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Friendly Chatbots Not a Distant Dream Anymore

Friendly Chatbots - Not a Distant Dream Anymore

Chatbots saves thousands of dollars because they are designed to eliminate the need for full-time agents while providing a human-like response to users

AI or Artificial Intelligence once used to be the ultimate dream of a world that has tasted technological advancement, and also the base of every Frankensteinian sci-fi thriller. However, over the last decade or so, it has left the cores of computer science labs and sanctums of researchers to find a meaningful purpose in the wider world.

Now while there are no metallic robots doing our chores at every second home, in hindsight we might have something much more intrinsically involved in our daily lives. AI Chatbots are the most beloved trend in the age of Artificial Intelligence, with which end-users engage on a daily basis without consciously thinking that they are part of an AI conversation.

It has become so mainstream, that there are running jokes about it on the internet, for example, Amazon's Alexa. Bots become the face of the companies they represent, however small or large. At its core, Chatbots are meant to provide a better User Experience or UX, which is the ultimate goal of all companies.

Business Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots are yet to become the most common tool utilized by all businesses. So while it is still giving an edge, many companies are trying their best reap as many benefits possible from their integration. A Chatbot is basically a computer program that maintains an interactive relationship with the users of a particular system. Their core features include user-friendliness and human-like attributes to provide a personalized experience to users.

Here are the some of the many reasons why you should use AI chatbots for your business.

  1. Saves Effort and Money

    Saves Effort and Money

    Once a Chatbot is installed, it does not require much effort to be maintained other than the occasional upgrades and refurbishment. It is much of economic investment in the long run if the compensation and work hours of an employee is considered.

  2. Speeds Up The Conversation

    Speeds up the Conversation

    Chatbots generate immediate automated replies for customer inquiries, questions, and grievances. It significantly cuts down on the waiting time for the clients leaving room for a positive experience. This way, the business gets to serve a much larger audience in the same 24 hours as before and at a much lesser cost.

  3. Accuracy In Communication

    Accuracy in Communication

    Company reputation can suffer if customers are provided delayed and inaccurate information from the official website or social media platform. Humans are prone to making errors, but sometimes the consequences of it are grave. With Chatbots, the chances of redundancies go down many times. However, the drawback of limited answers and lack of specification is always there.

  4. Create A Wider Customer Base

    Create a Wider Customer Base

    Chatbots initiate instant communication with the audience and keep them interested in your business with quick replies and to-the-point answers. In the case of technologies, users often seek timely and practical solutions, and Chatbots are the perfect candidates to do that for your business.

  5. Human-touch Without Real Human Operator

    Human Touch without Real Human Operator

    This is basically what AI is at its core, to add the same tone, mannerism and other benefits of human intelligence while performing likewise tasks without the actual human labor involved. In the case of Chatbots, they can be friendly, helpful, and humorous with the clients at all times. There will be no risk of misdemeanor, dishonesty or misconduct. Chatbots will represent your name and company exactly how you program them to.

Tasks Performed by Chatbots

Whenever there is an AI, there is the quintessential question of what all it is capable of doing. A Chatbot deals with conversation mostly, so it is programmed to make itself affiliated with human errors and tendencies while holding communication via Natural Language Programming (NLP) training. Chatbots are capable of addressing the following issues -

  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Finding and providing information from anywhere on the web or on the device
  • Understand complex sentences, phrases, abbreviations, and acronyms
  • Translation between languages
  • Understanding a question and giving a relevant and accurate answer
  • Performing tasks and carrying out the execution of simple commands (Example - Set a reminder, order a phone, book tickets, schedule a meeting, locate an address et cetera)


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Choose Outsource2india to Leverage the Benefits of Automated Chatbot Services

Even AI features like Chatbots are subject to further refinement and refurbishing in today's ever-evolving digital world. The services we render at Outsource2india help our customers to stay ahead of the game by availing the most contemporary tools and techniques at disposal.

When it comes to Chatbots, we provide both the stereotype bot feature and the personal assistant bot, although we suggest the latter for a more refined experience for customers. A personal assistant bot comes with names such as Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa and has a unique character and style of speech that makes the conversation more interesting and personal.

If you need more information on how AI-powered chatbots are transforming your business in a better way, write to us. Contact us if you have a requirement for automated chatbot services.

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