Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

Reflowable eBook Conversion Services

Get device-optimized reflowable eBook conversions to ensure a consistent reading experience for your audience at prices starting at $0.25/page

Are you looking to publish your book electronically in the digital format to enable you to reach the highest number of readers? Do you want to convert your book into a format that works across most electronic devices? Are you interested in making your eBook compatible with most devices in the reflowable ePUB3 format? If you've nodded yes to any of the above questions, then we are here to help.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading provider of eBook conversion services, including reflowable eBook conversion services. The ePUB format is a standard digital publishing format and works with most eReaders and electronic devices. Within the ePUB format, there is the reflowable and fixed-layout formats. The reflowable format is great for text-heavy books and is a format where the content automatically adjusts to a device's screen size, allowing for a more seamless reading experience.

Reflowable eBook Conversion Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a leading provider of reflowable eBook conversion solutions and has experience in handling many types of reflowable eBook conversion requirements. When working on our eBook conversion projects, we seek to understand our clients' requirements in detail in order to provide highly specific and custom services that are of top-quality.

Our reflowable eBook conversion services include -

  1. Ensuring Flexibility

    Ensuring Flexibility

    We ensure that all the content in the pages of your eBook adjusts its orientation and fits into any screen size. This makes your book flexible and easily adaptable to different mobile devices.

  2. Providing a Comfortable Reading Experience

    Providing a Comfortable Reading Experience

    As a leading reflowable eBook conversion service provider, we ensure that the content in the eBook always perfectly fits the screen size and that the users do not need to constantly adjust the page. This provides a comfortable reading experience.

  3. Font Changes

    Font Changes

    We ensure that when the font size is increased or decreased, the line break also changes and that the rest of the text appropriately aligns itself. We provide the freedom to change the font style and size so that the text can expand and reflow.

  4. Device Support

    Device Support

    Our reflowable ePUBs are accepted by most of the eBook readers, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. Our reflowable eBooks will be in the ePUB format, which is openly available and is supported by many reading devices.

  5. Image Optimization Services

    Image Optimization Services

    We optimize the images in the reflowable ePUB to ensure that they appear in the best way possible and that they are legible.

  6. Interactive Features

    Interactive Features

    We provide standard interactive features in our reflowable ePUBs, including zoom, search, and highlighting capability.

Why Outsource Reflowable eBook Conversion Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing reflowable eBook conversion services to Outsource2india provides you with a host of benefits that you can take full advantage of. We are also a highly reputed provider of reflowable eBook conversion services in India and abroad. Some of the main benefits of working with us include -

  1. Affordable Pricing Options

    Our reflowable eBook conversion solutions are priced very competitively, making them affordable to a wide variety of entities.

  2. High-quality Services

    We are ISO-certified and have robust quality assurance processes in place to enable us to always provide extremely high-quality reflowable eBook conversion solutions.

  3. Short Turnaround

    Our reflowable eBook conversion experts will always provide the eBook conversions well within the stipulated time.

  4. Data Security

    We take data security extremely seriously and are also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  5. Structured Process

    As a leading reflowable eBook conversion service providing company, we make use of a structured and streamlined process for the delivery of all our reflowable eBook conversion services.

  6. Superb Infrastructure

    We have the required infrastructure and talented resources to enable us to provide exceptional quality reflowable eBook conversion services.

  7. Tools and Technologies

    Our team uses the latest and best reflowable eBook conversion software to provide advanced and high-quality services.

  8. Experienced Team

    Our team has many years of experience in providing very-high-quality reflowable eBook conversion services.

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Working with O2I has been a wonderful experience. They quickly learned our business processes, adapted to all our requirements, and consistently performed well. They have also gone above and beyond their call of duty. They're reliable and a wonderful partner.

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Outsource Reflowable eBook Conversion Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a pioneer in providing high-quality reflowable eBook conversion services to clients in India and across the world. Our team is handpicked and comprises highly-qualified and skilled personnel that leverage the latest and best tools, techniques, and technologies to provide cutting-edge services. Over the years, we have worked with multiple authors, publishers, firms, and individuals to create exceptional-quality reflowable eBooks.

If you are looking for professional and cost-effective reflowable eBook conversion services, get in touch with us today!

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Reflowable eBook Conversion Services FAQs

  • What is a reflowable eBook?

    With a reflowable eBook, you can resize the fonts and the book will reorganize itself. You can make fonts bigger or smaller and the page will just flow to the next thing.

  • What is a reflowable EPUB?

    In a reflowable EPUB, all the content of the page changes its orientation to fit into any screen size. It is flexible and efficiently adapts to different mobile devices.