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Outsource Healthcare Analytics Services

Healthcare Analytics Services

Today, the emphasis on healthcare has shifted towards better quality and customer satisfaction as opposed to quantity. As a result, leading healthcare practitioners and payers are now analyzing patient and clinical data for improved healthcare practices around the globe. Expert healthcare data analytics can equip your hospital with improved clinical decision-making and better patient care, while helping you to manage risks and obtain better market insights.

At Outsource2india, we offer the services of certified health analytics experts and data scientists who use patient-centered and customer-centric health models to provide you with actionable insights that can help you drive a higher level of efficiency, while reducing costs, for instance, identifying claim overpayments. Right from predicting the intensity/frequency of medical procedures, to evaluating the effectiveness of healthcare programs, or identifying areas of inappropriate utilization, we can assist you with an entire range of medical analytics services.

Our Healthcare Analytics Service Offerings

Healthcare providers of today have to deal with the paradox of maximizing the quality of patient care, while minimizing costs. At O2I, we understand that hospitals and clinics have access to scores and scores of data, but lack the right tools to use the information that can be gleaned from it. Our services for healthcare analytics in India as well as abroad can help you solve challenges faced from disconnected systems, expensive enterprise data warehouses, fragmented data, unstructured clinical data and immature analysis processes. Our services include -

  1. Healthcare Predictive Analytics

    With our predictive healthcare analytics, you can get valuable information which will help you make a positive impact on your areas of operation. For example, through our healthcare analytics, we can accurately predict a rise in demand and even aid you in preparing yourself with the best medications and equipment, much before time.

  2. Business Intelligence

    You can now take your business intelligence to the next level with the help of our accurate healthcare data analytics. With the help of our expert Healthcare analysts, we can help you identify new business opportunities, increase service excellence and increase capacity utilization in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our in-depth analytics will help you evaluate the performance of your healthcare staff, medical facility, operational specialties, and business units to name a few. Key performance indicators can also be identified to find out where your hospital stands on each parameter, and improvements made to excel at the same.

  3. Modeling and Optimization

    With the use of our proprietary healthcare analytics software, you can get access to operational models which will help you understand how a changed/revised model for process execution has impacted your hospital or medical facility. You will also be able to effectively optimize claims processes and clinical workflows, while executing them in a timely manner.

  4. Real-time Medical Data Analytics

    Accurate healthcare analytics provided on a real-time basis can give you information on the go and provide you with up-to-date information. This will not only help you quickly provide evidence-based patient care, but with the correct approach, help your staff stay on top of valuable patient data and correlate them to make better judgments.

How Can Our Healthcare Analytics Services Make a Difference

Our expert services can help you make sense of volumes of data taken from industry forums, internal sources, social media, and regulatory bodies. The information gleaned from this data can then help you reduce costs, improve your services and become more patient centric. Our healthcare analytics solutions can help you -

  • Increase patient/customer acquisition and retention rates
  • Conform to stringent regulatory and reporting norms
  • Achieve better operational efficiency
  • Optimize medical/drug device pricing
  • Develop the most optimal drug formulary
  • Reduce the overall cost of healthcare by decreasing fraudulent procedures and medical tests
  • Improve overall health of patients through wellness, rehabilitation, and other such programs
  • Prevent medical emergencies and reduce medical costs
  • Provide faster and more effective patient care
  • Find out areas which need your attention and benefit from seamless clinical processes
  • Complete your research at a faster pace through accurate healthcare information
  • Develop healthcare friendly software and mobile apps

Why Choose Outsource2india for Healthcare Analytics?

With an experience of 25 years in providing efficient and high-quality Healthcare BPO services, we have developed deep analytical capabilities, and robust Health Information Technology to enable better decision-making at any point along the patient care continuum.

  • Access to a range of healthcare consultation services, medical software, and other healthcare services to choose from for a complete healthcare services package
  • Certified team with expertise across Agile methodologies and popular software platforms
  • Adherence to best practices and leading CQI strategies
  • Flexible and scalable solutions for quick integration of healthcare data
  • High-quality and cost-effective services for better operational benefits
  • Support for custom web interfaces, CCD, HL7, JSON, XML, EDI documents, Flat Files and SQL Queries
  • Expertise in data integration, system integration, and business intelligence

Choose Outsource2india as Your Healthcare Analytics Services Provider

To remain successful in the current business environment, and effectively tackle the current reforms in place, Healthcare providers need to manage costs and improve their service offerings as soon as possible.

Our services combine breakthrough statistical and discovery methods, sophisticated business understanding and high-end information management technologies to provide you with relevant solutions that will make a difference to your organization.

Get in touch with us right now and receive access to one of the industry's most advanced integrated healthcare data analytics services.

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