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Audio Transcription Services Provided to a Company in the Education Sector

The Customer

A U.S. based company - a leader in the education sector.

The Requirement

The customer had recorded audio files of several lectures, seminars and business meetings for the first time, with the intention to get them transcribed. Besides, the customer had never outsourced any work to an offshore service provider before.

The Challenge

This project came with a unique set of challenges - the customer was very exacting in their requirements, but their input data was of very bad quality.

The customer was looking for a combination of easy process, competitive pricing and high-quality transcription services from their transcription partner. Simultaneously, we discovered that the volume of the audio files was huge and the recording quality of the audio files was bad, as the customer's personnel had done audio recording for the first time and were not aware of the process and the relevant equipment that is to be used.

Meeting all the requirements of the customer in such circumstances was the greatest challenge.

The Solution

Outsource2india's transcriptionists worked above and beyond the brief to provide output of the highest quality, and to educate the customer on the process. We employed the following strategies:

Free trial: Considering the customer's concerns about cost and quality, we offered a free pilot, the outcome of which wildly exceeded their expectations. They were happy to hand over the entire lot of audio files to us.

Competitive pricing and quality: We offered the best prices in the market for audio transcription services, which, combined with the high quality of our output, was much appreciated by the customer.

Education: Our experienced transcriptionists, having logged several man-months of time in transcription, know just what it takes to create top quality audio files. They educated the customer's staff about the latest audio and transcription processes. They also helped them finalize on and secure better equipment for sound recording, and suggested the use of devices such as lapel microphones to better capture sound during lectures. These measures drastically improved sound quality in their recordings, making it possible to decipher and transcribe these files better.

The Result

A very happy customer! Receiving world-class transcription services within a very short turnaround time was something that delighted the customer, given the poor audio quality of their files. The customer had been looking for an outsourcing transcription partner for a while, and was ecstatic that Outsource2india met – even exceeded – all their requirements.

The fact that we were willing to work with the customer to improve the quality of future recordings, was much appreciated by the customer.

This customer is now a regular customer, and we have become their partner of choice for all their transcription requirements.

Our unique ability to offer high quality, competitive prices and long-term vision made this a win-win situation for us, and for the customer.

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