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Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

Outsource Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services

Create high-quality fixed layout ePubs and reach a wider audience by making use of our fixed layout ePub conversion services provided at prices starting at $0.25/page

Are you struggling to convert your precious book into an appropriate digital format, such as the fixed layout ePub format, so that you can reach a wider audience and generate more sales? Are you looking to partner with a reliable and experienced third-party provider who can turn your book into a fixed layout ePub, complete with features such as animations, visually appealing backgrounds, audio, video, pop-ups, read-aloud features, and slide navigation? If so, you have come to the right place.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading provider of fixed layout ePub conversion solutions to clients from across the world. We help authors, individuals, and publishers to create fixed layout ePubs with text that does not reflow and that can be zoomed in and out and panned around. With our fixed layout ePubs, you can preserve the printed format, including large numbers of complex graphical elements. We also assist publishers and authors to enhance the fixed layout ePubs through the addition of text highlights, interactive elements, animations, and read-aloud features.

Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading fixed layout ePub conversion service provider and has substantial experience in catering to many different types of fixed layout ePub conversion requirements. Fixed layout ePubs are great for books that contain a large number of graphical elements or images and table-based or mathematical content. We have successfully converted children's books, graphic novels, academic publications, mathematical content, cookbooks, scientific material, restaurant guides, travel guides, and company reports into high-quality fixed layout ePubs.

Our fixed layout ePub conversion services include -

  1. Reproducing Print Elements

    Reproducing Print Elements

    We can take your printed material and faithfully replicate it in the digital fixed layout ePub format.

  2. Improving Accessibility

    Improving Accessibility

    As a leading provider of fixed layout ePub conversion services in India and abroad, we use semantic tagging to improve the accessibility of your eBook.

  3. Audio and Video Embedding

    Audio and Video Embedding

    We have experience and expertise in embedding audio, video, and other multimedia elements. We can also incorporate narration overlays to ensure that the relevant text is highlighted during the narration.

  4. Use of SVG

    Use of SVG

    If you so desire, we can use SVG images that dynamically resize so that they retain their clarity and definition when they are resized.

  5. Adding Cross-references

    Adding Cross-references

    We add things like cross-references, annotations, footnotes, and links to external websites.

  6. Inserting Embedded Image Descriptions

    Inserting Embedded Image Descriptions

    We can incorporate embedded image descriptions or text so that illustrations and charts are made more accessible to readers and read-aloud listeners.

  7. Using CSS and JavaScript

    Using CSS and JavaScript

    We can use CSS and JavaScript to add things like interactive elements and animations for elements like quizzes, games, and multiple-choice questions. This ensures that your fixed-layout content becomes more appealing and interesting.

Why Choose our Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services?

We are a leading fixed layout ePub conversion service providing company and can provide you with a very wide range of fixed layout ePub conversion solutions. Outsourcing fixed layout ePub conversion services to us also provides you with many benefits that you can make full use of. These include -

  1. Affordable Pricing Options

    Our fixed layout ePub conversion solutions are priced very competitively and provide significant value for money.

  2. High-quality Services

    We are ISO-certified and have multi-level quality checks in place to enable us to always provide high-quality fixed layout ePub conversion solutions.

  3. Short Turnaround

    Our ePub conversion specialists will always provide the fixed layout ePub conversions well within the stipulated time.

  4. Data Security

    We take the security of your data very seriously and are also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  5. Structured Process

    We have structured and streamlined processes in place that allows us to deliver outstanding fixed layout ePub conversion services.

  6. Superb Infrastructure

    We have high-quality infrastructure, such as world-class office spaces, and talented resources to enable us to provide top-quality fixed layout ePub conversion services.

  7. Tools and Technologies

    We use the latest and best ebook conversion tools and technologies to provide advanced and high-quality fixed layout ePub conversion services.

  8. Experienced Team

    Our team has substantial experience in providing a wide range of fixed layout ePub conversion services.

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Outsource Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading provider of fixed layout ePub conversion services to a global clientele. We are trusted when it comes to converting books to the ePub format because of our attention to detail and uncompromising attitude towards maintaining the highest standards of quality. We use sophisticated tools and technologies to always provide cutting-edge fixed layout ePub conversion solutions that help you gain much greater penetration in your target market.

If you are looking for professional, high-quality, and cost-effective fixed layout ePub conversion services, get in touch with us today!

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Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services FAQs

  • What is a fixed layout EPUB?

    In a fixed layout EPUB, the contents of the page are like a printed book. The size and position of the pictures and text remains constant.

  • What are the advantages of fixed layout EPUB?

    With a fixed layout EPUB, the author and designer keep control over how the eBook is displayed on screen. Images and text are locked to specific points to maintain this control.