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Outsource Document Digitization Services

Outsource Document Digitization Services

View your legacy documents not as a burden but as assets. UnEARTH possibilities with our document digitization services, providing Ease of Access, Retrieval, and Transformation, and High scalability for your valuable data.

Your organization's data is a valuable repository of insights, waiting to be harnessed. Our innovative document digitizing services are designed to do just that. Imagine the power of transforming your cold data from a cost center to a profit center, all through our Value Loop, representing Ease of Access, Retrieval, and Data Transformation and High Scalability (EARTH). We help you access and activate your legacy content, opening opportunities for organizing and utilizing invaluable information. Our expertise in converting legacy data into functional formats that are AI- and analytics-ready enables data-driven decisions.

Our digitized data interface seamlessly connects legacy documents with other applications and work processes, ensuring speedy data processing and event execution. Data management is not solely about processing, it is also about preservation. As a document digitization company, we manage digitized media assets on the cloud, archive them methodically, and index them with meta tags to ensure long-term preservation, better access, and effortless retrieval. You gain the most with our expertise in converting legacy documents in any analog format to digital formats such as html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, giff, jpeg, tiff, and mdb.

We achieve all this with our state-of-the-art OCR technology; it extracts hidden value from your legacy data, ensuring no potential insight is overlooked. Whether you are converting a handful of paper documents or a high volume of pages, OCR ensures scalability. OCR, coupled with our meticulous quality assurance, handles the complexities of tabular data and graphical content, ensuring accurate recognition of specialized materials.

Customer Success Stories

Case study on Business Journal Indexing

Provided OCR conversion services to a reputed university in the UK

A reputed university in the UK sought to digitize historical tables from 1900 to 2000. We completed a ten-page trial within a day, which led to us bagging a full-time contract for 70,000 pages.

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Case study on Contact Information Data Mining

Provided scanning and digitization services to a Parisian fashion designer

An accomplished fashion designer based in Paris sought assistance in digitizing measurement sheets for dress designs. The successful trial led to a full-time contract for 25 dress designs, each with 15-20 components.

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Document Digitization Services We Offer

Our digital document services seamlessly integrate with microfilm and microfiche scanners, enabling batch scanning and post-scan quality enhancements. Automatic filing, annotation, indexing, and OCR capabilities ensure quick organization and easy retrieval. Some of our data digitization services are as follows -

  • Document Management

    Document Scanning Services

    Our expertise ensures efficient retrieval, secure data management, and streamlined workflows. We use software like Alfresco, SharePoint, and DocuWare that enhance employee collaboration, content and record management, and other workflow functionalities.

  • Indexing and Image Tagging

    Indexing and Image Tagging

    Our comprehensive indexing boosts search efficiency, while our image tagging increases internal search and search engine visibility, leading to increased traffic and swift tagging of extensive datasets. We perform seamless API integrations for smooth platform connectivity, ensuring effortless retrievability.

  • Forms Processing Services

    Forms Processing Services

    Enhance efficiency and cost savings through our form processing expertise. Our bespoke approach ensures that each form, from insurance claims to medical records, is processed with the utmost care, leveraging custom algorithms designed for your unique data requirements.

  • Transaction Processing Services

    Transaction Processing Services

    We streamline transaction processing with custom OCR for real-time data extraction, seamless integration with databases and ERP systems, and robust validation algorithms. We prioritize security through encryption, while our scalable solutions support high volumes with speed and accuracy.

  • Survey Processing Services

    Survey Processing Services

    We deliver exceptional data handling through intuitive design recognition software, capturing survey responses regardless of layout complexity. We offer multilingual support to process global surveys with accuracy, and our cloud-based infrastructure ensures easy access and collaboration across teams.

Document Digitization Solutions for All Document Types

Our expertise unlocks valuable insights from the following document types and streamlines data management for your organization's success -

  • Paper Documents

    Our streamlined digitization process unlocks the potential of paper documents, converting them into easily accessible digital assets that enhance workflows and improve data management.

  • Large Format

    We specialize in transforming large format documents, blueprints, and plans into high-quality digital files, ensuring the preservation of intricate details and design integrity.

  • Photos and Films

    Our innovative scanners are capable of digitizing photos, albums, and negatives, storing them in digital formats. We eliminate the need to manually search through physical collections and provide convenient access to images through our indexing services.

    High-quality images are captured and stored digitally, ensuring effortless retrieval whenever needed.

  • Microfilm and Microfiche

    Utilizing precision scanning equipment, we digitize microfilm and microfiche with high-resolution imaging, ensuring archival-quality digital reproductions that are easily searchable and shareable.

  • Books

    Our innovative digitization process for books incorporates adaptive text recognition and layout analysis, ensuring that complex formatting and illustrations are captured with accuracy, providing an enriched digital reading experience.

  • Newspapers and Magazines

    We employ color-corrected scanning processes and metadata enrichment to digitize newspapers and magazines, enhancing the discoverability and preservation of historical print media for future generations.

  • Technical Manuals

    Our service includes meticulous indexing and hyperlinked content in digitized technical manuals, providing a user-friendly digital reference that is both comprehensive and easily navigable.

  • Aperture Cards

    Our expert digitization of aperture cards transforms compact data into valuable digital resources, extracting essential information for enhanced accessibility and utilization.

Global Document Digitization Solutions

Experience unmatched accuracy and data integrity with our Offshore Document Digitization Services, where advanced automation meets meticulous manual oversight. Secure your sensitive information with confidence, leveraging our technical excellence in cross-border data protection and privacy.

  • Offshore Document Digitization Services

    Our offshore services feature a blend of automated and manual quality assurance checks, ensuring error-free digitization with a quick turnaround while maintaining data protection and privacy across borders.

  • Overseas Document Digitization Services

    We provide tailored solutions for overseas document digitization, harnessing local linguistic expertise for multilingual document handling and culturally sensitive data processing.

  • Remote Document Digitization Services

    Our innovative scanners are cWe provide tailored solutions for overseas document digitization, harnessing local linguistic expertise for multilingual document handling and culturally sensitive data processing. apable of digitizing photos, albums, and negatives, storing them in digital formats. We eliminate the need to manually search through physical collections and provide convenient access to images through our indexing services.

  • Online Document Digitization Services

    Our online services offer comprehensive API integrations, facilitating seamless data exchange between digitized documents and enterprise systems, boosting productivity and digital workflow automation.

Processes Driving Our Document Digitization Services

We consult with you to understand your needs, prepare and scan documents at high resolution, convert data using advanced OCR, index for easy retrieval, and securely store and deliver your digitized files. The steps to our meticulous process flow are laid out as follows -


01. Need Identification

In this initial stage, we closely collaborate with clients to gather their specific requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of documents that need to be digitized.


02. Document Alignment

We meticulously align the documents, securing them along the upper or lateral edge with a fold-back clamp. This ensures that all pages are arranged in the correct order and orientation, ready for scanning.


03. Document Scanning

Our advanced OCR program comes into play here, reading and interpreting the structure of each document. It breaks down the document into sections, words, and characters, mapping each character with an array of pattern images to ensure accurate digitization.


04. Digital Format Transfer

At this stage, we save the data in a variety of formats such as RTF, DOC, XLS, HTML, PDF, and TXT. Additionally, we can convert the data to Windows Office Applications like Excel, Word, or Adobe Acrobat, based on the client's needs.


05. Document Indexing

Here, we add relevant metadata and indexing information to each digitized document. This involves assigning keywords, tags, and descriptions that facilitate easy search and retrieval of the digitized files.


06. Document Storing

The digitized documents are stored in a secure and organized digital repository. We implement stringent data management practices to ensure the safe storage of your valuable data.


07. Final Quality Check

A thorough review and cross-examination between the original documents and the digitized OCR files is conducted. This helps us identify and correct any misinterpreted characters, ensuring the highest quality of digitization.

Differentiator of our document digitization solutions

Our document digitization services streamline your data management, converting paper files into searchable, digital formats. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure your data is secure, accessible, and optimized for your business needs. The following factors differentiate our market position as a document digitization company -

  • Cutting-edge OCR

    Leverage OCR’s precision in extracting, processing, and categorizing data—a catalyst for high productivity and efficient cost control, including manual data entry and physical document storage costs.

  • 2-Pass Precision

    The first pass ensures that our specialists execute tasks with high accuracy, and the second pass entails a meticulous review of errors for generating impeccable scans.

  • Tailored Approach

    From customized workflows to specialized metadata fields, we go the extra mile to ensure that our services adapt to your requirements. Our commitment to innovation extends to software integration, enabling a cohesive digital ecosystem.

  • Cloud Storage Solutions

    Migrate from outdated storage and fragmented data systems to our secure cloud repository. Our cloud storage guarantees protection against damage, theft, and loss, ensuring uninterrupted access to and seamless retrieval of critical information.

  • Technical Expertise

    We have 100+ skilled professionals who redefine efficiency and data-driven decision-making, offering more than just a process. Our team ensures meticulous project management, precise scanning, efficient data entry, rigorous quality assurance, and more.

  • Scalability and Timely Delivery

    Our dynamic resource allocation strategies and parallel processing capabilities ensure that we can scale our services on-demand and adhere to strict deadlines, delivering digitized documents with exceptional promptness.

  • Quality and Accuracy

    By integrating machine learning algorithms with OCR, we continuously enhance the precision of text recognition, and our double-verification system ensures near-perfect accuracy in the digitized output.

Data Digitization Services for Diverse Industries

With a focus on industry-specific requirements, our data digitization services employ advanced algorithms, cutting-edge technology, and secure practices to transform traditional documentation systems across industries. We customize our approach to each sector, ensuring efficient conversion of physical documents into secure digital formats.

  • Education


    We enable universities and colleges to digitize their vast resources, facilitating better research, enhanced classroom learning, and efficient administration.

  • Federal Government

    Federal Government

    Our experts help federal agencies transition to digital platforms, streamlining workflows, enhancing data security, and promoting transparency.

  • Finance


    Our document digitization services enhance data management, compliance, and security for financial institutions, facilitating efficient operations and informed decision-making.

  • Historical


    We help museums and libraries digitize historical materials, preserving cultural heritage and improving accessibility for researchers and the public.

  • HR/Personnel


    Our services enable HR departments to transition to digital platforms, streamlining processes, enhancing data security, and improving employee engagement.

  • Legal & Corporate

    Legal & Corporate

    Our services help corporate legal departments transition to digital platforms, streamlining workflows, enhancing data security, and promoting transparency.

  • Media & Publishing

    Media & Publishing

    We enable publishers to digitize their content, facilitating better content management, wider distribution, and enhanced reader experience.

  • Medical


    Our document digitization services enhance data management, compliance, and security for healthcare institutions, facilitating efficient operations and informed decision-making.

  • State & Local Governments

    State & Local Governments

    Our services help state and local government agencies transition to digital platforms, streamlining workflows, enhancing data security, and promoting transparency.

  • Utility Companies

    Utility Companies

    Leverage our services to transition to digital platforms, enhancing data management, streamlining workflows, and promoting environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage.

  • Hospitality


    Our experts enable hotels and restaurants to digitize their documents, facilitating better data management, faster service, and enhanced guest experience.

The Benefits of Our Document Digitization Services

Our document digitization services enhance organization and productivity through intelligent categorization and tagging, streamlining the editing and retrieval process with intuitive user interfaces.

  • Easy to Duplicate

    Our digitization solutions incorporate redundancy protocols, ensuring that duplicate copies are stored across multiple secure locations for disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • Faster Access

    Leveraging innovative caching techniques and content delivery networks, we ensure that your digitized documents are retrieved with exceptional speed, regardless of user location.

  • Easy to Transport and Share

    With our service, sharing digitized documents is encrypted and trackable, providing secure and accountable distribution channels for sensitive information.

  • Compatible with Various Data Formats

    We ensure compatibility with the latest data transfer protocols and standards, facilitating seamless integration with existing digital ecosystems and emerging technologies.

Technologies We Use

Adobe Acrobat Pro Intelligent Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition DocuWare

Additional Services to Enhance Organizational Efficiency

Data Conversion Services

Our expert team seamlessly converts data between formats, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. From legacy updates to system migrations, we handle diverse formats while maintaining data integrity.

Data Entry Services

We handle forms, invoices, surveys, and more with meticulous attention, streamlining your data management processes. Our team ensures error-free entry, transforming physical records into accessible digital data, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Data Processing Services:

Our team ensures precise data handling, transforming raw information into structured formats for informed decision-making. We streamline processes, identifying trends and patterns within your data, enabling informed strategies.

OCR Services

Our OCR solutions ensure data accuracy, streamline operations, and convert data into popular formats like PDF and Word. Unlock the potential of our comprehensive OCR services that combine innovative image recognition and enhancement technologies.

Catalog Processing Service

Our proficient team classifies products, refreshes descriptions, manages pricing, and maintains uniform data throughout your catalogs. Rely on us to proficiently showcase your products and craft a seamless shopping experience for your clientele.

eBook Conversion Services

We skillfully convert print materials into user-friendly digital eBooks, guaranteeing compatibility across devices and platforms. Enhance your audience's reading experience with accessible and engaging digital content.

Customer Success Stories

Spreadsheet to Excel Conversion

How to Convert Scanned Spreadsheet to Excel using OCR?

Learn how to transform your scanned spreadsheets into Excel with ease using OCR technology. A step-by-step guide to digitize your data efficiently.

Read the case study
Best Practices for Successful Data Migration

10 Best Practices for Successful Data Migration

Ensure a smooth data transition with our top 10 best practices for successful data migration. Minimize risk and enhance your data integrity today.

Read the case study


Imagine the possibilities when your data is at your fingertips—accessible from anywhere and fortified by our secure cloud storage. The seamless migration of your documents into the digital realm empowers collaboration and unlocks new opportunities for analysis and decision-making. As you focus on your core operations, we ensure your data is organized, searchable, and protected.

What sets us apart? Our advanced scanning technologies, secure cloud options, and customized solutions are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are seeking data entry, conversion, processing, OCR, cataloging, or even comprehensive data migration services, we have you covered. We take pride in not only delivering digitized documents but also providing a reliable solution that enhances your business's resilience and agility.

We are not just a service provider, we are your strategic partner in optimizing workflows, enhancing data security, and boosting productivity. Experience the transformative power of our document digitization services and let us be the catalyst for your business's success. Join us and experience the future of document management today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of digitizing documents for my company?

Document digitization offers numerous benefits for your business, including enhanced data security, improved accessibility and searchability, reduced physical storage requirements, and streamlined workflow processes, leading to cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Which varieties of documents are suitable for digitization?

Almost any type of document can be digitized, from simple text files, contracts, and invoices to complex blueprints, historical archives, and medical records. Our digitization process is adaptable to a wide range of document formats and sizes.

How well-protected is data once it's digitized?

Digitized data is highly secure and wellprotected by advanced encryption methods, access controls, and backup systems to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and loss. Regular security audits further ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your digital documents.

Is it advisable to dispose of physical documents post-digitization?

Disposal of original documents after digitization depends on legal requirements and your company's policies. It is often acceptable, but always verify retention regulations and ensure the digital versions are legally recognized and backed up before discarding originals.

In what ways can digitized documents be accessed?

Digitized documents can be accessed via a cloud-based document management system (DMS), which allows for remote access, searching, editing, and sharing across multiple devices and platforms, provided there is internet connectivity.

What are the cost considerations for document digitization services?

When evaluating the costs for document digitization services, consider factors such as the volume of documents to be digitized, the complexity of the documents, the level of indexing and metadata required, the need for additional services like OCR or data extraction, and any ongoing costs associated with cloud storage or DMS solutions.