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Outsource Tagging and Annotation Services

Tagging and Annotation Services

With the changing equations of competition on the internet, Image tagging and annotation services make way for technically superior visual marketing solutions. Though these services do not require specialized manpower, engaging in image tagging, annotation and bounding-box techniques can make a vast difference and change brand dynamics. At Outsource2india, we have the expertise in Data Management and the capability to streamline web businesses through our backend solutions. One of the O2I's offerings is Annotation & Tagging Services and we are up to date with the latest trends and techniques. In fact, team O2I can offer analytical direction and suggest techniques that will support the optimizing and monetizing efforts of visual content through easy-to-implement solutions.

Services We Offer

With over 25 years of experience in data management, O2I helps streamline businesses through our niche Image Annotation, Tagging, and Bounding Box Services. These Services offer great advantage in -

  1. Geo-Tagging - O2I provides solutions for location mapping projects which facilitates sharing of important geographical points
  2. Multi-label Classification - O2I's bounding box and tagging services help identify elements through multi-label classification associated with a single image simpler
  3. Image Detailing - Besides using text, O2I's bounding box and tagging services support in effective image display through multiple views and angles
  4. Image Descriptor - O2I's bounding box and tagging services can filter search results based on product characteristics and also transcribe inscriptions, signs and words on images
  5. Text Translation - O2I's services are useful in multiple language scenarios and with advanced techniques finding image-based text translations for search engines is simpler
  6. Image Retrieval - O2I's tagging and annotation services are useful in image retrieval by matching queries and corresponding annotations
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Tagging and Annotation Process We Follow

1. Defining the Scope of Work

Define scope and ensure details are available

2. Sample Project

Undertake execution of project based on client's inputs

3. Effort, Pricing & SLA

Indicate time, resources and pricing

4. Project Assignment

Set up team and resources by Project Manager

5. Execute Process

Based on the service - ensure all data is analyzed and sorted

6. Quality Check

Quality Assessment (QA) team performs quality checks and ensures all fields are filled and relevant information executed

7. Regular Delivery

Upload required output on to the client portal

Benefits of Outsourcing Tagging and Annotation Services to O2I

We have been in the Data Management industry for over 25 years and worked across various clients, industries and geographies. As an outsourcing partner, we constantly update our skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Web space needs specialized services like tagging and annotation which are simple but play an important role to monetize web sites. The benefits could be as simple as retrieving images quicker and faster or identifying the right audience with the right product.

Some of the reasons to choose O2I for tagging and annotation services are -

  1. Work with Experienced Data Entry Resources who are professionals at data management and data entry and with more than 10+ years of experience
  2. Scaling up with rising demand at a very short notice ensures both the client and O2I have mutual business benefits
  3. Defining Standards and Quality based on ISO levels where no compromises are made
  4. Minimizing Operational costs through cost-effective and timely services
  5. Create original concepts for data management based on the industry requirements
Agricultural Intelligence Platform gets Image Tagging from O2I

World's #1 Agricultural Intelligence Platform Gets Image Tagging Services from O2I
An Israel-based agricultural intelligence platform wanted us to handle their image tagging project. Our team of data entry experts provided the service quickly at highly affordable price.
Read the case study.

Choose Outsource2india for Reliable Tagging and Annotation

Our Tagging and Annotation Services have the O2I stamp of quality. Our team understands the right context in which the services are used and adapt to the client's preferred nomenclature. Though outsourcing Tagging and Annotation services are relatively new, our clientele includes fashion industry sites, e-com businesses, geospatial mapping companies to name a few.

Read the case study to know how Outsource2india's bounding box services helped a Singapore-based web solutions provider streamline their processes, and deliver 250,000 images a month with accuracy.

Do contact us now for Tagging and Annotation services - our team will be glad to cater to the requirements - call us today.

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