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Healthcare Interoperability Services

Outsource Healthcare Interoperability Services

Unlock the power of interoperability and optimize your healthcare outcomes with our services, starting at $1280-1440 per FTE/month

Do you want to improve the performance of your healthcare center with effective interoperability solutions? Are you on the lookout for a trustworthy company that provides compliant turnkey solutions to seamlessly integrate enterprise-wide electronic health data? If you want to receive the best help for interoperability in healthcare, you are at the right place.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of healthcare interoperability services. We have a turnkey platform that seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications and creates effortless solutions for healthcare management. Our interactive services help you convert your application data into interoperable resources. With a professional team of healthcare experts, we aim to create a place for interoperability in healthcare in an efficient manner.

Healthcare Interoperability Solutions We Offer

Choosing to collaborate with Outsource2india for scalable healthcare data interoperability solutions helps you leverage our expertise in providing -

  1. Interoperability Strategy Design

    Interoperability Strategy Design

    When you outsource healthcare interoperability services to us, we help you perform maturity assessments using use cases and capabilities to create accurate execution maps, while moving the exponentials towards digital transformation.

  2. Health Data Management

    Health Data Management

    Leverage advanced technologies related to the improvement of data management in healthcare. Our professionals work on data provenance and provide helpful insights into the transformation of healthcare data.

  3. API Management

    API Management

    We have an intuitive and efficient Healthcare Integration and Interoperability Services platform that supports App registration, authentication, authorization, and API management to ensure secure and seamless data exchange.

  4. Support and Implementation Services

    Support and Implementation Services

    Our professionals provide immaculate integration solutions along with monitoring and maintenance assistance. We provide guidance and education on implementing interoperability solutions efficiently.

  5. Consumer Consent Management

    Consumer Consent Management

    Our services help healthcare management teams manage consumer requests, save the data securely, and automate other processes, without compromising the privacy and security of patient data.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Outsource2india the Preferred Provider of Healthcare Interoperability Services?

Outsourcing healthcare interoperability services to us comes with numerous benefits. We have mentioned some reasons why our clients choose to collaborate with us.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    We provide crucial interoperability solutions that are highly affordable and ensure that even our clients with smaller budgets can take advantage of our services.

  • High-Quality

    We are ISO-certified and make use of streamlined processes to provide extremely relevant and up-to-date solutions for our clients. So, when you choose to partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that you will be offered quality solutions.

  • Experienced Professionals

    Our skilled professionals have years of relevant experience and are trained to handle complicated projects. When you choose us, there is no doubt that you will get a professional team to help you out.

  • Data Security

    We understand the importance of taking data security very seriously here at Outsource2india. Your data will always be used most judiciously and we also ensure that none of the company information is shared with any third party.

  • Short Turnaround

    We understand the importance of time in the healthcare sector. So, our services will be delivered in a way that ensures everything is delivered in record-fast time assuring quick results.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Accurate and Reliable Patient Demographics Entry Services for a Georgia-based Healthcare Provider

O2I Performed Accurate and Reliable Patient Demographics Entry for a Georgia-based Healthcare Provider

Our medical billing specialists meticulously and reliably processed over 1200 claims a month for a group of four different healthcare providers.

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O2I Keyed in Demographic Details For a Texas-based Client

O2I Processed Over 17000 Medical Claims a Month For a Texas-based Client

Our team of professionals utilized the Kareo software to key in charge and demographic details for a Texas-based client. Our team also processed over 16000 medical claims a month.

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I want to thank you both for the great job you are doing. I could not be happier with my decision to work with you. I am looking forward to our continued relationship and growth.

Owner, Medical Billing Services Company, California, USA More Testimonials »

Get Turnkey Healthcare Interoperability Support at Outsource2india

We are a leading healthcare interoperability company providing seamless and effective solutions to a global clientele. Our interoperability solutions help you -

  • Exchange and interpret health record data from various applications
  • Standardize and streamline communication among multiple healthcare systems
  • Improve care quality and deliver superior health outcomes

You are just a click away from optimizing your healthcare outcomes by integrating enterprise-wide health record data.

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