing can help you make sure that your SAP implementation meets all the new compliance requirements and that all the SAP modules are working according to the expected configuration.

  5. Configuration Changes

    When different changes are implemented in the SAP system, SAP testing can help ensure that all the modules are working correctly.

  6. Integration

    SAP testing can be used to check the level of system integration among different modules.

  7. Performance

    SAP testing can also be used to check that the SAP system is performing optimally and that all service level agreements are being adhered to.

Our SAP Testing Process

Our SAP testing process usually has the three following steps -


01. SAP Test Planning

Our SAP test planning step has the following 3 steps and is performed in the initial phase. The steps are -

  • Requirement gathering and understanding what needs to be tested. In this step, we also gather functional requirements for testing the application and system.
  • We develop a test-case for both manual and automation testing. For automation testing, we use a number of different tools to create test-cases.
  • Test case review.

02. SAP Test System Setup

In this step, we set up the test environment for running the test-cases. We also define the key metrics on which we will report.


03. SAP Test Execution and Evaluation

Here, we execute the test-cases and make a note of the output. We also perform the following activities -

  • Handling and reporting of defects.
  • Assessing the test plans.
  • Documenting all defects and comparing the results with key metrics.

Why Opt for Specialized SAP Testing Services from O2I?

We have a deep understanding of our clients’ business challenges and testing requirements. This coupled with our broad experience in SAP testing allows us to provide exceptional SAP testing solutions.

We provide ready to test scenarios that can be deployed in your SAP environment with little or no modifications. We have developed in-house automation solutions that can help with SAP testing.

In addition to the above, outsourcing SAP testing services to us makes sense for a host of other reasons including -

  • Resource Optimization and Cost Cutting

    Outsourcing SAP testing to a specialized vendor like O2I will help you cut down costs by restricting the services of your in-house test engineers to handling critical core jobs. Also, this will allow your existing team to focus more on functional aspects of SAP which increases the productivity of the deployment.

  • Expertise

    We have the experience and expertise to deliver high-quality testing solutions. We have worked with numerous clients and are the go-to partner when it comes to SAP performance testing.

  • Quality

    As a leading SAP testing services company, we will always provide extremely high-quality SAP application testing services.

  • Team

    We are a top SAP testing service provider and our team has substantial experience and expertise in using the latest SAP testing tools.

  • Frequent Changes and Updates

    Due to the frequent software updates and rollouts, we provide SAP testing at regular intervals. This is important due to two reasons: one, old test cases or scripts may not suffice for the updated versions; and two, to ensure that the changes do not affect the functional capabilities and execution speed of the software.

  • Integration Issues with Existing Systems

    At times, SAP systems are integrated with the native system to ensure faster execution time and reduce the deployment overheads of other modules. However, this is prone to defects and errors, mandating a detailed testing procedure to ensure overall stability and execution ease. As a leading provider of SAP automation testing, we provide comprehensive testing to ensure optimum integration.

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