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Case Study on Data Management Services on Zoho for a Client in the US

O2I's Data Management Services to A Funding Company in The US Led to Increased Business Closures

The Client

The client is a prominent company specializing in financing and leasing solutions for commercial equipment. With a track record of funding numerous transactions since 1975, they serve as a dependable financial provider for small businesses, vendors, and brokers throughout the United States.

The Requirement

The customer reached out to us with a request to enhance the lead acquisition turnaround on the Zoho platform right after receiving an inquiry. Initially, they had an internal staff to handle this task, but now they sought to consider outsourcing alternatives for improved outcomes.

The Challenges

The client's internal staff member was supposed to create a Lead in Zoho within an hour of receiving an inquiry from a potential customer via their company website. However, this timeline was consistently missed due to additional responsibilities, resulting in delays of 2-3 hours in certain cases. These delays, along with other confusions, led to numerous duplicate inquiries being generated.

As a result, the sales team missed crucial opportunities to promptly engage with prospects. The situation was exacerbated when multiple sales team members contacted the same client due to data duplication, leading to lost sales closures. Despite trying various approaches to resolve the problem, the client was unable to bridge this gap.

Our Solution

We worked on a free trial for a week and focused on building the client’s confidence in us. A dedicated resource was assigned to handle the trial, which they completed successfully. To enhance communication and efficiently record the list of inquiries, we created a chat room within Zoho and implemented a Google spreadsheet.

Business Impact We Created

With the quick TAT and quality, the client was able to see an improved response time toward potential inquiries by their sales team and increased business closures.

The Outcome

During the trial period, the dedicated resource worked full-time and consistently generated leads in Zoho within the designated one-hour timeframe. They also took great care in updating the Google spreadsheet, ensuring no duplicate inquiries were recorded.

Additionally, they actively communicated in the chatroom and established a positive relationship with the client. Thanks to their efforts, the trial was a success, and we seamlessly transitioned to live onboarding of the process.

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