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Outsource Custom Web Analytics Software Development

According to a recent Harvard Business Review, organizations are investing over 6.7% of their marketing budget on web analytics in 2017, and this spend is expected to reach 11.1% by 2020!

Web analytics software help companies collect, analyze, and measure their web data to better understand and optimizing their web page. Any business with online presence can leverage this technology to measure and analyze the behavior of their website visitors. As web analytics helps organizations derive several useful business insights, such as market trends, market segmentation, market interest, etc., global business giants are now increasingly investing in it.

Year 2017 has already witnessed over a billion dollars invested in web analytics by businesses across the globe. Today, there are numerous web analytics tools to help businesses make the most of their data. However, to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to opt for tools that cater to your unique business requirements. At Outsource2india, we have been building custom web analytics software that addresses even the most complex web analytics requirements.

Custom web analytics software solutions – Why opt for it?

Your organization might already be using one or two web analytics tools to help you with your web analytics requirements. However, you might be facing scenarios which your tools are not able to address. We can help you in such a situation, by providing you with a custom web analytics software solution or a custom website statistics software.

With our expertise in both software and web analytics and a profound understanding in web analytics, we can build a custom website stats software that would perfectly meet your requirements.

Custom software solutions built by Outsource2india

The web analytics team at Outsource2india have helped several customers meet their specific web analytics requirements, by building custom website statistics software. The following are some of the custom web analytics software solutions that we have built at O2I:

  1. Building a dataset from Google Analytics data

    The customer requirement: Our web analytics customer wanted an inclusive navigation report for all the pages in his website. If this report is done manually, it would take a lot of time.

    Our solution: We helped this customer address the problem by building an application that would parse XML reports from Google Analytics. It would then automatically create an Excel sheet from the XML file.

  2. Log Analyzer

    The customer requirement: Our web analytics customer wanted segmentation that was both specific and complex.

    Our solution: To meet the requirement of this customer, our web analytics and software team built a Log Analyzer that would import, sessionize and segment all the log files before sending it over to the application that the customer was using.

  3. Data processing

    The customer requirement: Many of our customers, who run campaigns of different natures, often have to handle many Excel sheets and then incorporate them into a report. Many of our customers have to go through this process, even though campaigns can be set up on a web analytics tool.

    Our solution: To help our customers address this problem we built desktop applications. The desktop application that we built has the ability to aggregate data, apply business rules and build a simple yet comprehensive report that could be exported to Excel.

  4. Building online dashboards

    The customer requirement: Our customer, a digital agency required a method by which they could easily publish online data, so that they can save themselves the trouble of sending reports to their customers in the form of Excel/PDF formats. With an online dashboard, their customers could log in and see the data whenever required.

    Our solution: The web analytics team at Outsource2india built an online dashboard that was much more interactive than Excel or PDF reports. With the online dashboard, our customer was able to quickly publish their data and provide their end customers with a way to check the data whenever required.

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Are you wasting your precious time on manipulating data? Opt for a custom web analytics software solution and save on time. We can help you meet the requirements that your existing web analytics tools are not able to address. Our web analytics team will thoroughly understand your requirements and build a tool that would solve the problem you are facing.

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