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Medical Case Management Services

Medical Case Management Services

Get effective medical case management services with reduced billing errors, prompt payment to providers, and increased savings with 100% assured care to patients at prices starting at just $1280 per month

Medical case management services are a combined healthcare process that involves comprehensive treatment plans recommended to injured, disabled, or ill individuals. The medical case management services not only include care assessment, but also extend towards closely interacting with patients/ill individuals, understanding the situation, and co-ordinating healthcare providers for the best suitable medical care plan. This will be communicated to the family along with the results of treatment. For efficient medical case management results at affordable prices, outsourcing medical case management services to Outsource2india is considered ideal.

O2I has been lauded as a fine medical case management service provider in the world that has a world-class infrastructure supported by skilled experts. Our team closely works with clients throughout the medical care phase which requires sheer attention on behalf of both patient and payer. Our medical care managers have worked with hundreds of clients, which assures that we offer error-free billing, prompt payment to providers, and increase saving opportunities along with the best care to the patients.

Medical Case Management Services We Offer

With more than two decades of experience and a tag of leading service provider among the medical case management companies, O2I has set a mark for itself by offering a wide range of medical case management services. Some of the services we offer include -

  1. Advocacy and Education

    Advocacy and Education

    We ensure that patient is given necessary education on the treatment and any advocacy needed for service.

  2. Clinical Care Facilitation

    Clinical Care Facilitation

    We co-ordinate with individual or family members to gauge multiple aspects of care and ensure that it is given to the patient.

  3. Outcome and Performance Management

    Outcome and Performance Management

    O2I experts monitor the care, and if necessary, intervene to ensure that the expected outcome is achieved for both patient and the providers.

  4. Transition Management

    Transition Management

    We evaluate patient needs and make the transition to an appropriate level of care.

  5. Financial Management

    Financial Management

    Along with offering case management service, at O2I, we also help our clients with resource utilization and reimbursement services like insurance claims.

  6. Research and Practice Development

    Research and Practice Development

    We survey on practices for enhancing the care and use evidence-based data to make improvements in our best practices.

  7. Psychosocial Management

    Psychosocial Management

    We assess the psychosocial nature of an individual to check if it's individual, familial, or environmental.

Medical Case Management Services Process Flow

Case management is a vital process that should be carried out with sheet attention. As a well-known case management services providing company, Outsource2india follows a stringent process to ensure that high-quality care is given to patients. We follow a streamlined process flow that makes it easier to achieve greater results in treatment. The steps involved are -


01. Patient Signup/Referral

Individual or family members who seek case management services will meticulously about the treatment with our experienced medical care manager and signup.


02. Planning and Delivering the Care

After outsourcing medical case management services to us, our medical care manager connects with you to clearly understand patient requirements and determine the best providers to give efficient care to the patient.


03. Easing the Complex Needs

In some cases, where the patient requires different services from different providers or is from a different linguistic or cultural background, then our case managers navigate it easier for providers to offer quality care.


04. Evaluating the Results and Adjusting Care Plan

After the treatment is completed, O2Is case management professionals work with insurance companies to ensure that medical care services are paid for by patients, (if it falls in the policy). Also, we educate patients on how to consume medications, tweaks in their lifestyle, and when to visit for follow up appointments.


05. Evaluating Effectiveness Whole Program and Re-assessing Feedback

We do not neglect our clients once they leave the hospital. We keep continued interaction with them to know how good the treatment was, how well they are recovering and change medication if it is necessary to improve further.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Medical Case Management Services?

Over the years, the healthcare industry has seen huge complexity and needs excellent hands-on experience medical case management service provider like O2I who has a proven record.

Outsource2india is a leading case management services providing company that offer comprehensive medical care including close guidance, evidence-based medical info, and medical support. Additionally, by outsourcing medical case management services in India, customers will have added benefits like -

  • Customized Services at Affordable Services

    Outsource2india offers exclusively personalized case management services that are tailor-made for the unique requirements of patients. Also, the patients are billed at reasonable rates based on the care received by them.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We are a HIPAA compliant company. We being every project only after signing the HIPAA agreement with the client. This ensures that all your patient data is kept safe at all times.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of the latest tools and technologies, uninterrupted network connections, and international-standard office spaces.

  • Immense Expertise

    It can be overwhelming for an individual or family member, who has no experience/knowledge about the process or have other responsibilities, to supervise the whole treatment plan and care being provided. In such situations, you don't have to worry as O2Is medical care manager has the expertise to supervise efficiently.

  • Ease of Navigation in Complex Cases

    At O2I, each customer is assigned with a skilled medical care manager who helps navigate fluently from a confusing system, especially when the patients speak a different language or from a different cultural zone.

  • ISO Certified Medical Case Management Service Provider

    Outsource2india is an ISO 2003:2007 certified case management services providing company associated with many medical providers. It assures that our clients will get international standard services.

  • Highly Talented Professionals

    At O2I, we have highly talented and skilled professionals who keenly involve with you to deliver quality case management and patient care. We assure you that the services offered are properly coordinated and consistent.

  • Dedicated Team

    To offer efficient medical case management services, O2I appoints a dedicated team to each client who regularly communicates with patient family members and meticulously monitors entire medical care to ensure high-quality service.

  • 24/7 Case Management Services

    We have a huge workforce who are available 24/7 to respond to client calls or information. So, patients/clients around the globe can get in touch with us anytime to access our quality customer service and dedicate medical management teams.

  • Comprehensive Network of Providers

    When you outsource medical case management services to us, you will get access to a plethora of case management medical provider networks.

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Outsource Medical Case Management Services to Outsource2india


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Medical case management services are vital for those who require medical attention, behavioral healthcare or need to coordinate with healthcare providers often. These cases are frequent among the aged, alcohol, or drug addictive individuals or who has complex health issues. These cases require high attention and sometimes need legal and financial attention as well. So, it's crucial to have an experienced medical case management service provider like O2I who co-ordinates with providers and makes the entire process easy.

With more than two decades of presence in the niche, Outsource2india has been lauded as a leading case management services providing company in the world. We offer case management services across the world in addiction case management, behavioral healthcare, and other cases with varying concerns. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and top-notch result in rendering a medical case management service provider, then contact us now to let us help your loved ones with seamless coordination.

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Medical Case Management Services FAQs

  • What is medical case management?

    Medical case management is a collaborative process to ensure that recommended treatment plans and appropriate care is provided to disabled, ill, or injured individuals.

  • What does a medical case manager do?

    Medical case managers are primarily responsible for ensuring that patients' treatment and insurance coverage plans are being utilized properly and that patients' needs are entirely met.

  • What are the five major functions of case management?

    The five major functions of case management are assessment, treatment planning, linking, advocacy, and monitoring.