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Outsource Healthcare Software Solutions

At Outsource2india, we provide Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software solutions, hospital management software services, claims processing software services and Impact Analysis Software services. We have years of experience in providing our customers with high-quality healthcare software development services. Our proficient team of experts is competent in designing and developing customized health care software solutions, including specialized software for healthcare analytics, amongst others. We incorporate HL7 integrations while developing medical software for our customers. All our hospital software solutions are also HIPAA compliant. Outsource healthcare software development and health information management to O2I and see an increase in your ROI.

The following are a list of healthcare software services that we offer at O2I. Outsource healthcare software to O2I and benefit from maximized efficiency.

Electronic Medical Record Software Development (EMR)

Composing a comprehensive report of a patients' medical history or going through the medical details of a patient is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks that a healthcare physician in the U.S has to go thorough. Creating a treatment plan, writing down the process for transcription and finally proof-reading it for mistakes are some of the other tiresome and monotonous tasks that a physician has to perform.

At Outsource2india, we have the perfect health care software that can handle all these tedious tasks and help you concentrate more on patient care. Our EMR software is an medical healthcare management software that can enable you to manage your patient charts in a simple and easy manner. Read more about the features and benefits of EMR software. Outsource medical software to O2I and get rid of these tiresome tasks.

Claims Processing Software Development

At Outsource2india, we have expertise in developing a medical claims processing software that is user-friendly and has an integrated system. Based on your health care software requirements, we will design a claims processing software that is built to handle your needs. The claims processing software that we develop produces HIPAA medical compliance claims that are electronically transmitted. O2I's medical claims processing software includes claim, accounts receivable and EMR software validation for varied medical specialties.

By using O2I's claims processing software, you can enable bulk claim creation, submit unlimited direct claim transactions and customize the software. Our claims processing software has attractive features such as, pre-configured reports and built-in editing features. Read more about outsourcing claims processing software to O2I.

Health Information Technology Services

O2I offers high-quality and practical information technology services that help to optimize your value chain. We partner with all segments of the healthcare industry so as to deliver timely IT services, including large-scale implementations of IT, BI and analytics, HER support, etc.

EDI integration Services

At Outsource2india, we understand that the drive towards regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency has effected the healthcare industry more than any other market. That is why our EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) services aim to alleviate issues faced due to improper claims submissions. Whether your requirement is for Data Integration using EDIFACT, or integrating software which fits within your existing infrastructure, we can do it all.

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