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Healthcare Due Diligence Services

Outsource Healthcare Due Diligence Services

If you are looking for seamless, detailed and quality healthcare due diligence services, then outsource to O2I for exceptional results prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a huge shift in the market, investment, mergers, and acquisitions. Healthcare sectors all including hospitals, healthcare products, pharmaceuticals are receiving high importance and are growing unless like any other industrial sector. Existing companies are expanding their acquisition and new companies are showing their interest in the healthcare sector. Many companies are branching out into healthcare services to achieve their financial targets.

Healthcare due diligence service is high risk involved and healthcare service sectors are a highly regulated industry. To conduct healthcare due diligence, one should be aware of complete legal knowledge. Whether it's a new healthcare service provider or an existing one, single-handedly investing in healthcare due diligence is going to be a wearisome task. Hence, it's right to get in touch with the right healthcare due diligence services providing company like Outsurce2india to outsource your requirements.

Healthcare Due Diligence Services We Offer

Though healthcare due diligence is a huge process, outsourcing service providers will have enough workforce, world-class infrastructure, and expertise to cater to all kinds of client requirements. At O2I, we help our clients with a wide range of services. The vital services that we offer include -

  1. Statutory Approval

    Statutory Approval

    Like any other Industry, healthcare sectors are defined and regulated under a set of rules. Primary healthcare due diligence service is seeing that the healthcare sector is running as per state and central law, fraud, and, abuse, etc. O2I, being one of the trending healthcare due diligence services in India, we understand all the applicable laws and our service ensures that the healthcare facility complies with all the laws and written policies that the company follows.

  2. Litigation Information

    Litigation Information

    At Outsource2india, we ensure that our detailed report consists of all the information on litigation and necessary measures taken by the healthcare sector. This report also shall include the healthcare sector's crisis management, operating culture which gives a clear indication of the company's reputation and ethical values that they hold and follow.

  3. Ownership/Organization Chart

    Ownership/Organization Chart

    Any company that is already built for many years or a newly emerging company, may have more than one owner, shareholder. To make it easier for potential buyers to understand all the existing ownership details, and ownership/organization chart is mandatory to be done as a part of Healthcare Due Diligence.

  4. Financial Due Diligence

    Financial Due Diligence

    As a part of healthcare due diligence, we consider the financial due diligence of a company which includes existing contracts, agreements, tie-ups, annual turnover, liabilities of the healthcare sector. All the assets that belong to the healthcare facility under consideration will also be looked at which will provide clarity on total income.

  5. Taxes Details

    Taxes Details

    Alongside the financial due diligence, it is important to get tax details audited. This report clarifies details on taxes paid and returns that a healthcare facility maintained and recorded to date.

  6. Intellectual Property [IP]

    Intellectual Property [IP]

    Healthcare sectors hold lots of information about its operation which includes employee and patient's medical history, financial status and insurance details, etc. All these data will be critical and are to be kept confidential. The healthcare due diligence enables details of cybersecurity that a Healthcare currently holds and the practices that they have followed to prevent any potential cyber-attacks.

Our Healthcare Due Diligence Process

One of the crucial factors to be considered while outsourcing healthcare due diligence services is how efficiently and transparently that your service provider is keeping their workflow. We, at Outsource2india, always maintain a unique workflow so that our work remains highly efficient and our clients get the right information on time and can receive maximum value for the money that they are investing in us -


01. Understanding client's healthcare due diligence service requirements

When a client shows interest in outsourcing healthcare due to diligence services from Outsource2india, our executive will contact the client via email, telephone, etc to get complete service requirements. Once requirement details are understood, it will be recorded and will be forwarded to our team to generate detailed quotes based on the requirement


02. Sharing Quotation and Commercial Closure

Based on the client's healthcare due diligence service requirement, our team will prepare a detailed quotation which will include a major checklist, documentation, and financial details. Once all the terms are mutually discussed between the client and Outsource2india, the final agreed prices and terms will be recorded


03. Mutual Agreement Contract

Upon commercial closure of a service requirement by the client, data security policy will be shared with the client. Once mutually agreed, Outsource2india and the client will sign the agreement in consent


04. Detailed Survey in Conducting Due Diligence

Once the agreement is signed, our team will carry out a complete survey on healthcare due diligence keeping all the checklists required using required software and resources

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Why Should you Outsource Healthcare Due Diligence Services to Outsource2india?

Since healthcare due diligence is a non-recurring service requirement, keeping an in-house team to get the service done will cost high. Though outsourcing healthcare due diligence Services is the best and economical option, the concern that arises is where to outsource healthcare due diligence services.

Many service providers may claim the service delivery for the low cost they may lack suitable infrastructure, experienced professionals, and work commitment towards their client. On the other hand, some service providers may charge high for the average quality of work that they produce. At Outsource2india we leverage technology and implement best practices to be an edge over all our other competitors -

  • Confidentiality

    Since healthcare due diligence involves numerous critical information of a company, all the data that a company shares with its service provider has to be kept undisclosed. At Outsource2india, we ensure that our client data are kept safe. To guarantee the safety of data all the documents shared will be encrypted and stored, a confidential agreement will be signed by our employees who are involved in the service in the discussion.

  • Certified healthcare due diligence service provider

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with years of experience in healthcare due to diligence services.

  • Qualified Professionals

    Unlike any other work outsourced, healthcare due diligence involves considerably more documentation and requires legal, financial, and government regulatory knowledge. Our experienced and qualified professionals will ensure that the due diligence survey is conducted without any work compromise. We have a single work at a time policy that allows our employees to dedicate themselves completely to a project at a given time.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    At Outsource2india, we make sure that all our professionals are provided with the latest technology and all necessary infrastructure to carry out work allocated to them.

  • On-time work delivery

    As we have experienced professional and necessary infrastructure, we deliver work on time with high-quality work.

  • Single point of contact

    We understand the importance of communication between our clients and our team which is highly necessary throughout the project execution. To ensure the right communication, we have a single point of contact policy where every communication will be passed through a single representative.

  • Secured Data Transfer

    All the data transferred between us and clients will be through secured FTPs which and all the emails from and to our clients are encrypted. We give utmost priority to the security of our client's data and we always strive to protect the confidentiality of it.

  • Cost-efficient Services

    At Outsource2india I, we provide quality and quick services at a lower cost compared to our competitors. We do not have service packages to serve our clients. We quote our clients as per the requirements. We don't charge for the work that we don't do. Though our services do cost less, we always ensure the quality of services to be top-notch.

  • High-Quality Output

    We may deliver work at economical prices, but we never compromise on our work quality. We aim to have a long-term customer relationship; this can only happen if the quality is uncompromised at every stage of work.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Since we have clients from different time zones, we have our customer support executives working round the clock to ensure that the queries regarding our services are addressed all the time.

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Outsource Healthcare Due Diligence Services to Outsource2india

The Healthcare sector is one of the highly regulated industries. The healthcare due diligence will enhance the value that they hold by clarifying the complete details of the company's work ethics and legal policies that are involved into. Such vital service requires a service provider who can deliver hassle-free, detailed reports.

Outsource2india is one of the well-known companies in providing healthcare due diligence services in India. Outsource2india, with years of experience in serving the healthcare industries on large scale, we are known as one of the prominent outsourcing partners with more than a hundred clients. We have been providing the most compliant, cost-effective, and reliable services to all our clients. We are teamed with experienced professionals who have helped us to create many success stories. We are capable of delivering healthcare due to diligence services from small healthcare sectors to even larger sectors. Contact us to get a quote for your requirements.

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