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Interactive eBook Conversion Services

Outsource Interactive eBook Conversion Services

If you are facing any issue regarding eBook conversion then, outsource interactive eBook services for accurate and high-quality conversion at rates starting at $0.25 per page

eBook conversion is the process of converting books which are either in analog or any other incompatible digital forms into more optimized and easier to read digital systems. It's one of the new strategies that not only authors but also businesses leverage to reach a wide range of audiences. If you wish to publish an e-boom or looking for an interactive eBook conversion service provider, then Outsource2india is the right place. O2I offers specialized interactive eBook conversion services to publishers, universities, corporations, and authors, worldwide. O2I provides facilities to convert files into PDF, MS word, etc. to any authorized professional electronic device formats as per the need.

O2I's interactive eBook services in India include formatting and interactive eBook conversion services for documents that are used on tablets, iPads, Kindle Smartphones, etc. We have different eBook formats as per the screen size and varying e-readers. Our skilled teams can convert all digital and print titles into interactive eBook accounts, which include multimedia content and other aspects like audio, video, 2D animation, 3D animation, footnotes, annotations, and cross-references, etc.

Interactive eBook Conversion Services We Offer

O2I's Interactive eBook services in India are very popular in the world as we employ highly skilled and experienced professionals for each client. These teams not only ensure precise eBook production but also finish it within a quick span. The interactive eBook services we offer are -

  1. Tagging and Linking Table of Contents

    Tagging and Linking Table of Contents

    For every eBook conversion, we put a link to the headline to make it easy for readers to visit. We also insert tags (A tag is a short form of HTML) in the content. Tags are used to show the most popular website or blogs and help the visitor find more information.

  2. Proof of Images

    Proof of Images

    The images, documents, and other details related to it are saved. We also provide you with a copy of all these documents as proof of ownership.

  3. PDF Conversion Services

    PDF Conversion Services

    O2I professionals are skilled to convert PDF files into other formats like JPEG, IMG, etc. While doing so, we ensure that there is no loss of concept or context.

  4. Re-pagination


    All pages in the eBook are correctly numbered by us. This shows the sequence of pages in a book, document, or, manuscript by placing the numbers or other characters on the same leaf.

  5. Cleaning-up Page Numbers and Page Headers

    Cleaning-up Page Numbers and Page Headers

    Our services also include keeping the information in the right place. So, we work on keeping the headers, footers, and numbers to be present at the proper spot.

  6. Children's Story Book Comic Book

    Children's Story Book Comic Book

    Fictional books that can be read by children. Storybooks or comic books that are adored by children are available here.

  7. Educational or Medical Health Related Books

    Educational or Medical Health Related Books

    O2I experts know the vitality of maintaining accuracy in medical health and educational eBooks. Hence, we have experts who do highly qualified eBook conversion.

  8. Travel Guides

    Proof of Images

    O2I teams have staff who love to wanderlust. So, they know exactly what they want to see in a travel guide. So, we convert travel guides or information in it without a flaw. You can get information about which places to travel to, or what is the significance of the place.

  9. Edutainment Books

    Edutainment Books

    We offer to convert information about all types of entertainment modes such as video, audio, animation. Things that are related to entertainment.

Interactive eBook Conversion Services Process We Follow

As an ISO certified interactive eBook service provider, we have been providing world-class eBook conversion services for more than two decades now. One of the prime reasons to achieve this feat is our stringent process flow. Our robust process flow includes the following steps -


01. Digital Composition and Development

The first step involves setting up an efficient process like how to compose the matter and then develop it into an upgraded platform. Here the production of absolute interactive eBooks, expansion of metadata and programming happens


02. Design and Editorial Scrutiny

Here we design the segment according to preferences like mapping architecture as well as evaluation of various media features such as audio, video, computer graphics, visual effects, etc. It also includes sections like header, lessons, chapters, quotations, bullets and listing styles, side notes, embedded readers, development of functional prototypes, references, etc


03. Scope of Work

Then business development managers take charge and define the scope of work


04. Data Input

Once all the agreements and procedures fall in place, clients transmit their files, through a secured FTP channel


05. Implementation and assistance

Now we carefully implement the final product as an audit is done to showcase its highest quality as defined by the publisher and management of digital rights


06. eBook Conversion

In this step, the professionals use the latest software and updated technologies to execute the eBook conversion and produce accurate output


07. Testing and Quality Assurance

Here we do full content proofreading after the conversion and then it is compared with the source file. The QA and compliance checks are also done for various platforms and UI/UX, testing, etc. to ensure high-quality standards


08. Final Output

The final product, which is 100% error-free is sent to the clients through a secured FTP channel

Features and Benefits of Interactive eBooks Conversion Services

  • We incorporate support for SVG and MathML which adds a well-defined user interaction.
  • Using functions like Finger Painting, Canvas in eBook creates an impressive experience for the user.
  • It helps to utilize many videos or audio factors without any help of plug-in or flash techniques.
  • With an eBook, you can use CSS to make it easier to incorporate things like animations, alteration, and text shadows.
  • eBooks improve the presentation and styles of the content.
  • It brings a whole new experience of reading, learning, and influences one, towards illustrations and interactions.
  • These books have HTML5 & CSS3 facilities which have various capabilities for some dedicated apps to host the eDocuments, thereby saving cost.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Interactive eBook Conversion Services to O2I?

In addition to the best services that O2I offers, there are multiple reasons why customers choose to outsource interactive eBook services to us. Our interactive eBook services in India provide facilities like perfect software as per the screen size, development according to the preference of the reader, and many others -

  • High-quality

    international quality standards throughout the Interactive eBook conversion procedure. From receiving data until the execution of the final result, quality standards are maintained.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With the help of cloud-based infrastructure, a huge workforce and, stringent process flow, O2I completes each project within a quick time, also, ensuring high quality. This is one of the reasons why we have the greatest number of returning clients.

  • Flexible Pricing Facility

    We serve all clients ranging from small, medium, to large businesses. To justify each clients' budget, we charge for the services we offer. So, we give customized pricing options to every client based on their needs.

  • High Data Security

    Customer privacy is our prime motto. All details and documents shared with us are highly secured and kept safe from a data breach. In addition to the international standard data security system, we have placed CCTV cameras in and around the workspace.

  • ISO Certification

    O2I is an ISO certified interactive eBook service provider, thus, the software we use is fully authenticated and certified. So, there is no chance of having your data misused.

  • High Accuracy

    We have highly skilled experts who have hands-on experience of serving more than hundreds of clients. SO, we make sure that each client gets error-free and accurate interactive eBook services.

  • High Scalability

    O2I has witnessed the varying needs of hundreds of clients in two decades. This is why we have hired a large team and owned the necessary resources to match client needs. So, when you have O2I as an interactive eBook service provider, you are assured to get output on time.

  • A Dedicated Manager

    A dedicated manager is appointed as soon as the contract is signed. The dedicated manager is kept at full service for the customer 24/7 to fulfill any queries or any issues. The manager closely moves with you throughout the project and updates about each process.

  • Access to Experienced Professionals

    We are known worldwide for top-notch professional services. To provide the best interactive eBook service, we hire exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals to work on client needs. Each of them has experience in serving a minimum of 100 clients hailing from different time zones.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is ultra-modern in the market among all the others. It is highly secured with a data security system, CCTV surveillance that is maintained 24/7, and the latest software and technologies. If any up-gradation is required from the client-side, then we are always ready to equip before we serve.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Availability

    We give immense importance to support service. This is why we have multiple operating centers working in tandem to provide round the clock customer support. It helps us resolve any client query from around the world.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource Interactive eBook conversion services to O2I


We were very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfill future projects for us.

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Outsource2india has been a leading Interactive eBook service providing company in the world for two decades now. Our interactive ePUB and conversion services help a plethora of sections like authors, universities, corporates, publishing houses, etc. We possess the world's strongest workforce trained to work on the latest software and technologies to produce high-quality results within a quick span. We also have modern infrastructure like high-speed internet, a standard security system, secured data transfer channels, etc.

If you are looking for an efficient, trustworthy, and affordable interactive eBook service provider, then Outsource2india is the right choice. Whether you have a little or large requirement, short or long term, for any varying eBook needs, contact us right away and we will get in touch with you in a jiffy.

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