Primary Care EMR Services

Primary Care EMR Services

Primary care EMR services can have you unburden your concerns about EMR development and maintenance by leaving resource-intensive roles to us

Does your primary care management entail a number of tasks for running a practice smoothly? Do your tasks include hiring employees, negotiating benefits with vendors, keeping track of personnel policies? Does your team generate business correspondence to ensure that medical supplies are in stock and equipment's in the practice are well maintained? Medical billings, staff management, IT management, transcription service, etc. All these make primary care management an exhaustive task. This is the reason you need professionals like Outsource2india.

Our primary care EMR services cover maintaining patient records, building databases, recording patient demographic data, payers and patient-physician-meet outcomes. We handle primary care EMR tasks with precision and completeness so that your practice gets paid in time. Our Primary care EMR services improve your bottom-line without fuss by eliminating all inefficiencies and risks associated with paper records.

Primary Care EMR Services We Offer

We have a huge list of primary care center clients who have availed our service to meet their specific or comprehensive EMR requirements. Our Primary care EHR solutions are shaped by our experience in handling the requirements of different primary care centers. Our services include -

  1. Primary Care EMR Tool Selection

    Primary Care EMR Tool Selection

    A big challenge with primary care EMR service is in choosing the right tool for their needs. There are different tools available in the market and not all tools match up to your requirements. There are some tools that have features that are way beyond the needs of your practice. Investing in those tools may lead to needless expenses. Our exposure with a different type of tools can help you choose the right tool for your practice. We choose tools only after understanding your practices requirements, workflow and factors like ease-of-integration and costs.

  2. Primary Care EMR Tool Migration

    Primary Care Tool Migration

    EMR Tool Migration needs to be carried out with care to avoid errors. We have wide experience in ensuring this. We have experience in migrating one system into another, merging EMR systems from two primary care practices into a brand new one as well as create a common view of different EMR systems for a hospital. Our team ensures proper data extraction; back up and phased movement of the data to ensure the transition process is smooth and accurate. We do proper testing and validation of the transferred data before handing over the new system to you.

  3. Primary Care EMR Integration

    Primary Care EMR Integration

    EMR integration helps practices to set up one interface for multiple EMR. This helps organizations streamline workflow, improve productivity, and enable for more time to be spent on direct patient care. With a single interface, it is possible to populate all patient details and values automatically in one screen irrespective of the specialty. We have experience in integrating EMR systems of pediatricians, medicine doctors, obstetricians, and gynecologists. Our integration services make way for holistic patient-centric care by keeping a bird's eye view of patient information across practices, promoting quality reporting, supporting care management, and ensuring clinical decision-making.

  4. Forms Templates Customization

    Forms and Template Customization

    As primary care entails services for physicians across five primary specialties, each practice requires a different template for collecting patient information. We help you design and finalize the right template specific to the requirement of each practice. We create templates to make information storage consistent and reliable. The primary features of our templates include consultant details, patient information, requested action, consultants' findings, report findings, etc. Based on your requirement we incorporate other features in the template to facilitate patient tracking for your practice.

  5. Primary Care EMR Billing

    Primary Care EMR Billing

    Primary care physicians need to be well versed with all billings be it for treating cold, vaccination or smoking cessation treatment. We have wide experience in assisting primary care physicians with the correct use of modifiers. From large, multi-practitioner groups to individual practitioner, rural health facilities, we have assisted all practices to implement best-in-class medical billing practices and procedures. Our team of certified medical coders knows current reimbursement methodologies like the back of their hand.

    Our EMR billing services will ensure you efficiently manage all aspects of your primary care medical billing in a way that results in receiving proper compensation for services provided.

  6. Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Our inventory management system will help your primary care streamline point of sale and dispensing, optimize inventory tracking and provide customized reporting. We have wide experience in keeping track of quantity dispensed by staff and vendor; managing payments to vendors, monitor applicable discounts, receive and act upon alerts on expiring inventory, create kits with procedure for patients, and prepare thorough reports on the inventory list, inventory activity, sales tax, payment details. Our clients have leveraged our competency in Primary Care EHR Services to improve efficiencies and elevate patient experiences.

  7. Primary Care EMR Software Development

    Primary Care EMR Software Development

    A customized EMR tool is much useful than a ready-to-use one. This is because it meets a practices specific need. We at outsource2india have experience in developing customized software for primary care centers. We have built software with important functional requirements such as prevention program, medication information, e-prescribing, custom chart summary, patient education, interface with hospitals, lab services, vendors, etc. Our clients have leveraged our customized EMR software solutions to provide effective integrated care and ensure the best clinical outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs.

Primary Care EMR Development Process We Follow

As a reputed primary care EMR service providing company, we believe in developing EMR solution for your needs after taking you on-board. This helps in providing the kind of transparency needed to develop a product from the ground up. By seeking our client's active participation we have been able to deliver solutions that exactly meet their needs. Our development process includes the following steps -


01. Understanding Requirement

We sit with you to understand everything about your primary care practice and your requirements. We investigate tools in the market and prepare a checklist of tools relevant for your business


02. Wireframe Development

Our experts come together to prepare a blueprint followed by a wireframe of the requirement for your approval. If needed, we rework noncompliant sections until it meets your specifications


03. EMR Development

The EMR development will commence with a team of dedicated developers and a leader. The development is carried out in a phased manner to ensure each stage clears all the hurdles successfully


04. EME Solution Testing

We test each module for performance. Issues if any are flagged at the initial stages only. Once the product is developed we test its functionality and performance as a whole unit


05. Reporting Feedback

Once the product is ready we deploy it at your end. We handhold your staff through operational ways. Additional troubleshooting support will be provided after delivery

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Primary Care EMR Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing Primary care EMR services to O2I is s great choice because we are the most trusted Primary Care EMR Services in India. Many US-based primary care centers have leveraged our services to streamline their practice for the following reasons -

  • Certified EMR Company

    The most critical task of primary care management, however, is maintaining patient records. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company we are a reliable and trustworthy service and so can guarantee the best EMR for primary care. Our certification is a testimony to the fact that we meet client requirements; help clients improve product quality, and improve operation consistency.

  • Data Security

    Just as our accredited services assist you to deliver quality service to the patient, we also guarantee data security with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation. This means we have a systematic way to manage sensitive company information with security maintained across people, processes and IT systems.

  • Guaranteed Quality

    We have a quality assurance team to monitor all kinds of EMR services we deliver to primary care centers. They monitor processes as well as solutions for meeting compliance with HIPAA medical standards, codes, and norms.

  • Cost Reduction

    We follow a model that helps our clients save on costs. Our clients have the freedom to choose a pricing model that meets budgetary constraints. From general pricing to pricing based on a fulltime equivalent model, percentage collection models we offer a range of models to make it easy for you to avail our services.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    As an accredited company we bank on the advanced infrastructure to deliver quality services. From software to hardware, and security systems we purchase the best to ensure you get the best services with guaranteed security.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We bank on a systematic process which is why we are able to deliver our services within the agreed time. In case of lag during the development process, we beef up the team with resources to ensure we meet date and times at all costs.

  • Scalable Service

    We provide services that can be scaled up or down as per your requirements. We always have a backup of resources to meet emergency requirements like a seasonal rush or a breakdown that needs an immediate fix.

  • Certified Team with Single Point of Contact

    We provide you a highly experienced team of licensed medical professionals who are thoroughly acquainted with the drug codes and compliance standards of primary care centers. No matter how big your team size is we also provide a single point of contact for clear communications. Our staff is responsible for building databases or record data for patient demographics, referring to physicians, payers, and patient-physician-meet outcomes. These tasks again include accurate recording or entry of appointment date and place, diagnosis and procedure codes, amount charged for meeting physician, amount received from patient, date paid amount to be recovered from insurance payer.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our primary care EMR services are available 24/7. This is because we operate from 8 global delivery centers that work across different time zones. We have gained great reliability for quick turn-around times.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Rehabilitation Transcription Services

Case Study on Rehabilitation Transcription Services

The client's EHR software was enhanced and over 3000 rehabilitation patient cases were handled with efficiency. The medical records in the client's repository were digitized for seamless management.

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Case Study on Medical Transcription for Indianapolis Physicians

Case Study on Medical Transcription for Indianapolis Physicians

We transcribed over 3000 medical encounters for a physician's group. The quality of transcription impressed the client and they rehired us for additional projects.

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Outsource Primary Care EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Outsource2India has over two decades of experience in providing end-to-end EMR services to primary care centers in the US. Our services have assisted them to improve redesign team-based care, introduce new work processes, ensure proper and timely technical support, and improve communication. We partner with primary care practices to identify the challenges involved in their processes and then identify solutions specific to their needs. O2I guarantees competent primary care EMR services because we have 24 years of experience in the field. Our experience is shaped by our exposure in handling the specific requirements of different primary care centers. Our services are scalable, customizable, and flexible and cost-effective. All this can be availed at a pricing model that is easy on your pocket.

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