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Data Annotation Services

Outsource Data Annotation Services

Enrich and process millions of data points across image, text, audio, and video with our fully managed data annotation services

One of the key but often the under-looked fact about the AI revolution is how data has evolved in terms of quality to power ML and AI-based algorithms. Enterprises need a strategy to clean, enrich, process, and integrate their data to create an accurate database, which can be used to train AI/ML algorithms. For most organizations annotating data in-house becomes a time-consuming task. Poor data quality is one of the primary reasons why most AI projects never reach completion for organizations.

Leveraging the expertise of professional data annotation service providers like us gives you access to domain experts and a scalable workforce. We provide the necessary means to enrich and decipher your data faster. Our secure annotation platforms, combined with human intelligence at scale, enable us to annotate all data types.

Add meaningful metadata to your data sets and create high-quality labeled databases with our fully managed data annotation services.

Data Annotation Solutions We Offer

We use proprietary and third-party AI-based data labeling tools to create, decipher, train, and test unstructured data. Our data annotators have completed multiple data tagging and classification projects for clients across automotive, healthcare, retail, robotics, asset management, and other industry sectors. Our services include -

  • Image Annotation Services

    Image Annotation Services

    Identify, caption, and add keywords to various image attributes, creating meticulously tagged image data that power the computer vision models.

  • Text Annotation Services

    Text Annotation Services

    Convert raw text into comprehensible data with our text annotation services. We use human-operated tools and follow active learning protocols to develop expertly annotated text at scale.

  • Audio Annotation Services

    Audio Annotation Services

    Access an international network of qualified linguists to calibrate, improve, and develop voice-enabled applications with our audio annotation services.

  • Video Annotation Services

    Video Annotation Services

    Build precisely labeled and comprehensive video data sets with our services, which include object detection, video tracking, object localization, and more.

  • Conversational Data Annotation Services

    Conversational Data Annotation Services

    With a deep understanding of conversational AI data and relevant technologies, we deliver quality datasets that are exceptionally useful for training virtual assistants and chatbots.

  • Content Moderation Services

    Content Moderation Services

    Our trained labeling experts use AI and human-powered tools to identify and classify inappropriate content in every language. This includes detecting explicit languages and themes, threatening dialogs, age-bracketed content moderation, and more.

Post-annotation Support

Annotated data needs further processing to solve AI training-related problems. So, we provide post-annotation support, which includes the following -


Data Sequencing

We can decipher a text or time series with a defined beginning and end by recognizing names from the text, identifying particular paragraphs, and more.


Data Categorization

Categorize data based on binary or multiple classes, single labels, multi-labels, flat or hierarchic structures, and other parameters.


Data Segmentation

Spot objects or people in a picture or video, find important topics in a news broadcast, and check for paragraph splits with our data segmentation techniques.


Data Mapping

Connect data fields from multiple sources to reduce errors and standardize data with our data mapping assistance.

Data Annotation Techniques We Leverage

Some of the more prolific data annotation techniques that we can leverage to deliver value include the following -

 Semantic Segmentation
 Polygon Annotation
 Bounding Box Annotation
 Landmark Annotation
 Polylines Annotation
 3D Cuboid Annotation

Industries We Cater to

Our annotation support does not stop at accurate labeling. We serve clients across multiple industry sectors and deliver the final outputs in the formats of their choice. These include -

 Contractual Data Annotation
 Legal Data Annotation
 Financial Reports Data Annotation
 Patent Data Annotation
 Scientific Data Annotation
 Medical Records Annotation
 Insurance Claims Data Annotation

Data Annotation Process

We follow a holistic approach to annotating and processing data. This involves the following steps -


01. Collect Raw Data

Collect raw data from the client in the form of open/private data, audio, video, text, or image


02. Apply ML Catalysts

The data collected is prepared for annotation by applying ML catalysts


03. Labeling and Annotation

We leverage secure annotation platforms to identify, enrich, and tag data


04. Quality Assurance

Stringent multi-level quality checks are made at every stage of annotation to ensure accuracy


05. Deliver Annotated Data

Annotated data is delivered to the client in the format of their choice

Why Should You Choose Our Data Annotation Company?

Thriving with every challenging annotation project we complete, our services cater to diverse annotation needs. Following are some of the top benefits of choosing us -

  • Exceptional Quality

    Our services ensure the highest levels of accuracy, which is achieved through multiple stages of quality auditing and expert review.

  • Secure Services

    We work on confidential client data. So, we follow stringent data security measures and adhere to international process security standards to prevent data breaches.

  • Swift Turnaround

    Our dusk-to-dawn approach to complete data labeling enables us to deliver accurately annotated data sets within a short turnaround time.

  • Scalable Solutions

    We have multiple global delivery centers with the latest and most advanced annotation tools and platforms. This helps us provide turnkey solutions that are infinitely scalable.

  • Skilled Annotators

    Our trained and experienced annotators work on easy-to-use interfaces and process control setups. This helps us deliver superior data sets of precisely annotated data.

  • Skilled Annotators

    Our trained and experienced annotators work on easy-to-use interfaces and process control setups. This helps us deliver superior data sets of precisely annotated data.

  • Pricing Flexibility

    Benefit from our flat-rate prices. We scale our annotation pricing as your project advances to ensure you only pay for what you use.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Data Enrichment Services

Verify data accuracy, eliminate obsolete data, consolidate multiple data sources, and bring consistency into formatting with data enrichment.

Data Extraction Services

Parse, extract, and process large volumes of data from complex sources to create an actionable database with proficient data extraction.

Business Card Data Entry

Digitize your business cards, create and edit digital visiting cards, and update business card information regularly with business card data entry.

Data Labeling

Identify and tag raw data using informative labels to provide contextual relevance for training AL/ML models with data labeling solutions.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Semantic Annotation on Specific Entities of 80 Images with Great Accuracy

Outsource2india Provided Semantic Annotation on Specific Entities of 80 Images with Great Accuracy

A leading company wanted help with semantic annotation services. Our team provided the annotation services on specific entities of 80 images with high accuracy.

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O2I Provided Annotation and Bounding Box Services for a Visual Search and Image Recognition Company

Annotation and Bounding Box Services for a Visual Search and Image Recognition Company

The team at Outsource2india provided annotation and bounding box services to a visual search and image recognition company within the promised timeframe of 15 days.

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Outsource Data Annotation Services

We strongly believe that even the most advanced AI algorithm cannot solve routine problems without access to the right data. While access to data is always valuable, access to consistently actionable data is the biggest competitive edge that companies can get. So, we deliver data annotation outsourcing services that help facilitate data annotation projects for SMEs, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies, among others. Our team prepares data based on visual features and important variables to improve labeling accuracy.

Get next-gen cognitive labeling techniques to eliminate bottlenecks in your annotation pipelines with our custom data annotation services.

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