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Outsource eBook Data Entry Services

eBook Data Entry Services

Outsource2india (O2I) offers eBook data entry services to organizations around the globe. Professional data entry experts convert content from both electronic and paper sources into professionally formatted eBooks in any language. We can efficiently convert written documents, brochures, catalogs, books, articles, PowerPoint presentations, and white papers into eBooks to enhance their usability.

If you are looking to create eBooks from an MS Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign file, we can aid you. Professionals at O2I accurately convert your formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc., into unique eBooks, ready for immediate online publishing. While creating eBooks from a hard copy source material, our dedicated team ensures that images and photographs are included in the final product.

Outsource2india's eBook Data Entry Services

With Outsource2india as your partner, you have access to a dedicated team of technical and language professionals who are experts in their field. We transform your text into highly presentable eBook formats and help you take the final step towards publishing. Our eBook data entry services include -

  1. eBook Design

    eBook DesignThe design and layout of an eBook significantly impact its readability, look and feel, imagery, sequencing of the information, and defines how engaging it is for the readers. At O2I professional book, designers create unique book designs that capture target audience interest.

  2. eBook Editing

    eBook EditingWhether your book is a simple novel or an elaborate journal with tables, equations, footnotes, cross-references and pulls quotes, we have the flexibility and skill to edit to perfection.

  3. eBook Formatting

    eBook FormattingAt O2I, we aim to convert your content, images, tables, cross-references, hyperlinks into the most logical, readable and useable eBook possible. We use paragraph styles in your word document so that when the eBook conversion occurs, the paragraphs and heading levels are exactly as you intended them to be.

  4. eBook Creation

    eBook CreationO2I can work with print layout files, PDFs, manuscripts and more. We offer straight conversion from a manuscript into an eBook (how your book appears in your document will be how it looks in the book)

  5. Complex Conversions

    Complex ConversionsWe are able to work on highly complex standard eBook conversion jobs. This includes complex tables, long notes, captions, and sources, figures (images with captions and hyperlinks to/from the text), mathematical equations (boxed and inline), and complex nested lists and tables. We also work on lists of tables and numbers in the front, unsupported entities i.e. symbols that are not allowed in the standard format, glossary with links, large and complex diagrams, index footnotes links and index table figure links. Outsource2india's conversion support (post data entry) includes the following formats - MS Word, PDF, ePub, and Mobi.

  6. ePub and Mobi-Standard / Reflowing

    ePub Standard ReflowingAt O2I, we can aid you in creating eBooks in an ePub format perfect for Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPod touch and iPhone), most mobile apps (Stanza, Aldiko, Shortcovers), Android devices (phones and tablets), Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, and many other eBook readers. O2I also creates eBooks for Mobipocket - an eBook format supported on the Amazon Kindle eBook devices and tablets.

  7. Standard Format

    Standard FormatThe most widely accepted, user-friendly and easy-to-distribute format. In the standard format, there are no fixed pages and objects cannot be positioned on a page - instead, the eBook reflows depending on the user's device, screen size, and text size and font choices.

  8. Fixed Layout eBook

    Fixed Layout eBookWe base our fixed layout epub projects on the Apple iOS requirements, then test on other platforms and vendors to look for problems. There is no standard in a fixed layout ePub; instead, each vendor has its specifications. A fixed layout epub designed for Apple will also function on Android devices (in specific eBook software), as well as on Kobo devices.

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eBook Data Entry Process We Follow

At O2I we think about your book from a reader's point of view. We honor the spacing and formatting from the original print version. Our eBook data entry process includes the following steps -

Client Briefing  

01. Client Briefing

O2I Data Management Business Development Head has a discussion with the client on the kind of service required


02. Input

Client transfers script, text to be converted via email, shipment (if hard copy), Dropbox or FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

eBook Data Entry  

03. eBook Data Entry

O2I data management resources perform editing, formatting, and eBook conversion

Final Output  

04. Final Output

Final eBook sent to the client in the preferred format (Mobi, ePub, etc.) via FTP or Dropbox

Benefits of Outsourcing eBook Data Entry Services to Outsource2india

Outsourcing eBook data entry services to Outsource2india has several advantages. These include -

  • Increased Business Focus - Outsourcing electronic book data entry services to O2I allows you to focus on building core competencies in increasingly challenging business environments.
  • Enhanced Content Usability - eBooks offer a better medium to communicate your message to potential clients, as against paper formats. With content available in an electronic form, customers can access information on a noteBook, tablet, mobile or desktop.
  • Affordable Prices - We take into account the format we will be converting from, the level of complexity, and whether or not you wish to include enhanced features such as audio or video. Some books have only basic formatting, such as a novel, others have medium-complexity. Our pricing models include Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs), customized pricing, and hourly rates.
  • Trained Professionals - Skilled and trained professionals with proven experience in eBook data entry and conversion.
  • Short Delivery Times - At O2I, we ensure every book is completed on time and according to schedule.
  • Quality Assurance - Rigorous Quality Assurance processes help ensure accuracy. On completion of data entry, a team of proofreaders and editors check the output for grammatical and contextual errors.
  • Flexible Input - We can work with many source materials - PDF documents, Word files, printed copies, and scanned books.
  • Flexible Output - Depending on your requirements, we can deliver the final eBook files through email, FTP upload, or Dropbox, in various eBook formats including ePub and Mobi formats.

Choose Outsource2india for eBook Data Entry Services

To outsource eBook data entry services at the most affordable costs, and get a free quote and trial, contact O2I. At Outsource2india we offer an array of data management services including data categorization, data entry and more.

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