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Your Data Privacy and Security Concerns Addressed

Data privacy, including personal information privacy, is always a concern for organizations and individuals looking to outsource their work. Indian companies have established themselves as trustworthy outsourcing partners by proactively addressing data privacy and security concerns. Outsource2india (O2I) is no exception. At O2I, we believe in constantly updating security measures to ensure our policies are in line with international requirements, and to make sure our customers can rest easy knowing their data security and privacy are never compromised when partnering with us.

Your Data Privacy and Security Concerns

O2I knows that data privacy and security aren't new concerns when outsourcing work. Whenever there is a transfer of sensitive or confidential information, the parties involved are understandably on edge. That's why our Data Privacy Policy is constantly updated to meet the demands of today's global economy, as well as India's data privacy laws, which are on par with international legislation.

Outsource2india's Solution

Along with stringent data privacy policies, O2I utilizes technology-driven protection devices and timely-detection mechanisms to maintain the personal data privacy of our clients. In addition, O2I recognizes that our employees' attitudes towards data privacy are key to addressing any security concerns our clients may have. To address this issue further, we conduct detailed background checks on all employees before they are hired, and require that they undergo training in data security processes and sign confidentiality agreements.

Some of O2I's security provisions include:

  • Secure Smart card and secure premises log-in
  • Secure remote access (VPN)
  • Single sign-on to enterprise and desktop applications

At O2I, we take data privacy and security very seriously. That's why we have dedicated a substantial portion of our budget to making sure that our security measures are built-in to our processes, IT infrastructure and network. To prevent security breaches and data misuse, O2I implements:

  • Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreements
  • Audit trails for all system activities
  • Access to systems for registered and authorized users only
  • Scanning of servers for penetration testing

Finally, O2I's network ensures data security, including data-mining privacy, with:

  • Totally-secured Cisco® VPN tunnel to clients
  • Secured Cisco® intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant optimized for LAN
  • Cisco® PIX® firewall to block all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) protection
  • Secure network firewalls
  • Secure encrypted web servers and laptops
  • Biometric access

India's Outsourcing Companies are Leading the Way

Data privacy and security have always been concerns when outsourcing work. Anti-outsourcing lobbyists in the US and the UK often claim data privacy and security concerns as some of the main reasons to curb offshore business partnerships. Companies are under increasing pressure from legislation that mandates customers' financial and medical data be kept safe. This can serve as a powerful deterrent for companies who may have been considering outsourcing, especially if they're unsure of the laws in countries like India.

Most data privacy and security concerns about outsourcing are unfounded. So what is India doing to combat misconceptions about outsourcing to their companies? India is fiercely determined to maintain its image as a safe destination for outsourcing. BangaloreIT.com is an IT summit held every year in Bangalore. International business experts, companies, and IT professionals educate participants on key issues like best management practices in outsourcing, wireless technology, third-generation technology and information security among other things. Companies and industrial organizations share information and updates on outsourcing and issues related to privacy and data security.

Indian organizations like the National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) have been playing a very pro-active role in enforcing data security in Indian companies. They encourage Indian companies to share information on back office workers, create a certification authority for safety, and plug gaps in Indian laws by familiarizing themselves with international laws.

NASSCOM's 4-step initiative creates awareness and sets guidelines adhering to international laws and best practices for companies and employees:

  1. Engagement:

    NASSCOM partners with various agencies and organizations like the Homeland Security Department, industry bodies, think-tanks and global security boards to advance the cause of e-initiatives.

  2. Education:

    NASSCOM works with the IT/ ITES sectors to educate professionals and lawmakers about the latest international laws and best practices.

  3. Enactment:

    NASSCOM also works with government bodies to enact policies and laws. Some important initiatives include:

    • Physical security – access codes, secure buildings, etc.
    • Network security – technological solutions including secure internet lines and telephone systems in our premises
    • Information security
    • Employee background checks
    • No access to internet, cellphones, email, instant messaging, and even paper or pens in certain settings
    • Stringent customer audits to ensure compliance with GLBA, HIPAA and other regulatory provisions
  4. Enforcement:

    NASSCOM works with police departments, legal experts, lawyers and corporate and industrial bodies to ensure constant checks are in place to recognize and initiate action against security breaches.

Other organizations and initiatives dedicated to data privacy and security in India are:

  • National Skills Registry: Since there is no central database of all citizens in India, running background checks on individuals is a challenging task. To address this challenge, NASSCOM has started the National Skills Registry (NSR) for IT and ITES personnel. This also allows for third-party background checks on people in the industry.
  • Cyber Lab: The India Cyber Lab is a public-private joint initiative. Cyber Labs have been established in many cities in India, including Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gandhinagar and New Delhi. These labs work with police departments to prevent cyber-crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. India Cyber Lab is also working on improving awareness about cyber-crime and developing technologically-advanced tools for criminal investigations.
  • Data Security Council of India (DSCI): The Data Security Council of India is a self-regulatory initiative in Data Security and Privacy Protection. It aims to provide awareness, conduct GAP analysis, devises best practices and standards, conducts conferences and certifies companies.

A combination of all these efforts ensures that Indian companies are kept on their toes regarding data security and privacy.

Make Outsource2india Your Safe, Secure Outsourcing Destination

The proactive measures put in place by the Indian government and individual companies, such as O2I, have definitely made an impact. Hill & Associates, an enterprise security and risk management consultancy firm, conducted a study that revealed the Indian cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai are low-risk outsourcing locations.

You can trust O2I to take good care of your data privacy and security. Contact us with any concerns you may have, and of course, to get a free quote for your outsourcing needs.

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