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Outsource FAQs on Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software

Outsource2india has years of experience in providing a range of healthcare BPO to a large number of global customers. Our professional healthcare BPO team can effectively design and develop specialized and customized EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software for you. At O2I, we can provide you with expert EMR services. Outsource EMR software development to O2I and get access to customized EMR software development.

What are the disadvantages of using conventional paper-based medical records?

The conventional paper-based medical record has several limitations. Although this traditional method is useful for solving medical issues, recording details about patients, tracking down patients and coordinating healthcare process, it still has some disadvantages. These types of records are often badly indexed and sometimes illegible, because these records are hand written. There also might be errors and fragmentation. The most disadvantageous factor of using this method is that the medical record would be accessible to only one person at a time. These medical records cannot be made available to everyone at the same time.

Why should I use an EMR Software?

An electronic medical record software can help you effectively maintain your medical records. Using an EMR software can help you effectively overcome the disadvantages of the conventional paper-based method. An EMR software can be accessed by many at the same time. EMR software eliminates errors, fragmentation and wrong indexing.

The EMR software is a complex software and contains a collection of documents. The EMR software has the ability to include the changeability and the difficulty with regards to medicines. At the same time, the EMR software also includes other critical information related to healthcare practices and other healthcare regulations. The most convenient feature of the EMR software is that it is user friendly. Users of the EMR software can examine medical records with ease. The other advantages of using the EMR software include its easy portability to any place and its authorization features.

What are the advantages of using EMR software?

  • The EMR software enables the input, storage, transfer and the retrieval of medical information within a practice and enables the interfacing with other data providers outside the practice.
  • Using the EMR software can result in financial benefits such as, savings on transcription, recording and proof reading.
  • The electronic medical records software enables healthcare physicians to spend their time with patients without wasting time on transcription.
  • The PDA interface of the EMR software enables the doctor to capture super bill details for hospital visits, ensuring that no billing information for a patient is lost. This feature also enables the doctor to track appointments while on the move.
  • The electronic medical record solution can effectively use the charts database to optimize claim documentations, thereby ensuring higher returns for each claim.
  • The EMR software solution can be integrated with different insurance providers.
  • The electronic medical record software has built-in integration points with other financial and ERP/products (GL, AR, and AP).

What makes the EMR software different?

  • The EMR software can effectively handle and manage large practices and healthcare centers
  • The EMR software can proficiently addresses the main needs of a hospital information system, since it is a knowledge based system
  • The electronic medical record software can incorporate all the departments of a practice
  • The EMR software can provide 24x7access to comprehensive information across the enterprise
  • The EMR software can competently perform medical billing functions
  • Using the EMR software can help you reduce errors
  • The electronic medical record software is HL7 compliant

What are the characteristic features of EMR software?

The electronic medical record software usually has the following characteristic features.

  • The EMR software can competently address issues regarding security, confidentiality and privacy
  • The EMR software can store data according to the related regulation acts
  • The presentation of information in the EMR software can be altered to suit the user's preference and requirements
  • Users can retrieve selected information
  • A computerized version of a patient's record, along with progress notes and treatment plans can be created with ease
  • The EMR software has automatic security measures that are also HIPAA compliant
  • All patient files can be password protected in the EMR software
  • A signature of the last user is stored in the software to easily track the users of the EMR software
  • The EMR software has restricted access features
  • The information in the EMR software can be presented in a clear, concise and precise manner. The information can be stored in a form which can be easily used in other applications
  • The EMR software is cost-effective and easy to use. You can also save on time and effort by using an EMR software. The EMR software can be easily merged into your existing processes without any hassles
  • The EMR software can provide an ASP solution for managing practices and maintaining health records
  • The EMR software can efficiently store, transfer and retrieve medical information within a practice. The electronic medical record software is also a healthcare logistics software as it has features that enable interfacing with other data providers who are outside the practice

Will an EMR software be able to enhance the functionality of a practice?

Yes. The EMR software can increase and improve your efficiency as it has an electronic patient check-in. The EMR software can also be effectively used to access any records on a 24x7 basis. The EMR software is a flexible transcription tool. The electronic medical record software has an instant messaging feature that enables easy and fast communication between users. In the EMR software, patient summary information can be easily customized to view specific details. All these features of the EMR software can enhance the functionality of your healthcare practice.

How can the EMR software benefit my healthcare organization?

By employing the use of the EMR software at your hospital you can benefit from the following.

  • The conversion of your chart rooms to exam rooms would result in increased revenue
  • Your organization can experience accurate and error-free coding with the help of the coding functions and templates in the EMR software
  • Your patients can easily access the results of their tests
  • Experience an increase in quality
  • Paperless records

What are some of the modules in the EMR software?

The following are some of the modules in the EMR software.

  • Patient Demographics Module
  • Appointment Scheduling Module
  • Medical Billing Module
  • Authorization Manager Module
  • Administration/Security Module
  • Charting Module
  • Messaging Module
  • Archiving Module
  • Drug Interaction Module
  • Fax/Scanner Integration Module
  • DICOM Images Module
  • Reports Module

Read more about the modules in the EMR software.

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