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Data Consolidation Services

Outsource Data Consolidation Services

Unlock the true potential of your business data by letting us manage, secure, and consolidate all your business data at centralized storage for improved decision making starting at $6 per hour

Data is the backbone of every business. Collected from a multitude of sources, it has the potential to help your business transform and grow. However, your business data is most effective only when it's clean, consolidated, and free of all errors and redundancies.

At Outsource2india, we can help you clean and consolidate your business data from across all sources and locations. Our data consolidation experts leverage our industry-leading tools and software to scrub, streamline, consolidate, and intelligently store your organization's data, scattered across all disparate sources, applications, storage silos, and geographic locations, at one centralized location seamless utilization and smarter business decisions.

Data Consolidation Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading data consolidation services providing company offering a wide range of services to help organizations scale, secure, and streamline their business data for maximum business outcomes. Powered by experienced and highly certified data consolidation experts, we use the right mix of technologies and methodologies to bring your scattered business data from all disparate sources to one centralized location, removing duplication and redundancies along the way. Our expert data consolidation services can help you seamlessly manage, control, and visualize all your business data for improved decision-making and enhanced business outcomes. Our range of database consolidation services include -

  1. Data Capturing

    Data Capturing

    As part of the master data consolidation, we use various open-source and cloud-based tools to capture your business data from all scattered locations, remote as well as branch locations, bringing all customer and business-related information at one centralized location. Our experts can help you merge your data from multiple data centers, processes, teams, and technologies to create a consolidated database for effective utilization of information.

  2. Data Mapping and Migration

    Data Mapping and Migration

    We leverage our out-of-the-box tools and technologies to map your applications, servers, databases, and processes for comprehensive data consolidation and migration. While doing so, we make sure to address all data complexities, including stagnant data, abandoned applications, and inconsistent processes, along the way. Our end-to-end data mapping and migration solutions help you move all your business-critical information to one centralized location, that's hosted either on the cloud or on a shared server, for simplified IT management and consolidated access to information.

  3. Data Structuring and Cleaning

    Data Structuring and Cleaning

    Our data consolidation experts structure and clean your data to organize it in an easy-to-use format, remove duplicities, redundancies, and data errors. By indexing your unstructured and semi-structured data, we help improve your data search, analytics, and insights for improved operations and business decisions.

  4. Data Auditing

    Data Auditing

    We also perform rigorous data audits to eliminate redundant and poor-quality data to reduce storage overhead expenses. O2I's data auditing team identifies, fills, and corrects all incorrect or missing information in your mission-critical data to make it consistent and business-ready.

Data Consolidation Process We Follow

Outsource2india is one of the most sought-after data consolidation service providers in India. With 25 years of rich industrial experience, we have mastered the art of data consolidation and migration. We employ rich technological processes and customer-centric approaches to clean, filter, and consolidate your business data for optimal use and performance. Our workflow includes the following steps -


01. Understanding Customer Requirement

We meet you and/or your team to understand your data consolidation needs and requirements and existing databases if any


02. Creating a Data Consolidation Plan

After completely understanding your requirements, we then get down to creating a holistic data consolidation plan that offers you maximum data visibility and business profitability in the minimum possible time


03. Process Implementation

We then begin our data consolidation project, which involves architecting and deploying a new data center, restructuring and architecting the existing one, or merging multiple data centers across processes, teams, and technologies


04. Data Migration and Structuring

Our experts then migrate your business data into the new or existing database for consolidating your customer/ business information. We also structure, clean, and audit your existing data to optimize it as per your business needs and maximize its efficiency


05. Delivery

We then host the newly created database on your server after thoroughly optimizing and quality analyzing your data

Benefits of Data Consolidation

Consolidating your organization's data has various business benefits. These include -

 Centralized storage and management of IT assets
 Accelerated processes and improved decision-making capabilities
 Reduced redundancies, complexities, and accessibility
 Improved data visibility for faster decision making
 Higher availability of business data across all channels, platforms, and locations
 Streamlined and structured data center transformation approach
 Reduced data storage costs and IT-man hours
 Unmatched safety and data security at all times

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Why Outsource Data Consolidation Services to Outsource2india?

O2I is a premium data consolidation services company that offers comprehensive data consolidation services in India. We have 25 years of rich experience in helping clients clean, streamline, and consolidate their business data across all industrial processes, systems, and applications. We are backed by a team of highly experienced and certified experts who use the latest data consolidation tools and technologies to accurately and quickly migrate and merge your data while identifying and resolving data discrepancies and redundancies if any. Our latest data transformation technologies help to address all your business complexities, thus helping you increase process consistency, reduce IT complexity, improve scalability, and achieve superior business outcomes. Outsourcing data consolidation services to us can help you enjoy the following benefits -

  • Customized Solutions and Services

    Every business is different, and so are its needs and requirements. That's why we tailor our services as per your business needs. So, whether you want to deploy a new database center, re-architect the existing one, or want to merge multiple data centers, we have a customized plan to specifically meet your needs and requirements.

  • Pocket-friendly Prices

    We provide our services at highly cost-effective rates. We make sure our services are easily affordable by organizations, big and small.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Our global delivery centers and round-the-clock operational offices help us deliver all our projects quickly, well within the promised time frame.

  • Complete Data Security

    We have stringent data protection rules and policies in place. Our data confidentiality policies and encrypted servers make sure nothing gets ever shared with others without your prior consent.

  • Instant Access to Certified Data Consolidation Experts

    We are powered by some of the best data consolidation experts. Rigorously trained and highly certified, they empower you with end-to-end data transformation capabilities to help you unleash the power of data for business growth and performance.

  • Use of Latest Data Consolidation Tools and Technologies

    We use the most advanced data consolidation tools and software to help you structure and consolidate your unstructured data in the most efficient and impactful way. With the right mix of the latest technologies and powerful methodologies, we help bring scalability, security, and efficiency into your business.

  • 24/7 Help and Support

    Our friendly customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year. They ensure instant service delivery and quick resolution of all your queries and concerns.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    With us, you never have to worry about a thing. Our end-to-end data consolidation services take care of all your IT needs, allowing you to focus on the growth and performance of your core business.

  • Client Success Stories

    O2I Provided Scanning & Data Entry to a UK-based Software Firm

    Outsource2india Provided Scanning & Data Entry to a UK-based Software Firm

    A software development client based in Berkshire outsourced scanning & data entry. O2I's team devised a unique data management service to optimize workload and revenue.

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    O2I Provided e-commerce Data Entry to Bike Accessories Seller

    Outsource2india provided eCommerce Data Entry to Bike Accessories Seller

    A Poland-based parts and accessories seller delegated data mining & data entry requirements. We offered eCommerce data entry services at a price that was conveniently affordable by the client.

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    Outsource Data Consolidation Services to Outsource2india


    We were very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfill future projects for us.

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    Data consolidation is an overwhelming process that's best left to the experts. At Outsource2india, we provide comprehensive data consolidation services and data processing solutions to help you understand, assess and address all your business challenges by reducing IT complexity and data accessibility. Our specialized data consolidation capabilities can help you automate and orchestrate your business processes and harness the power of business data for maximum profitability and service delivery.

    So, come let us know your data consolidation requirements and we'll get back to you with an agile and result-oriented data consolidation plan that helps you improve your operational efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, and maximize your business profitability.

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