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Why Outsource Voicemail Transcription Services?

Picture this scenario. You have had a busy day, and have all these voicemail messages on your phone that you have to listen and respond to. In addition these messages may contain important information that you have to write down and act on later. Sounds frustrating? Consider using a voicemail transcription service that converts your voicemails into simple text messages and lets you search your voicemail for a number, name or any other information. Isn't that what you need?

Never Listen To a Voicemail Again

Voice to text transcription allows you to read messages as well as listen to them. This feature can be especially useful in circumstances when you can't listen to voicemails - such as when you are in a meeting, or at a movie, or any noisy place. Further, reading the voicemail message instead of listening to it removes the ambiguities that may occur due to different accents or a bad connection.

With voicemail to text transcription services from Outsource2india, stop listening and start reading your Voicemails. Our professional transcriptionists from India can convert your voicemails into readable text, word-for-word, with unbeatable accuracy and make information available on your voicemails more accessible and search-friendly.

Accurate Transcripts Guaranteed With O2I

Accuracy is important in transcriptions, especially where names and numbers are involved. Although there is software available which can machine translate your voicemails, services like these are far from being accurate.

Automatic transcription of audio recordings simply cannot match the accuracy of human transcriptions; because the complexity of human speech makes it hard to match spoken words to the written ones. Machine transcription is not tuned to the nuances of accents and enunciation, and gets it wrong more often than not. There are also times when the machine transcriptions don't work because of the background noise.

At Outsource2india, transcribes perform the transcription manually and can compensate to some extent, for the poor audio quality and speech clarity while transcribing. They transcribe only the relevant parts of the voicemail recordings by removing "ums" and "uhs" and repetitive phrases wherever required. Our voicemail transcriptionists can even transcribe verbatim, including non-language cues such as laughter and sighs which could give valuable insight into the speaker's frame of mind and emotional state while leaving the message.

Improve Efficiency by Outsourcing Voicemail Transcription Services to O2I

At Outsource2india our transcriptionists are experienced in transcribing different accents and distortions into accurate and high quality transcriptions. In addition to voicemail transcription, we offer:

  • VOIP Transcription - live as well as merged transcripts
  • iPhone Voice Transcription - instantly convert dictated notes, e-mails or text messages, to text
  • Text messages delivered from voicemail to email or SMS
  • Less than 12-24 hours turnaround time
  • Time zone differential which gives customers access to 24/7x365 workdays
  • Complete confidentiality maintained
  • Free trial offer
12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

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Don't get bogged down with voicemail; consider outsourcing transcription to Outsource2india. Call us to learn how we can help you handle your voicemails better and talk to our transcriptionists for outsourcing your voicemail transcription requirements.

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