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Transcription Case Studies

Outsource2india Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Top Utah-based Telecom Company

A top telecommunications provider based in the US was looking for accurate voice transcription services. Our expert team provided high-quality services that exceeded the client's expectations.

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A London-based Production Company was Provided high-quality Transcription, Subtitling, and Captioning Services by O2I

A production company that is based out of the UK faced challenges due to inaccurate pricing, poor quality work, and staying true to the promised TAT. The client also lacked robust reporting, invoicing, and billing. Outsource2india resolved their concerns and streamlined their workflow.

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O2I Provided Bilingual Focus Group Transcription Services with Great Accuracy

Read the case study to learn how Outsource2india was contacted by the client to outsource transcription and translation of files in English and Spanish languages. We offered them high-quality transcription services which were handled by language experts with many years of experience. We completed the project within 5 days with an accuracy rate of 98%.

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Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Read how Outsource2india accurately transcribed 9 hours of audio transcription for a Brooklyn-based theatre company within a fast turnaround time of just 48 hours.

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Transcription and Subtitling of Video Files for a US-based Client

An individual working at a University in the United States required subtitling of several videos in a certain amount of time and within a specific budget and contacted Outsource2india. Read how team at Outsource2india successfully transcribed and provided subtitles for 35 hours of video files with over 98% accuracy.

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Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Outsource2india's Audio transcriptionists successfully transcribed 9 hours of audio of mock counselling for a Dublin based client in just 72 hours with 95% accuracy.

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Audio Transcription of Speech Given on Lean Management

Audio transcriptionists at Outsource2india successfully transcribed 4 hours of audio on lean management for a client in just 48 hours with 98% accuracy.

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Audio Transcription for Scientific & Educational Research

Outsource2india performed audio transcription for scientific and educational research with 95% accuracy and met the client's benchmark despite the fact that the audio segments of audio were corrupted and inaudible at times.

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Case Study for Audio and Video Transcription - O2I

This case study is another example of how our cost-effective and high-quality transcription service helped our client achieve its objectives. Our solution helped clear a huge backlog in quick turnaround time, besides adding one more client to the ever growing list of satisfied clientele worldwide.

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Audio Transcription Services Helped Chairman of a Leading Marketing Agency

The chairman of a leading marketing agency in the U.S. availed our audio transcription services to complete the book that he was writing. We delivered the desired transcription services within the required turnaround time with uncompromising quality and accuracy.

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Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

We provided accurate audio transcription services to an independent doctor in Australia. We managed to transcribe close to 100 audio files of varying lengths within a quick turnaround time. Successful execution of this project helped us win another transcription project from the same customer.

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Custom Video Transcription Services for an Entrepreneur

We transcribed videos of several generic interviews for an entrepreneur in the U.S. One of the challenges of the project was to reflect the time codes shown in the video, in the transcripts as well. We executed this project successfully, which has resulted in the customer coming back for more.

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Verbatim Audio Transcription Services for an Australian Student's Project

We provided verbatim transcription services to a research student in Australia. Besides providing transcription services, we also educated the customer on how to transfer audio files through a computer. Our cost-effective and timely transcription services delighted the customer.

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Audio Transcription Services Provided to a Company in the Education Sector

A leading education services company in the U.S. was looking for high-quality transcription services to transcribe audio files of lectures, seminars and business meetings. Our team of transcriptionists provided accurate services at competitive rates, within a quick turnaround time with lots of value additions such as educating the customer on recording lectures and creating audio files.

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Video Transcription Services for a Leading US Production House

A leading production house in the U.S. required high-end video transcription services within a quick turnaround time. We met the requirements successfully as our transcriptionists possess professional project management skills and have an innovative approach to providing accurate video transcription services.

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Audio Transcription & Holistic Solutions

We provided a holistic solution to one of our US based customers. We provided audio transcription service to his customers. This service allowed customers to call a toll free number where they could leave a message. This message could then be transcribed from a digital file and stored in a place where customers could access it online.

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Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Outsource2india's team of audio transcriptionists and translators provided transcription and translation services to a US-based healthcare services provider in English and Spanish.

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18 Hours of Podcast Transcription for a US-based Client

A real estate investment podcast producer approached Outsource2india (O2I) with several episodes that needed transcription from audio to text. Read how team at Outsource2india successfully transcribed 18 hours of podcast in just 10 days with over 98% accuracy.

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