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Outsource Corporate Training e-Learning Solutions

Corporate Training e-Learning Solutions

According to research conducted by the University for Industry, 63% of large organizations make use of some kind of online learning. Moreover, the proportion of e-Learning used by such organizations is expected to grow from 14% to 33% over the next two years.

The Role of Corporate Training

Corporate training, which had always been a constant focus area for all insightful companies, has now become a powerful tool to improve business performance. The role of Corporate Training in companies today is integral in ensuring that your workforce is tuned into your organization's goals.

Instructional Design can be used to increase the effectiveness of corporate training by targeting the designing, developing, packaging and delivery of the training program towards a specialized target audience.

What can Outsource2india offer your company?

At Outsource2india, we offer custom made corporate training solutions that bridge performance gaps within your organization. We do this by conducting an intensive analysis of your company's goals, processes and people.

O2I offers learning solutions to address the following crucial areas-

EPSS or Electronic Performance Support Systems -

Whether your need is a system that makes it easier for your employees to learn a new task or one that helps employees with finding information on a new structure or process, we can develop electronic performance support systems for you. The EPSS systems that we develop will give your employees an integrated, electronic environment that is easily accessible and provides employees with information, advice, assistance and monitoring that will greatly improve productivity.

Performance Gap Analysis

We offer to assist you in performance gap analysis and in providing e-Learning solutions that reduce these performance gaps. Our aim will be to bridge the gap and eventually increase performance levels by building and assessing skills. To read more, click here.

Change Management

Adapting to technological change, policy change, change in job responsibilities, external factors like new laws and regulations demand a thorough process of monitoring and enhancing skills. We can develop e-Learning solutions that will clear all bottlenecks that affect smooth transitions to new systems and changes.

Performance Based Training

Outsource2india can develop performance based training modules, that specifically target and teach job performance. The performance based training modules that we develop will a have strong emphasis on hands-on-training and role play techniques, to ensure that the targeted performance is learnt by your employee.

Online Training

We can develop customized online learning modules that drive your company's performance.

Outsource your Corporate Training Solutions to O2I

If you are considering outsourcing corporate learning solutions, why not consider O2I? If any of our services match your requirements, please contact Outsource2india and we will get back to you immediately. If you would just like to know more about our services, we will be glad to assist you.

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