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Outsource Data Entry Security at Outsource2india

If your concerns about data entry security are preventing you from outsourcing data entry services, consider Outsource2india's (O2I) Data Entry Security. O2I is more than just a data entry company—we are one of India's largest providers of quality data processing solutions, and take our data entry services very seriously. O2I has taken every precaution possible when it comes to protecting your data.

Data Entry Security

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Your Data Entry Security Needs

When you trust your data services to O2I's Data Entry Security team, you know your information is kept strictly confidential. First, your data is retrieved through the safest means possible, secured with the help of email, folder and file encryption. While we work on your project, a regular backup of your data is always saved by us and stored in a separate location. Our data entry operators are never given access to your source files or possession of a complete document while working on your project. Once your project is complete, we will either return or destroy your source files as per your instruction.

Outsource2india's Solution

O2I's Data Entry Security ensures your data is protected at all times through the implementation of stringent security measures at every level, including -

  1. Site Security
    Our premises are protected by:
    • A security team present in our offices 24x7, to prevent vandalism
    • Electronic security doors to ensure restricted access
    • Surveillance cameras that monitor our offices day and night
    • Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
    • Access to customer data by authorized personnel only
  2. Data Security
    Your data is protected by:
    • A confidentiality agreement signed by all data entry operators working on your project.
    • Regular penetration tests and security audits.
    • O2I management immediately reporting any problems to you in the unlikely event of a security breach.
    • Required processes, procedures and security devices setup by O2I's IT team. Also, software and other configurations are setup based on customer or project requirements.
    • A daily backup of all data.
  3. Network Security
    Our networks are protected by:
    • Security policies for network access and passwords.
    • System-access policies offering limited access to select personnel.
    • Disabled jacks for pen drives and/or external drives on every system. Regular spot checks are also conducted.
    • Firewalls and the latest versions of antivirus software.
    • Systems operating on a secure server using 128-bit SSL encryption.
    • Password protection on multiple levels for all systems. Passwords are changed on a regular basis.
    • Data backups stored in a secure facility in case of unforeseen emergencies.
  4. Personnel Security
    Our data entry operators have:
    • ID cards that are verified in order to enter our offices.
    • Been trained on the importance of maintaining customer data security.
    • Signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before starting work on your project.
    • Been prohibited to use CDs, floppies, USB drives and personal laptops in the office.

Outsource2india's Secure Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Plans

In case of software or hardware failures, or inclement weather causing disruption to our business, we ensure that your work will carry on without delay at our other delivery centers. To ensure business continuity at all times, O2I has setup Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Physical Recovery policies.

Make Outsource2india Your Data Entry Security Solution

O2I's Data Entry Security assures you of information integrity at all levels. Contact us today for more information about our Data Entry Services.

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