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Media and Entertainment Software Development Services

Outsource Media and Entertainment Software Development Services

We can bring the best development expertise to the table for creating a responsive & user-friendly media & entertainment software

The need for high-performance media and entertainment software is growing, as every industry is being tech-enabled for better business performance. The entertainment software industry is no exception to this change and is eligible to receive an upgrade in every vertical ranging from application development and content management to CRM to build a new audience and improve relations with the existing ones.

Using an armada of smart technology and latest development practices we, at Outsource2india, break barriers that isolate businesses from their potential customers. Our product support and innovative software development principles are a combination of developmental readiness, expertise, and choice of model that is best adapted for media and entertainment industry. We are among a few early adaptors of game-changing technologies that can transform your business strategy.

Media & Entertainment Software Development Services We Offer

Outsource2india has maintained an impeccable reputation that is earned by helping many businesses like yours to become successful with purpose-built software. The range of software solutions we offer are as follows -

  1. Content Management System (CMS)

    CMS is the pillar of almost every media business that is involved in publishing, broadcasting, and video production. O2I is a leader among world’s largest content aggregators. We have gained tremendous experience by collaborating with hundreds of content creators to optimize content management system powered by machine learning algorithms. We have earned the stripes for becoming a specialized media and entertainment software development company that takes the best measures in building a multi-channel CMS with automated and predictive features for handling digital subscription and personal data with care and precision.

  2. Web and Mobile Application Development

    At O2I, we focus on hybrid and native app development principles to build websites and applications that render well on users’ existing devices without demanding unreasonable hardware changes. Our UI/UX design coupled with a responsive website design solution can enhance your digital footprint across the competitive media and entertainment arena. In addition, the skill we possess in SEM and SEO analytics will strengthen your business by giving you an extra advantage. You can outsource media and entertainment software development to explore our offerings.

  3. Digital Asset and Data Management

    We are the experts you can trust to develop heavily customized digital asset management software bundles that are exclusively made for websites, desktops, and mobile devices. We accessorize your digital asset and data management system with multimedia support that makes it versatile. Our streamlined approach helps you to efficiently manage metadata, archive & retrieve data, run data visualization, and get comprehensive technical support from subject matter experts.

  4. Big Data Analytics

    If your business involves creation and distribution of media, big data analytics will help you navigate your way through competitive markets. By studying behavioral data and consumer preferences, you can actuate the performance of your content campaigns by customizing with precision. Our solution will enable you to get the best recommendations based on detailed analysis and data visualization.

  5. Future-ready Technology Solutions

    We are an outsourcing company that has perfected the use of technology to make businesses future-ready. Our motivated team can prepare your business to face the next wave of change through deep learning, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality. We develop cutting-edge media and entertainment software solutions based on these concepts to make your business an ultimate success.

Media & Entertainment Software Development Process We Follow

Media and entertainment are among the many industries we serve. We put our development skills into action to make your software connect with more users across the industry. Our development practices are well-planned efforts, orchestrated by skilled developers and other IT professionals. The steps we follow to develop customized software are -


01. Analyzing

We collaborate with clients to define and describe the objectives of the project to understand what is essential and what isn’t


02. Prototyping

After classifying requirements, we develop a wireframe that will serve as a base for building the software modules. The prototype will be designed and furnished to the client for approval


03. Coding

After the client approval, we commit to programming by splitting the project into different modules via the agile or waterfall method


04. Testing

The programmed modules are tested using the latest testing suites with real-time values to discover both surface and hidden flaws so that the software can be made robust and reliable


05. Deployment

After successfully clearing the rigorous tests, the software will be deployed and operationalized. Our support team will provide comprehensive assistance to handle any challenges in real-time conditions

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Why Choose Outsource2india for Media & Entertainment Software Development?

Outsource2india is an outsourcing company backed by 19 years of experience in software development services. We have piloted several complex development projects for small, mid, and large enterprises. The reason for hiring us to develop captivating media and entertainment software are as follows -

  1. Certified Software Services Company

    Outsource2india is founded with a goal to deliver software services and many other solutions that offer the highest satisfaction to business owners worldwide. Our endeavor has earned us ISO 9001:2015 certification for delivering high-quality software to clients. Our commitment to building responsive software with flawless user interface has made us the first choice for businesses

  2. Data Security

    With the exponential growth of data, it is an ever-present need to defend confidential data from non-state actors who forage vulnerable and undefended systems looking for sensitive digital data. Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company we have always taken proactive measures to defend your confidential data from every threat. We only authorize people who are signatories of the non-disclosure agreement to handle the project to maintain complete confidentially of the project

  3. High Accuracy and Quality Service

    As we implement high-performance media and entertainment software we rigorously test each component before operationalization to eliminate erroneous operation in real-time condition. Our testing teams are supported by powerful testing suites to gauge the limits and endurance of your media and entertainment software so that only quality results reach the end users

  4. Short Turnaround

    When you outsource media and entertainment software development services to O2I we quickly develop the software so that you can focus on expanding your business footprint. We know the remediation struggle enterprises face when software is operationalized without rigorous testing. To prevent your business from facing more downtime, we take the necessary measures to develop software 40% faster without compromising accuracy

  5. Scalability

    If you aspire to scale your media and entertainment software to adapt to future needs, we have got you covered. We ensure that your software seamlessly runs the routine updates, pushed by our team, across the changing scenario

  6. Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    You can save 30% more by outsourcing media and entertainment software development services to us because we have a flexibly priced solution that will certainly fit your budget. If you are a small business with a limited budget, you can take advantage of our cost-effective solution and launch high-performance media and entertainment software

  7. Single-point of Contact

    The power of reliable customer support is something that most vendors do not emphasize. However, it is an area where we excel because our customer representatives can be reached through more than one channel to get quick support for the answers you seek. Be it simple query, advise, or project status you can now skip the queue and get quick answers on the go when you choose our media and entertainment software development services

  8. Experienced Team of Software Developers, Architects, and Testers

    We have the finest in-house talents whom we rely upon to design, develop, and evaluate your software in a reliable manner across every stage of media and entertainment software development. Brimming with experience that exceeds over 10+ years our skilled developers, testers, and software architects can develop intuitive software that will perform by exceeding your expectations

  9. Modern Infrastructure

    Supporting our team is a vast infrastructure that houses software and hardware that are essential for developing a highly successful media and entertainment software. Our infrastructure is routinely updated to speed up media and entertainment software development and to match the latest security standards

  10. Secure Data Exchange

    We maintain secure FTP and VPN channels for data sharing that will enable you to share files, documents, and other project resources without risking data loss or its misuse in the hands of hackers

  11. Round-the-clock Availability

    You can get 24/7 support around the year by committing to us because we offer omnichannel support to your staff and end-users without stretching the budget or the time frame

Client Success Story

O2I Designed an E-commerce Platform to Facilitate Selling, Deal-Making

O2I Designed an E-commerce Platform to Facilitate Selling, Deal-Making, and Online Auctioning

A top e-commerce company approached O2I for developing a simple and custom-focused platform that would provide better client experience and eventually improved sales. Our solution helped the client to increase traffic and cater to shoppers across a wide geography.

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O2I Enhanced the Security of Cloud-based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

O2I Enhanced the Security of Cloud-based Platforms for an HR Consulting Firm

A top HR consulting firm based out of India approached O2I to enhance the security of the cloud-based services so that their customers can use their services without concerns. Our committed efforts led to a reinforced security layer around their online services.

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Outsource Media & Entertainment Software Development Services to Outsource2india


We have worked with Outsource2india on various projects and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business!

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Outsource2india is a brand that peaks above the rest because we are an ISO certified offshore media and entertainment software development services provider with vast experience in developing advanced and complex media and entertainment software solutions for businesses. Join hands with us to make your software stand out and provide the best value to end users. Our team of skilled developers and software architects and testers have decade plus years of experience in developing some of the best media & entertainment software for global clients. We also provide other development solutions such as desktop application development, business application development, agile development services, and more.

Reach us now if you require smart software to improve customer interaction and sales because we have an affordable solution just for you.

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