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Remittance Processing Services

Outsource Remittance Processing Services

We are the best remittance processing service providing company offering highly reliable remittance processing to ensure timely payments to your practice at rates as low as $1280/month

Are your dues unpaid due to slow and inaccurate payment processing? Looking for a trustworthy company to handle the intricacies of your final pay-outs? O2I's remittance processing enables you to be informed, by accurate evaluations, of the insurance reimbursements that you will receive from the insurer concerning the medical/dental claim applied for. We, at Outsource2india, are here to process your remittances, make sure that you get the money within a significantly less amount of time and resolve all your disputes (if any).

O2I is a most sought-after provider of remittance processing services in India and across the world. Our remittance processing experts rectify errors, work out your finances, and help you with cheque deposits. We explain all details simple language to help you understand the remittance process. Outsourcing remittance processing services to us helps you cut costs, save time, and free-up resources.

Remittance Processing Services We Offer

Over the last 25 years, Outsource2india is known for its remittance processing services in India and worldwide. We have been smoothly and accurately handling the payout procedure of medical/dental insurance claims. Here are some of the major services that we are pleased to provide -

  1. Remittance Processing Software

    Remittance Processing Software

    As a reputed remittance processing service company, we have, in our possession, the latest remittance processing system for managing capture, processing, research archival of payments and related documents. You have access to your captured images and all documentation can be securely transferred to you given at any time.

  2. Validation and Fraud Detection

    Validation and Fraud Detection

    We examine the validity of all the cheques and EOB statements provided to us for the reimbursements due. Please note that any false documentation and/ or mismanaged funds are immediately notified. We immediately intimate you of our slightest suspicions detected or any uncalled- for complications that we notice.

  3. Explanations of Reimbursement Fee Schedule

    Explanations of Reimbursement Fee Schedule

    We are updated with the knowledge of the current Medicare fee schedule used follows to pay doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. This includes the list that is used to reimburse on a fee-for-service basis.

  4. Secure Storage and Handling

    Secure Storage and Handling

    We store all documents in a secured area with full- time video monitoring. All employees that have access to cash, cheques and/ or money orders are bonded. All cheque- deposits, AR updating, and reporting is smoothly handled by us.

  5. Remittance Calculations

    Remittance Calculations

    As a trusted remittance processing service provider, we ensure that the full right to payments is received as per the policy entitlement. We calculate the final claim amount and intimate you of all details on co-payments options, deductibles, as well as insurance plan exclusions so that you are aware of the payout that you will receive and/ or the amount you need to shell out. We go through great lengths to check if the remitted amount is as per the EOA and if that is the maximum payout possible.

  6. Resolute Data Maintenance

    Resolute Data Maintenance

    All data is systematically tabulated into our digital repository allowing for easy access in the future. This is inclusive of details of the care- plan opted for, hospital and consulting physician information, patient demographics, the type of treatment provided and/ or undergone. The data can be retrieved in cases of audits and financial evaluations. We email a copy of the processed claim or dispatch a hard copy to you as per your request.

  7. Lockbox Remittance Processing

    Lockbox Remittance Processing

    Lockbox is a bank operated mailing address to which an insurer can send their payments. We set up lockbox services with a designated bank for receiving payments. The bank then processes the payments and direct deposits them into your account. With lockbox processing services there is an increase in accuracy of payments, reduced internal processing costs as well swift deposit of payments. Opting for a lockbox makes the remittance process easier. Our lockbox processing experts clearly explain all the pros and cons of availing such a facility.

  8. Intimation via Online Tracking

    Intimation via Online Tracking

    On completion of the remittance process, its progress can be followed- up with online. This can be assessed by you at any given time. We conduct regular follow-ups for a faster process and cash flow. You will be notified at every stage of the progress of your application via online tracking of claims application.

  9. Post-payment Support

    Post-payment Support

    We guarantee that you are reimbursed at the earliest and we go all- out to ensure that. We hasten any old remittance payment processing thus overcoming any more delay with your dues. Any mismatched amounts, payments to be recovered from secondary insurers, etc. are reconciled and dealt with at the earliest.

  10. Detailed Evaluation of Remittance Providers

    Detailed Evaluation of Remittance Providers

    We conduct extensive background checks on the insurance company and have immense knowledge of the terms and conditions of all their policies. We can help you opt for the best insurance provider in the future based on the treatments you provide or undergo.

Remittance Processing Types

Outsource your remittance processing services to us for faster deposits and maximum benefits within the tight TAT. You can approach us for remittance processing solutions to any/ all of your queries, doubts, and uncertainties at any moment. Our team can be reached out to for their support with all future remittance concerns without any hesitation. We also help you choose the policies that you can settle for according to the medical/ dental procedures you'll conduct or undergo. The three major types of Payment Processing we undertake are -

  1. Patient Payments

    All patient payments for services undergone are adjusted against their accounts. These payments are made by either cheques or credit cards. We also guide you on how to proceed with co-pays, deductibles or uninsured services.

  2. Insurance Payments

    All insurance payments are done either via Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) or manual posting. Manual posting is normally done for insurance payments without ERA and for transfer of balance to second insurers.

  3. Denial Posting

    This includes resubmission and re-adjudication solutions. In cases of denials/ re-submissions, all claims are rectified or re-adjudicated and sent across with the relevant documentation. We help you understand how to go about collecting the co-pay amount from the patient in cases where full compensations are not made. Claims are then resubmitted for approval to your insurance company and guaranteed that a settlement is reached at the earliest.

Remittance Processing - The Process We Follow

The processing of all payments, in a meticulous manner in a supervised facility. Approximately 80% of all payments are processed at high speed and handling is complete. Here are the steps that are diligently followed by us for remittance processing -


Receipt of Mail

The mails are received at our remittance processing Centre.


Sorting of Mail

The mails containing cheques and/ or remittances are sorted for processing.


Extraction and Capture

The ones with single cheques and remittance slip go through high-speed extraction and capture.



The envelopes are opened and contents are imaged for processing.


Interpretation of Cheques

The handwritten or printed amounts on cheques are interpreted via our latest software.


Deposit into Accounts

Payment details matched against the corresponding account number.


Statement to Bank

We prepare a statement of all the mandatory details to be sent across to your bank.


Storage of Data

Archive all data into our database for easy retrieval in the future.


Post-payment Support

All delays, incomplete payments are pursued with assertiveness.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource Remittance Processing Services to Outsource2india?

With a reputation that precedes us, opting for our remittance processing services will additionally provide you with the following benefits -

  • Data Confidentiality

    We are confidential in all our dealings and all data is heavily protected. We strictly abide by our non-disclosure agreement and we do not divulge any information whatsoever.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    All submitted claims are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard.

  • Cost-effective

    Our services are a value for your money. We invest our time and resources into the minute details of all information provided by cross-checking it with the insurer's policy terms and conditions.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We are equipped with the latest billing software that accounts for swift pay processing and hence faster reimbursements.

  • Experienced Team

    We are experts in what we do. With a team proficient at handling finances, we supervise the whole process until we are notified that you've received your payments.

  • Error-free Services

    Availing our top-rated services entitle you to zero mistakes during remittance processing.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You are provided with the perfect assistance by an efficient staff member who provides complete resolutions and smoothly handles your claims. We immediately notify you of any hurdles at any stage.

  • Remote Remittance Processing

    If need be, all your software can be remotely accessed, by our expert crew, in real-time.

  • High-Quality Screening

    Our extensive quality- checks of all minute details ensure successful claims' remittances. Thorough screening helps us in predictive analyses to overcome potential problems and/ or delays.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    With our skillful handling and fast processing, we are focused on providing you with all reimbursements at the earliest.

  • Assistance with Lockbox System

    You are assured full help with setting up of lockboxes and the methodology is clearly explained ensuring transparency in service as well as keeping you well informed.

  • Data Archiving and Extraction

    All claim files are meticulously arranged and stored for immediate retrieval at any point in the future.

  • Claims Coding and Formats

    We are known for our precise report submission based on a thorough knowledge of CPT, CDT, HCPCS, revenue as well as other typical medical/ dental billing codes.

  • Insurance Fraud Detection

    We can predict and/ or identify any suspicious activity thus saving you from insurance scams.

  • High-priority Service

    We have with us a special team for handling priority deliveries and priority payment processing. We give preference to your claims based on the severity of the statement issued after denial and resubmit claims until you receive your remunerations.

  • All-round Support

    Our services can be opted for worldwide across all time zones. Our team can be contacted via chat, phone, e-mail or across our social media platforms 24/7 throughout the year to set you up with on-site consults and the required help.

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Outsource Remittance Processing Services to Outsource2india


Overall, I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication were fine. Knowledge of billing and claims was above the expectation. I recommend Outsource2india to those who are contemplating claims adjudication services from an experienced partner.

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Outsourcing remittance processing services to Outsource2india will provide you with your dues within the shortest period. Entrusting us will help save your resources as well as spare you the tedious technicalities of the entire remittance process. You can also avoid the hassles of hiring, training as well as reduce the cost of recruiting additional staff to handle the remittance specifics and adjudication services. Our high success rate can be attributed to our orderly workflow and dedication. Our services are currently unmatched online putting us way ahead of our competitors.

Get in touch with Outsource2india today, the leading remittance processing provider for a free quote. Choose us for the best services available online and be assured of steadfast support towards your remittance processing needs.

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Remittance Processing Services FAQs

  • What is remittance processing in healthcare?

    A remittance is a summary of payment for claims sent by a payer to a provider. Remittance processing refers to the processing of remittances by a payer.

  • What is a remittance summary?

    A remittance summary is a summary of the total payments received per client, the cost expended and amounts due to the client, and the total allocations for these payments.