Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services

Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services

Our rehabilitative medicine EMR services let you save time and effort needed to implement and maintain EMR. Take the smart step by outsourcing today

Is diverting your valuable time to implement rehabilitative medicine EMR throwing you off course? Are your patients becoming upset due to lack of fulfilling experience? If you need specialists who come with rehabilitative medicine EMR expertise, we have you covered. While inpatient rehabilitative medicine specializes in handling surgical conditions to restore physical normalcy, outpatient physiatrists manage nonsurgical conditions. Irrespective of whether the setting is inpatient, or outpatient rehabilitative medicine practices need advanced EMR solutions to streamline their workflow efficiency.

Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in assisting rehabilitative medicine practices with end-to-end EMR solution needs for easy functioning of their practices. Over the years, we have helped physicians choose the right EMR tools, manage inventory, develop EMR software, build customized templates, migrate to new EMR tools, etc.

Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services We Offer

As a Rehabilitative Medicine EMR service providing company, we offer different types of rehabilitative medicine EMR services to our clients. Having served much small and big rehabilitative medicine we know what it takes to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of rehabilitative medicine practices. Our specialized rehabilitative EMR service includes -

  1. Rehab Medicine Tool Selection

    Rehab Medicine Tool Selection

    We assist you in choosing the right EMR tool by evaluating all the benefits that your practice will receive after implementation. Rehabilitative medicine EMR systems are multifaceted and complex making it hard to fully test-drive one before making a choice. While some features of the rehabilitative medicine EMR tool may bring major benefits, some may not be of any use to your practice. We help you whittle down all the available tools until the best one is left for you. Our experience in selecting tools for our clients will help you pick the right EMR solution for your needs.

  2. Rehab Medicine EMR Integration

    Rehab Medicine EMR Integration

    EMR integration can turn out to be a big headache because it can disrupt the practice's workflow. We have experience in assisting several practices to eliminate such possibilities with well-planner EMR implementation. We have a successful track record of EMR implementation because we choose the right system, draw robust plans, start the process in phases and carry out testing after the completion of each phase of implementation. Once the implementation is complete, we double-check the system before going live to ensure there are no bugs or mistakes in the system.

  3. Rehab Medicine EMR Migration

    Rehab Medicine EMR Migration

    We have wide experience in assisting clients with two types of EMR migration - shifting to an upgraded version of an existing EMR and switching to a new EMR from a different vendor. Either of these transfers entails a unique set of challenges and we understand these challenges well. We ensure a seamless transition by creating a dedicated implementation team, carrying out integration in phases, focusing strictly on your practices workflows and round things off with training to operate the new system. Our diligent preparation ensures there is least disruption in your rehabilitative healthcare practice.

  4. Customized EMR Templates

    Customized EMR Templates

    We assist you in building customized templates for your EMR. We build templates based on features that make workflow more efficient, precise, and easier to use. Based on your practice's needs we build templates with well-defined forms sections and form elements. We bank on best template design practices to design the template. These include keeping section size adequate, naming all elements of the form section, developing pull-fields, setting tab orders, etc. We build several templates and share them with you to make a pick. Based on your suggestion we tweak templates to suit your rehabilitative medicine practice's needs.

  5. Rehab Medicine Billing

    Rehab Medicine Billing

    We specialize in end-to-end rehab medicine billing services. These include electronic claims submission, electronic funds transfer, review of any claim's rejections, corrections of errors in billing, and re-billing. When it comes to denial management, we have a process in place for review of denials and zero-pay claims to ensure in-line processing and full payment is received on time. Our billing services include regular review of your A/R to ensure unpaid claims get paid, and on-time billing of secondary claims, monthly statements for co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts. Our coders have a full understanding of how to code for complete and accurate information for clean claims so that reimbursement is guaranteed.

  6. Rehab Medicine Inventory Management

    Rehab Medicine Inventory Management

    Our inventory management system gives end-to-end visibility of medicines and equipment availability. We design inventory programs to reduce medication waste by keeping track of expiry dates and at the same time ensure you are always adequately replenished. We bank on tools to track medications, view inventory across their locations, track shipments, and ensure it gets delivered on time. We also bank on inventory data analytics to gain the kind of insights needed to achieve cost savings. We successfully interface the inventory management system with your EMR, so that they become an integral part of your workflows.

  7. Rehab Medicine EMR Software Development

    Rehab Medicine EMR Software Development

    We have wide experience in developing rehabilitative medicine EHR services software that meets the unique needs of your practice. We have built EMR systems for rehab medicine centers to efficiently schedule patients, document patient visits, bill as per payer contracts, and keep a tab on the workflow all from one system. Our clients have leveraged our rehabilitation EMR solutions to enhance clinical and financial performance, open avenues to increase revenue, plug loopholes in operational inefficiencies, and improve outcomes in impactful ways. Improve financial and clinical performance, as well as maximize opportunities to increase collections with our high-quality EMR software development services. We have experience in building both web and mobile solutions for our rehab medicine clients.

Rehabilitation Medicine EMR Development Process We Follow

We believe in transparency. Our software development process is based on transparency in all aspects, from project goals to resources required for meeting goals. This has helped us develop the best solution for you. We follow the following steps -


01. Understanding Requirement

Understanding the requirement is the first step of our development process. We leverage our experience to understand the intricacies of your requirements to avoid ambiguities and feasibility issues


02. Wireframe Development

The specifications are outlined and shared. The specifications stand as the premise on which the entire development process would take place. Once this is ready, we design the architecture of the solution


03. EMR Development

After finalizing the architecture, the development will commence. The task is assigned to a dedicated team of developers with a project lead. The development usually takes place in phases


04. EMR Testing

Thorough testing is carried out to ensure that all processes are running smoothly. Bugs and glitches will be identified and flagged for developers to rectify the codes


05. Deployment

We deploy the software at your end and provide training to use it efficiently. Once done, we are always on standby to assist you with further enhancement


06. Reporting Feedback

After deployment, a retest is carried out to ensure robustness. We will routinely collect feedback to enhance the user-friendliness and functionality

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Why Outsource Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services to Outsource2india?

Benefits of outsourcing rehabilitative medicine EMR services to Outsource2india are many. The top reasons include -

  • Certified Provider of Rehabilitative EMR Services

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This means we assist our clients in meeting statutory and regulatory requirements for meeting service requirements. We also have a proven track record of achieving excellence in customer service and delivery. Besides improving workflow efficiency, Rehabilitative EMR solutions for rehabilitative medicine centers also help to engage patients as much as possible in the rehabilitation process.

  • Data Confidentiality

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company we are bound by HIPAA guidelines to provide complete data security. We have all the proper measures in place to make patient data leak-proof. Besides, we carry regular audits to make sure no weakness in our security system has crept in.

  • Quality Guarantee

    We strive to provide quality services with the objective of improving the effectiveness of treatments and enhance patient satisfaction. We rely on metrics such as performance goals, quality improvement policies, risk reduction steps, and quality evaluation systems to guarantee quality consistency. With the help of rehabilitative medicine EMR services, patients can better understand their therapy and have more control over the way the therapy is being executed to improve their conditions. Patients feel more motivated and are willing to cooperate with practices to improve their state of being.

  • Cost-effective Service

    We have a pricing model that is tailored to suit all types of needs and budgets. We provide our clients with the flexibility to make a choice that suits your budget the most.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    We bank on the latest infrastructure and tools to deliver the best services for your needs. We use an updated version of all software and even embrace the most advanced ones that are launched in the market to deliver services that give your business an edge.

  • Fast Turnaround

    The turnaround time for rehab medicine EMR services is fast because we bank on the right infrastructure, tools, process, and resources to execute a project. Our fast turnarounds have helped our clients the most in accelerating their billing cycle.

  • Scalable Service

    Our services are highly scalable. This means you can avail as many resources as you want to meet peak season demands. We assist you to scale up within short time limits. Just as you can rely on us to scale up you can also scale down your requirements in no time.

  • Certified Team with One Point Contact

    We have a team of certified medical professionals with years of exposure to the rehabilitative medicine domain. All our professionals understand drug codes and other compliance requirements of rehab practices inside out.

  • High-quality Reporting

    Our clients have made use of our services to automate report generation and billing, interface with important information collection and imaging devices, enable diagnostic ordering, etc. Our clients have also leveraged our EMR training and supervision techniques to make it easy for therapists and their assistants to engage patients, motivate them, and make the most of their treatment time.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We operate from 8 global delivery centers. This has helped our rehab medicine EMR services avail our services 24/7. We leverage the advantage of different time zones to provide round the clock services to our clients.

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I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the quality of the resent work. The turnaround has been excellent, the reports coming back on denials and unpaid dates are easy to follow, and your accuracy has been very good. Currently, I am considering dropping the other Indian companies because your overall quality has been measurably better. I will continue to move more of our work in your direction.

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Our services for rehab medicine practices in the last 24 years have helped us earn a reputation for being the best Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services in India. We bank on experience, knowledge and best of tools to deliver outstanding EMR services to our clients. We have blended these qualities to develop a work process that assists in eliminating errors, enhancing communication levels and keeping operational costs under control.

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