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Outsource Business Transcription Services

Every day, your business produces a large volume of audio and video content from conference calls, investor meetings and presentations. These meetings and calls are incredibly important as they often represent the presentation of key financial data, development of new business strategies and competitive strategies. So, it is important that they are transcribed by trained professionals that also guarantee confidentiality of data.

You can rely on the data transcription experts of Outsource2india for any of your business transcription needs. Our transcription specialists are well trained to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy and ensure that your business adjectives are protected at all times. Security, quality, and quick turnaround are all vital components of our business model that ensures you always receive exactly what you needed.

Business Transcription Services That We Offer

Our business transcription services include following options for public limited companies:

  • Video or Audio Webcasts of Quarterly Earnings Calls - These meetings will be reviewed by shareholders and stakeholders multiple times and therefore an accurate and quickly produced text version is very important
  • Analysts Calls - Analyst discussions can be filled with technical details, and transcription is very important to easily reference and use the discussed data
  • Investor Conferences - We can transcribe audio or video of your most recent investor conference to provide copies to each of your investors
  • Product Launch Conferences - When launching a new product, you want an accurate transcription on hand for your investors, media and any potential customers
  • Teleconferences - In general, it is important to have a written record of conferences between members of your management team for a number of business and legal reasons. We can produce such documents for you

The Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services to O2I

Business transcription is very important. It ensures you have a written record of all conversations pertaining to important legal, financial and marketing decisions in your business. So, it would be impossible to keep up with in-house transcription. At the same time, you cannot hire just anyone to perform transcriptions for your business - you need a firm that will guarantee confidentiality and accuracy in their work.

Outsource2india is one such firm that has been providing expert transcription services for many years. We ensure that when you provide us with audio or video recordings containing confidential business information; it is protected as per our data security and confidentiality policies. We carefully screen all of our employees and work closely with each client to ensure everything is done the right way.

If your discussions or meetings are recorded in audio or video format, you can rely on Outsource2india to provide accurate, error free transcriptions solutions that can be kept for future reference in your business.

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