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Outsource eBook Conversion Services

Outsource eBook Conversion Services

Simplify your digital publishing with precision ebook conversion services

Get expertly formatted ebooks, crafted for optimal reading experience across all devices.

Go digital and experience the future of publishing!

The ongoing challenge of adapting physical documents to comply with the various compatibility needs of electronic reading platforms can be overwhelming. Maintaining uniform formatting, a necessity for delivering engaging reading experiences, presents its own set of complex challenges that demand specialized skills.This is where outsourcing ebook conversion services to an experienced provider like us serves as a strategic solution.

With proficient eBook conversion experts, we help publishing houses, institutions, and businesses worldwide create high-caliber, cross-platform compatible ebooks. Our team is adept in the latest conversion technologies and contemporary e-publishing standards. This safeguards your content's integrity and expedites digital distribution as you transition from print to digital.

Our ebook formatting and conversion services are not merely a means to your digital transformation but a partnership that amplifies your publishing competence. This is because we deliver custom ebook conversion solutions that resonate with your unique brand narrative while aligning with industry best practices.

Engage with us to explore infinite ebook conversion possibilities and redefine your publishing trajectory.

Our Clients, Our Pride - Inspiring Success Stories

O2I Empowered French Academic Research through Advanced Data Conversion

Empowered French Academic Research through Advanced Data Conversion

Outsource2india assisted a university researcher in France with high-volume data extraction of 100 non-PDF, non-editable books with high accuracy.

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O2I Transformed Traditional Print Books into Engaging eBook Formats for a UK-based Publisher

Transformed Traditional Print Books into Engaging eBook Formats for a UK-based Publisher

A leading UK-based publisher approached Outsource2india to convert three of his hard-copy books into one.MOBI and .ePub and format within 20 days. Read how we successfully converted the books on time by providing efficient book conversion services with an accuracy level of over 95 per cent at cost-effective rates.

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Clients Speak


In undertaking the three-year Soil Survey for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, we required the services of a company that would convert large amounts of handwritten data into digital data quickly and accurately. In addition, we needed associated custom-built software to be developed for our team to review the digital data once returned to our office. Outsource2india has provided both these services to us in a highly competent way. The team has always responded positively and, at times, exceeded expectations.

Project Manager, International development management company

Professional eBook Conversion Services We Offer

Setting industry benchmarks with precision, innovation, and adherence to international publishing standards, we create high-quality ebooks. Our professionals use technical expertise and creative acumen to deliver flawless, market-ready ebooks. Working from global delivery centers, we efficiently support projects with fluctuating volumes.

Here is a diverse range of services we offer to amplify the reach of your content.

  • DocBook XML Conversion Services

    DocBook XML Conversion Services

    Transform your content into XML format, suitable for technical documentation and standardized publishing with our services. We help you enhance portability and accessibility while streamlining the integration of your content into various documentation frameworks. The result? Increased utility and consistency across all platforms.

  • Reflowable Ebook Conversion Services

    Reflowable Ebook Conversion Services

    Embrace flexibility with our reflowable ebook conversion services. This process adapts your text to different screen sizes and orientations, providing an optimal reading experience on any device. Our meticulous conversion process guarantees that your content's integrity is maintained while offering the adaptability your readers demand.

  • Interactive Ebook Conversion Services

    Interactive Ebook Conversion Services

    Our interactive ebook conversion services transform standard ebooks into immersive alternatives by incorporating multimedia elements like video, audio, and interactive quizzes. This engaging format captivates readers, making your ebooks stand out, driving higher engagement rates. Leverage our service to create value-added content that goes beyond the written word, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

  • Children's eBooks Conversion Services

    Children's eBooks Conversion Services

    We specialize in bringing stories to life with vivid colors and interactive elements that enchant young readers. Our service ensures that your children's books capture the imagination with engaging animations and read-aloud features, making learning fun.

  • Fixed Layout eBook

    Fixed Layout eBook

    Crafted to preserve the exact layout and design of your content, our services mirror the printed book experience in a digital format. This is ideal for illustrated works and complex designs as it maintains the visual impact of your pages consistently across all devices.

  • Multilingual eBook Conversion Services

    Multilingual eBook Conversion Services

    Expand your global reach with our multilingual ebook conversion services. We offer expert localization and formatting for diverse linguistic markets. This ensures that your ebooks resonate with international audiences, maintaining the nuance and readability of the original text. Our skilled linguists and formatters work in tandem to deliver ebooks that are culturally adapted and technically flawless.

  • Web-accessible eBook Development Services

    Web-accessible eBook Development Services

    Prioritize inclusivity with our web-accessible ebook development services. We empower you to provide an equitable reading experience for all, including those with disabilities. By making your ebooks universally accessible, we help you tap into a broader audience and demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • ePub Conversion Services

    ePub Conversion Services

    Transform your content into the widely accepted ePub format with our ePub conversion services. This guarantees compatibility across major e-reading platforms and devices, offering your readers the convenience and flexibility they expect in today's digital landscape.

  • Kindle Conversion Services

    Kindle Conversion Services

    Tailored specifically for Amazon's platform, our Kindle conversion services ensure your ebooks leverage the full range of Kindle's features, from X-Ray to Whispersync. This service maximizes your visibility and sales potential on the world's largest ebook marketplace. We fine-tune your content to meet Kindle's unique specifications, delivering a seamless reading experience to a vast audience of Kindle users.

  • Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

    Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

    Take your content to the next level with added multimedia elements that engage and inform. This option is perfect for publishers, offering readers an enriched experience with supplementary videos, audio clips, and interactive graphics. Enhancing your ebooks, we help you deliver a compelling, multi-sensory journey that sets your content apart.

  • iPad and iPhone eBook Conversions

    iPad and iPhone eBook Conversions

    Capitalize on the vast user base of Apple's ecosystem with our iPad and iPhone ebook conversions optimized for seamless performance on iOS devices. This service ensures that your ebooks take full advantage of iOS's features, delivering a user-friendly experience that leverages the platform's strengths.

  • eBook Creation Services

    eBook Creation Services

    Get end-to-end support to convert your manuscripts into professional-quality ebooks. From layout design to final formatting, our service encompasses all aspects of ebook production, delivering ready-to-market content that captivates readers. We work closely with you to create ebooks that meet and exceed market expectations, providing a competitive edge in the digital publishing landscape.

  • Digital Content Conversion Services

    Digital Content Conversion Services

    Transition your traditional media into dynamic digital formats with our digital content conversion services. This service extends the life and reach of your content, ensuring it's accessible and engaging. We provide comprehensive conversion solutions that adapt to your unique needs, delivering content optimized for digital consumption and distribution.

Technology Fueling Our eBook Conversion

  1. ProTrak

    ProTrak streamlines the eBook conversion process with its cloud-based, XML-first production workflow management.

  2. Picture Analysis and Conversion Engine (PACE)

    PACE ensures precision and efficiency in the conversion process, providing high-quality eBook images.

  3. Intelligent Zoning and Algorithmic Conversion (IZAAC)

    IZAAC simplifies complex eBook conversion requirements, delivering clean and reader-friendly digital formats.

  4. Calibre

    Calibre simplifies eBook conversion with comprehensive and user-friendly features, making eBook management a breeze.

  5. Jutoh

    Jutoh makes eBook creation easy, supporting various formats for a flexible and smooth eBook conversion process.

  6. Kindle Create

    Kindle Create offers a straightforward process for converting files into Kindle-friendly formats, ensuring optimal eBook presentation.

  7. Pandoc

    Pandoc offers universal document conversion, making eBook conversion effortless by supporting multiple formats.

Ebook Conversion - A Walkthrough of Our Proven Process


01. Initial Consultation

We initiate the process by discussing the client's specific needs and expectations for the ebook conversion


02. Document Assessment

We then review the document provided by the client, assessing the complexity and length of the content


03. Conversion Process

Our team then converts the document into the desired ebook format, ensuring the integrity of the content is maintained


04. Quality Assurance

The converted ebook undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure it meets the client's specifications and quality standards


05. Delivery and Follow-up

Finally, we deliver the converted ebook to the client and provide after-sales support, including any required changes or updates

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Industries We Serve

  1. Education


    eBook conversion in education can make resources more accessible and portable, promoting flexible learning.

  2. Automotive Accounting

    Automotive Accounting

    For automotive accounting, eBook conversion can facilitate easy access to digital manuals, facilitating efficient accounting practices.

  3. Restaurant


    eBook conversion can transform restaurant training materials into digital formats, improving staff training and performance.

  4. Retail Accounting

    Retail Accounting

    For retail accounting, eBook conversion can streamline access to digital accounting resources, aiding in precise and efficient financial practices.

  5. Technology


    eBook conversion can make tech manuals and guides easily available, promoting better utilization of technology.

  6. Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    In banking and finance, eBook conversion can aid in easy access to digital financial resources, improving financial analysis and decision-making.

  7. Telecom


    eBook conversion can make telecom service guides accessible in digital format, enhancing customer understanding and experience.

  8. Media and Entertainment

    Media and Entertainment

    In media and entertainment, eBook conversion can streamline access to digital scripts and storyboards, enhancing efficiency in content production.

  9. Public Services

    Public Services

    eBook conversion can make public service guides and resources digitally accessible, improving public understanding and utilization of services.

  10. Government


    In government sectors, eBook conversion can provide easy digital access to public reports, enhancing transparency and public understanding.

  11. Insurance


    eBook conversion can digitalize insurance policies and guides, making them readily accessible to policyholders.

The Audience We Cater to - A Closer Look

  1. Entrepreneurs and Startups

    Overseas ebook conversion services allow startups to effortlessly transform their business proposals or training materials into interactive ebooks, thereby reaching out to more potential investors and employees.

  2. Marketers and PR Professionals

    These services can help marketers convert their promotional content into digital formats, enhancing the visibility and reach of their campaigns.

  3. Realtors and Real Estate Agents

    Realtors can utilize these services to present property portfolios in an engaging digital format, providing clients with a comprehensive and interactive real estate experience.

  4. Content Aggregators and Distributors

    Content aggregators can streamline their distribution process and increase their content's accessibility by converting it into standardized ebook formats.

  5. Libraries and Archives Managers

    Libraries can preserve and enhance the accessibility of their collections by digitizing them into ebooks, thereby increasing reader engagement and usage.

Why Our eBook Conversion Company Should Be Your First Choice?

Our extensive experience with international clients has sharpened our expertise to deliver superior results. Here's why clients prefer our online eBook conversion services -

  • Rapid Delivery

    With multiple global delivery centers, we ensure swift value delivery, meeting your timelines efficiently.

  • Exceptional Quality

    Our adherence to international quality standards and rigorous audit processes guarantees superior service quality.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

    Our industry-leading infrastructure enables us to offer top-tier, punctual services seamlessly.

  • Cutting-Edge Tools

    We utilize the most recent and advanced eBook conversion tools and technologies, ensuring innovative eBook solutions.

  • Tailored eBook Solutions

    Our unique blend of skills, knowledge, and resources empowers us to deliver bespoke eBook solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

  • Expert Team

    Our team, comprising experienced eBook conversion and data entry specialists, is equipped to handle diverse client needs.

  • Fair Pricing

    We adopt a transparent pricing model based on project requirements and the skill level of the resources involved, ensuring you only pay for what you use without any hidden costs.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Data Entry Services

Digitize your data into easily accessible formats with our meticulous data entry services, enhancing accuracy and ease of retrieval.

Data Conversion Services

Transform your data across formats with precision, utilizing our data conversion services to enable data interoperability.

Data Processing Services

Refine and restructure your data for various purposes, including strategic decision-making, with our data processing services.

OCR Services

Revolutionize document management with our advanced OCR services, converting documents into editable and searchable text.

Data Annotation

Generate high-quality, labeled datasets that improve algorithm performance with our precise data annotation services.

Catalog Processing Services

Ensure your product listings are optimized, accurate, and up to date to drive sales with our catalog processing services.

Outsource eBook Conversion Services to Enhance Quality and Speed

Standing at the forefront of digital publishing, our services provide a perfect combination of precision, agility, and custom solutions tailored to the unique demands of publishers. We deliver ebook conversions that seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional texts and the dynamic world of e-reading, ensuring that your publications are not only accessible but also compliant with the latest publishing standards.

When you outsource ebook conversion services to us, you can benefit from our cost-efficient models that present significant savings, mitigating the financial burden of in-house conversion. Our trained and experienced team facilitates a stress-free conversion experience, ensuring that your content is technically sound and print-ready.

Ready to embrace the future of publishing? Connect with us today to initiate a partnership that redefines excellence in ebook conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of utilizing an eBook conversion service?

Utilizing offshore eBook conversion services offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, professionalism, and efficiency. This will save you time and resources, as you need not invest in training or software.

How can I select the right eBook conversion service provider?

Selecting the right eBook conversion company involves considering their expertise, turnaround time, and post-conversion support. Check customer testimonials and reviews to gauge their reliability and customer satisfaction. Lastly, ensure they offer post-conversion support for potential revisions.

What is your approach to changes and corrections once the eBook conversion is done?

Our approach to changes and corrections post-conversion is customer centric. We offer a grace period post-conversion, during which our clients can request revisions. Our team ensures these changes are implemented.

What is the average turnaround time for eBook conversion projects?

The average turnaround time for eBook conversion projects depends on the complexity and length of the content. However, typically, we aim to complete projects within 5-7 business days. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests.