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Outsource Recruitment Software Development

Recruitment Software Development

An efficient recruitment software can transform the way your organization works. At Outsource2india, we have years of experience in developing HR recruitment software. Our experienced software team has developed recruitment software for job placement agencies, recruitment agencies, staffing providers, HR consultants, job portals, online career portals, recruitment consultants and staffing agencies amongst others.

What are the features of an HR recruitment software?

The job recruitment software that we create will have specialized features for employers, candidates, recruiters, and administrators.


Your administrator can manage the entire system with special features for the administrator. The administrator can maintain masters, view RSS feeds, maintain a list of candidates, send notification emails, view membership details, view statistics, manage the database, create reports, maintain the newsletter, create logins for employers or recruiters, manage the database, administer user management, apply restrictions, send invoices to employers, and integrate payment gateway amongst other functions.


A candidate can use the recruitment management software to upload his/her resume and easily update their skill levels, resumes, experience level, location of work, and other requirements. By using the job recruitment software, a candidate can create a resume, upload a resume, activate or deactivate a resume, search for jobs, apply for a specific job, email a job, view posted jobs, read the company profile of employers, see the history of job applications, view interview schedules, and print details of jobs amongst others.


Recruiters who use the recruitment management software can access the database and perform all the necessary functions related to recruitment. The recruiter can create employers or companies, set qualifiers to eliminate candidates, view details of candidates, select resumes, send common emails to companies or candidates, schedule interviews, limit the number of jobs that recruiters can see, check the preferences of employers/companies, and manage calls amongst other functions.


Employers can use the recruitment software to search for potential candidates. The employer can post details of jobs and find candidates who would match the job requirements. The employer can add, edit or delete jobs with ease. The employer can also create a list of applicants, create a list of jobs, create filter for candidates, sort resumes, check the status of resumes, schedule meetings, see details of interview schedules and track applicants amongst other functions.

Why use a Recruitment Management Software?

If your organization is providing HR/recruitment solutions, then using efficient recruitment management software can increase your productivity. An HR recruitment software can help your organization collect resumes, maintain a candidate database, identify prospective candidates, evaluate candidates, and handle various other HR functions. Job recruitment software can also be built to suit your business needs.

What are the Programming Platforms and Technologies that you use?

While developing HR recruitment software for our customers, we use the following server-side programming languages, databases, developing environments, and scripting languages.

Server Side Programming

Our software team can work on a wide variety of platforms, such as Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, and ASP amongst others.


We work on MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, and MS Access amongst others.

Scripting languages

Our team works on vbscript and javascript.

Development Environments

We use visual studio. Net

Why outsource recruitment management software development to O2I?

We develop job recruitment software that can handle all your business functions. Our HR recruitment software is flexible, highly advanced and well-designed. By using O2I's recruitment management software, you can manage jobs, organize interviews, track candidates, address offers and manage requisitions. We build recruitment software, with different features for job seekers, recruiters, administrators and employers. Depending on your requirements, we can build an HR software that can address your business requirements and make your data collection easier. Our software team is skilled at using different server side programming, scripting languages, database environments and databases. Outsource job recruitment software to O2I and efficiently handle your hiring process from beginning to end.

Our recruitment management software can bring about an increase in your productivity and can efficiently address your operational needs. We have intensive experience in building recruitment solutions that can handle your simple/complex back-office demands. Outsource job recruitment software to O2I to seamlessly handle your back office and business operations.

Outsource recruitment software to O2I and give your organization a competitive edge!

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