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Product Information Management Services

Outsource Product Information Management Services

Save a best-fit PIM software and user-friendly inventory of your product data at reasonable costs by outsourcing product information management services to O2I

The unexpected growth of the digital marketing niche over the years has increased selling opportunities for e-commerce businesses. Also, it has made them face multiple challenges and complexities to cope with rising demand. Businesses with several products in their repository are at a higher risk of witnessing huge losses due to intricate product information management. This complexity in the business can be eliminated by outsourcing product information management services to an expert third-party like Outsource2india.

If you have multiple online channels for selling products and are facing issues in tracking your inventory or it is not showing accurate product information to customers, then Outsource2india will help resolve it quickly. O2I has been a leading product information service providing company for more than two decades now. We have a huge workforce, modern infrastructure, exposure to possible challenges in the industry, and many more. Also, we appoint a dedicated team for each client to ensure that high-quality and error-free product information management solutions are provided within the given deadline.

Product Information Management Services We Offer

Outsource2india is a well-known product information management service provider that helps organizations take a strong leap from their legacy systems into highly innovative product information management systems that let them channelize product information for SKU operations. Our experts are skilled in B2B & B2C e-commerce sectors and assist you in choosing and integrating the right product information management system to maintain a central repository and product data for a robust online sales process.

O2I offers product information management solutions of product application data, product files and images, technical data of products, and descriptions for SEO and SMO. Being a product information service providing company, we manage and provide the product data services, including -

  1. Collecting and Compiling Product Data

    Collecting and Compiling Product Data

    Properly organized product data is necessary for businesses to access their repository effectively. O2I's product information management specialists collect your data, then track, gather, and compile all scattered data from resources like ERP systems, supplier databases, or marketplace inventories to produce accurately organized data.

  2. PIM System Consulting and Implementation

    PIM System Consulting and Implementation

    There are a plethora of PIM software systems in the market. But zeroing in on the right software for your business operations needs expertise and scrupulous analysis. Therefore, O2I's experts find the best PIM software as per client needs and make sure that clients implement and migrate to it flawlessly. In addition to PIM software management, our staff helps you adapt to the new technology for smoother functioning.

  3. Master Data Management

    Master Data Management

    We help clients in creating a single repository system and enable them to publish products across multiple eCommerce platforms with just a click. It helps you quicken the listing process and maintain consistent communication with online sales channels.

  4. Data Clean-up

    Data Clean-up

    Do you often keep track of all product data in the system? Do you remove the unwanted product data? Yes, e-commerce stores may have useless or outdated product data that is taking up storage space. O2I's experts meticulously go through your back-end product data and listings to remove the unwanted product data and maintain relevance with the customer interface.

  5. Managing Data Quality

    Managing Data Quality

    To establish a connection with the client's audience, we offer them quality product data management services like product meta description review, enhancing data quality, data classifications, etc. to attract larger audiences.

  6. Aid in Printed Product Catalogs

    Aid in Printed Product Catalogs

    If a client wishes to have a printable product data catalog, we will provide properly optimized product data as per the client's requirements in their expected format.

  7. Manage Product Listings on Various Platforms

    Manage Product Listings on Various Platforms

    O2Is experts will also keep track of products on other e-commerce platforms where you are selling and manage the product data. Also, on the client's demand, we can optimize the product data for each sales platform effectively.

Our Product Information Management Services Process

Being a leading provider of product information management services in India and abroad, we have a unique and stringent process flow to make sure that clients get effective product data management across all selling platforms. The steps involved in providing our product information management services include -


01. Scope of Work

When you choose us as your product information service providing company, our experts meticulously coordinate with you to understand your requirements and define the scope of work


02. Access to Data

We then collect your login details to access your data and collect the information required for delivering the service


03. Product Data Analysis

Our team gathers complete data of all products from various sources and compiles it into a proper format


04. Roadmap Creation

Then, we create a PIM software system implementation roadmap and share it with clients for their review or suggestions


05. PIM Software Integration

When the client approves, we integrate the PIM software system with various online tools and e-commerce platforms that the client is associated with


06. Software Adoption

While integrating PIM software, we provide personal assistance or expert consultation to ensure that clients find it easy during migration and adoption to the new system


07. Support Services

After outsourcing product information management services successfully, we support our clients in resolving their issues or queries, if any

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Why Outsource Product Information Management Services to Outsource2india?

O2I certifies product information management services with a 100% moneyback guarantee if clients get low-quality and inaccurate product information. We proceed with operations according to your needs and have enough team members and resources to meet deadlines on time. Furthermore, by outsourcing product information management services to O2I, you will get a plethora of advantages, such as -

  • ISO Certified Product Information Service Providing Company

    Outsource2india has been a leading product information management service provider for a long time now and we are touted as one of the best in the world. Also, O2I is an ISO-certified records management software provider that delivers international standard services.

  • Cost-effective Services

    O2I offers flexible pricing options where customers can choose customized product information management services. We charge our clients for the services they receive instead of charging them on the whole. This makes us special in the competitive market.

  • High Data Security

    At O2I, we give utmost importance to client data. We give equal importance to small, medium, and large businesses. As a globally renowned product information management provider, we have world-class security to keep client's data safe and confidential.

  • Short Turnaround

    Businesses require faster data management processes to sell products online. This is why we dedicate a huge team to provide quick services with quality, making us a highly reliable product information service providing company.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Being a premium product information service providing company with more than 15K satisfied clients (whom we have served with their respective niche services) around the globe, we maintain international standard workspace. Hence, we often upgrade ourselves with newly introduced PIM software, high-speed internet, and other valuable resources necessary for the workspace.

  • High Accuracy

    We strictly follow ISO guidelines along with in house instructions to deliver quality output. Our experts utilize records management software appropriately to manage product information accurately, which is verified by QA specialists to make it 100% error-free.

  • Highly Qualified Team

    We possess a large team of record management software specialists that has the expertise and efficiency to offer quality product information management solutions. With an experience of serving hundreds of clients, they are well trained in employing PIM best practices and assist you in having the best suitable PIM software for your needs.

  • Stringent Process Flow and Unambiguous Management

    O2I follows a simple yet stringent process to deliver high-quality product information management services. We create a user-friendly central inventory of product data that clients can easily handle and avoid any errors and complexities.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Service

    O2I has multiple support centers in the world to build faster communication with clients from varying time zones. Furthermore, we work in multiple shifts to respond to every client issue 24/7 throughout the year.

  • High Scalability

    O2I is aware of the fast-paced e-commerce business and stiff competition between multiple owners. So, as we give equal importance to each client, the onus is on us to cope with their fluctuating needs. However, clients have never faced any issue with us to date. It's because we have a huge workforce, the latest software and tools, high-speed internet, and safe data transfer channels to ensure clients receive their results on time.

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Outsource Product Information Management Services to Outsource2india


The quality of the deliverables I received was excellent and the work was also sent across very quickly.

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For all online product selling businesses, product information management is quite vital. However, not everyone can manage it flawlessly. This is why most businesses choose to outsource product information management services to a partner like us- O2I, who ensures that clients have easily accessible and manageable product information data. O2I offers cost-effective and customized product information management services including everything you need to create and formalize SKUs for your online platforms. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals that can even help you with SEO-optimized product descriptions, standard format, and product taxonomy architecture.

If you are looking to outsource product information management services to a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy partner, get in touch with us right away.

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Product Information Management Services FAQs

  • Why is product information important?

    Product information management or PIM acts as a central hub of an organization's data, including product content. It acts as a tool to manage the content seamlessly.

  • What is Product Information Management?

    A Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides a single place to collect, manage, and improve your product information, develop a product catalog, and distribute it.