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Address Management Services

Outsource Address Management Services

Implement a valid and accurate address management system to foster enriching customer relationships, at rates starting at $7 per hour

Businesses need to have updated addresses of their customers at any point of time. This helps them get in touch with customers smoothly and remain in constant touch with them. However, in an ideal situation, addresses keep changing rapidly and keeping track of them can become hell of a task. A third-party address management service partner can make things a lot easier.

Address management service providers use advanced address management solutions to pull addresses from USPS data and keep the data up-to-date. We at Outsource2India have over 2 decades of experience in providing address management services to clients in the US. Our tech-driven solutions have helped them keep their customer address current and clean from all inconsistencies.

Our Comprehensive Address Management Services

As a renowned address management service provider, we provide a range of services to our clients aiming at enhancing their communication efficiency without burning a hole in their pockets and maintaining precision. These remarkable services include -

  • Address List Accuracy Service

    Address List Accuracy Service

    We key in addresses after validating and verifying them. As a result, we guarantee accuracy of every address entered. Our accuracy list service includes identifying and removing duplicate addresses, wrong entries, missed features, and wrong area codes. In keeping with advanced trends, we use automated addressing systems to check and map addresses with the postal service database. This helps us complete the process faster and with greater accuracy.

  • Delivery Management Service

    Delivery Management Service

    With this service we ensure every bounced mail reach their correct destination. We ensure this by identifying the change of addresses updating them in the database thereby ensuring, a drastic reduction of undeliverable mails. Our clients around the US bank on our delivery management services not just to cut down on delays in delivery but also by maintaining the most up to date entries in the database. In the process, we ensure there is no undelivered, rescheduled, and aborted deliveries that may arise from incorrect addresses.

  • Address Sequencing Service

    Address Sequencing Service

    Address sequencing is a service provided to mailers with over 90 percent address lists deliveries in a 5-digit ZIP Code. We provide an electronic option to mailers to process address files for sequencing. Our address sequencing service is designed to submit carrier route header cards, establish correct address formats, and have in place a delivery unit summary. We provide this service as a part of organizing address files for each of the commonly used carrier routes in urban and rural areas categorized by regional post offices.

  • Address Standardization Service

    Address Standardization Service

    Address standardization is the process of formatting an address to ensure it is as per the exact address format as prescribed by the US postal authority. It consists of a set of particular rules consisting of designate casing, abbreviations, punctuations, and correct ordering of address components for correct mailing. Our address standardization service entails converting non-standardized address format to standardized formats to make deliverable easy. We provide this service with the help of an up-to-date checklist of every format requirement as required by the postal body. Our clients bank on us for address standardization as well as clarity.

  • Zip Code Verification Service

    Zip Code Verification Service

    Zip code verification consists of validating postal addresses to ensure the zip is correct, valid and is as per mentioned in the address. Our zip code verification services entails verifying zip codes for the given address against the address validation APIs furnished by US postal department. We assist our clients meet zip code conditions mapping the provided zip code with that in postal data file, mapping the zip code with the town or city listed in the address and by ensuring the zip code provided is in the correct format.

  • Surcharge Validation Services

    Surcharge Validation Services

    The U.S. Postal Service levies a delivery surcharge for mails which changes with seasonal surge. The surcharge varies for domestic, international, and commercial shipments. Our surcharge validation services are designed to ensure the right surcharge is applied on a mail based on its weight and destination. Our clients bank on services to cut down unnecessary surcharges so that the client can be qualified for bulk mailing discounts. At the same time, we ensure that the surcharge levied is not below the standard charges.

  • Real-Time Service Alerts

    Real-Time Service Alerts

    This is an advanced service provided to carriers to help their customers keep track of every mail. With this service, we provide real-time information on the status of the mail. This is a part of the address management service that entails tracking every communication to update the client on delays, service disruptions, interaction with the postal facility, possible delivery time, recipient, etc. The service is provided on a multi-channel basis.

Our Address Management Process

As a well-known address management service providing company, our extensive address management capability is marked by a well-defined workflow. The process is done across a series of steps to ensure the data is corrected and standardized to eliminate all inconsistencies and convert the data into internationally-accepted formats. The data correction process takes care of end-to-end address correction, i.e., from verifying zip codes to spotting misplaced or missing special characters and rectifying them in the address data. Our address management system involves the following steps -


01. Understanding Data

First, our experts study your data to identify the range of inconsistencies. They look into aspects such as data age, format inconsistencies, practices adopted to enter data, changes in postal records, identifying duplicate data, etc.


02. Preparing Checklist

Once a detailed report of the inconsistencies is identified, we draw a checklist to remove the flaws. The checklist helps us check every address for all the common inconsistencies. The assigned team is made to go through the list to get a proper understanding of requirements


03. Automate Address Correction Process

Once the checklist is ready, we automate all processes that can be automated. In the automation process, we bank on the address auto complete feature of an automated tool to properly format address. For corrections that cannot be updated automatically, we rely on manual process


04. Connect to Source

As part of the validation and correction process, we connect the address data with all those data sources from which correct information has been scooped. This helps your representatives to validate data (in case the need arises) at their end and achieve a single customer view


05. Quality Check

The address correction is commonly done in a series of phases. Once each phase is completed, we carry out a simultaneous manual check for ensuring the quality is met. Our quality control process is designed to ensure all unusable data is unearthed and corrections made appropriately to make the database precise and fully functional

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Why Outsource Address Management Services to Outsource2india?

Address management outsourcing is highly popular because the most organizations do not have the time to pay much attention to the meticulous task of data entry and updating of addresses. However, there are several advantages of address management services especially when it is outsourced to third-party providers. Some of these include -

  • Cost Savings & Quality

    Outsourcing of postal address management service leads to considerable cost savings. Besides cost control, the quality of service rendered is exceptional as shipments to correct address help to meet all marketing objectives.

  • Address Validation

    Outsourcing helps to ensure that all addresses in the database is validated. This in turn, for instance, ensures correct supplier addresses for businesses. A validated address list helps in backing the decision process with correct and on time procurement from the right supplier.

  • Efficient Process

    An outsourced address management service rendered by an up-to-date service provider depends on automated data key in process. This means automatic fill up of missing data such as province, territory, or country code. All of this leads to more security and accuracy of data entered and helps in maintaining business competitiveness.

  • Reduced time for management

    Proper address management achieved through outsourcing can help in reducing the operational time for organizations. This helps in meeting business objectives with greater efficiency. Precise and complete databases ensure there is no loss of time trying to find addresses thereby expediting the overall procurement and delivery process.

  • Satisfied Clients & Better Brand Reputation

    One of the biggest benefits of having a detailed and complete database is supporting customers in the shipment and post-sales phases. The same shipment can be delivered to the person on time and without having to contact the person. This invariably leads to greater customer satisfaction and thereby contributes to enhancing company reputation.

  • Improved Customer Communication Efficiency

    We assist our clients to keep up with deadlines through real-time collaboration. By standardizing your address databases, we help your business capture several opportunities to communicate with customers that could have been missed because of insufficient address data.

  • Reduced Rate of Returned Mail

    Our address management experts create a database only after validating every address from all angles. This helps our clients significantly reduce the chance of mails remaining undelivered.

  • Automated Tools

    We use the most sophisticated tools to expedite the process of address corrections and address updates. We choose tools that meet the needs of complete address verification cycle, i.e., from collection to validation and standardization. This includes automation tools that identify inconsistencies in codes and format in a matter of minutes.

  • Skilled Experts & Workflows

    Our address management service is driven by experts who keep themselves updated with the latest industry conventions on address database management. Our clients keep coming to us because of the best address management practices we follow and our well-defined workflows.

  • Round-the-Clock Service

    We provide our clients with 24/7 service. This is because we operate from different global centers which help us leverage the time zone advantage. As a result of our global presence, we can provide guaranteed turnaround.

  • Assured Data Protection

    Data contained in addresses is a soft target for cyber-attacks. Up-to-date address information is worth several hundred dollars. Third-party companies that handle address management take all necessary steps including investing on technologies to prevent cyber-attacks. This ensures complete data safety and security.

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Outsource Address Management Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2India has over 2 decades of experience in effective sorting and uniform formatting of address data. Our process is driven by the most advanced tools and experienced address management staff. We specialize in sorting contact data such as addresses for different requirements and create profiles in the database. These updates may include additional information inclusion such as product interests. Our address management services along with our data entry services have been used by our clients for direct marketing, dialog marketing, and contact management. We have streamlined the services for number of clients across industrial domains to improve their customer relationship management (CRM), boost customer loyalty, and reorient strategies to make it more customer centric.

If you are looking for the best address management service in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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