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Business Transcription Services

Outsource Business Transcription Services

Get accurate and error-free transcripts of your critical business meetings, conferences, and interviews with our business transcription services

Accurate transcription records have helped businesses document critical information as well as avoid undue disputes and controversies.

With the modernization of communication, most business meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews, or brainstorming sessions require proper documentation of proceedings. However, the resource requirement and overheads associated with skilled transcriptionists prevents many organizations from leveraging the full potential of transcription for their business. To gain a competitive edge, business can partner with a skilled and experienced business transcription services provider - like us.

We offer a one-stop solution for organizations seeking reliable and cost-effective transcription services. Be it a conference call, meeting, or presentation - our experienced transcribers can provide accurate transcripts for audio and video recordings of any business event. We can transcribe in multiple languages, providing secure and confidential transcription services at affordable prices. With us, you can maintain your competitive edge without adding to your overheads.

Business Transcription Solutions That We Offer

We offer transcription for various proceedings, and our comprehensive solutions for businesses include -

  • Business Meeting Transcription Services

    Business Meeting Transcription Services

    To ensure easy information retrieval, we transcribe every type of business meeting accurately, including board meetings, staff meetings, and client meetings.

  • Business Audio Transcription Services

    Business Audio Transcription Services

    We can transcribe every type of audio recording, such as podcasts, webinars, and training sessions - irrespective of the audio format they are in.

  • Corporate Transcription Services

    Corporate Transcription Services

    For effective review and sharing processes, we can transcribe corporate documents such as company reports, financial statements, and shareholder meetings.

  • Focus Group Transcription Services

    Focus Group Transcription Services

    Under our transcription services for focus groups, experienced transcribers ensure that all participants are identified and all spoken words are accurately recorded.

  • Earnings Call Transcription Services

    Earnings Call Transcription Services

    With our accurate, on-time, and reliable transcription services, you can put forward the communications of your conference calls and review and analyze critical information.

  • Interview Transcription Services

    Interview Transcription Services

    Our experienced transcriptionists can cover multiple types of interviews such as job interviews, research interviews, and media interviews.

  • Conference Call Transcription Services

    Conference Call Transcription Services

    We provide comprehensive services that cover transcription for teleconferences and video conferences in a fast and reliable manner.

  • Dictation Transcription Services

    Dictation Transcription Services

    We will ensure that the dictated information is accurately transcribed. Our services cover business meetings, minutes of meeting, personal appraisal reports, and more.

  • Insurance Transcription Services

    Insurance Transcription Services

    With our error-free services, you can ensure that your claims details are recorded accurately. We provide transcription for insurance claims of all types, including property and medical claims.

  • Market Research Transcription

    Market Research Transcription

    Improve your research efforts on the market mood, trends, analytics, and customer feedback with our comprehensive market research transcription solutions.

  • Boardroom Transcription Services

    Boardroom Transcription Services

    Ensure every detail of board meetings is accurately recorded with our transcription services. Our transcriptionists will ensure that any critical information is free of errors.

Our Business Transcription Process

We leverage our streamlined transcription process for rapid turnaround, that includes the following stages -


01. Transfer Files

Client sends Audio/Video files via FTP/ VPN/ email/ Cloud-based transfer


02. Assign Work

Files assigned to transcription team for review and estimation


03. Transcribe Files

Audio/video files are transcribed by team based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


04. Quality Check

Quality Assessment (QA) team ensures accurate and error-free transcripts


05. Final Delivery

Final transcripts delivered to the client

Why Choose Us as Your Business Transcription Services Company?

To maintain written records of all conversations about legal, financial, and marketing discussions, companies can outsource their requirement to us and receive multiple benefits -

  • Professional Business Transcribers

    Our transcribers are familiar with the terms and jargon used by business corporations. All transcribers have a minimum of 5 years of experience in their respective fields and can handle large volume work without compromising on quality.

  • Multilingual Transcriber

    The transcription team with us includes multilingual transcribers with expertise in French and Spanish, enabling us to cater to various clients across the globe. Our transcribers have extensive experience in transcribing recordings that have a variety of accents and distortions.

  • Swift Turnaround

    We have multiple delivery centers in different countries that enable us to complete and deliver projects in short timeframes - with a usual turnaround time of 12-24 hours. However, turnaround time is subject to change based on the scope and complexity of a project.

  • High Quality Transcripts

    The QA team performs strict quality checks to ensure all transcripts are accurate and error-free. All transcripts have an accuracy level of more than 98%.

  • Data Security

    High priority is given to data security and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to clients' files. We sign confidentiality agreements for legal compliance and maintain a backup of all source files and final transcripts for easy retrieval in case of data loss.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We have a flexible pricing structure that is specially designed to suit the budgets of different clients. Our prices are based on the scope of the project and the client's preference.

Additional Services You Can Benefit from

Media Transcription Services

Our audio-visual media content transcription solutions include transcription for interview recordings, feature reports, documentary features, and more.

Video Transcription Services

We can handle the transcription requirements of a variety of video files, including CD / DVD, post-production, and advertisements.

Medical Transcription Services

Manage seasonal staffing fluctuations with our services. We can help you boost the accessibility and quality of your transcripts.

Audio Transcription Services

Our comprehensive services include transcription for multiple scenarios, including verbatim, screened, and ready-to-publish transcriptions.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Audio Transcription Services to a Company in the Education Sector

Provided Audio Transcription Services to a Company in the Education Sector

We transcribed lecture, seminar, and meetings for a US client. We provided transcriptions at affordable rates and delivered results within the stipulated time.

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Outsource2india Provided 18 Hours of Podcast Transcription for a US-based Client

Provided Transcription for 18 Hours of Podcast for a US-based Client

We transcribed real-estate investment podcast episodes that spanned 18 hours within a duration of 10 days. The results were delivered with 98% accuracy, leaving clients satisfied.

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Outsource Business Transcription Services Requirements to Us


Using this transcription service has saved me over one month of full-time labor and expense when compared to transcribing the audio interviews for the book I am working on.

Principal, Accounting company based in US More Testimonials »

We have been pioneers at providing transcription services to clients around the globe. As a resilient and reliable business transcription services company, we have helped business for over two decades. When clients provide us with audio or video recordings containing confidential business information, it is protected as per our data security and confidentiality policies. When you outsource business transcription services requirements to us, you partner with an organization that has extensive experience and expertise. Additional benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Improved compliance
  • Increased accessibility
  • More effective communication

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